First of many press releases of the week

First of many press releases of the week

Thursday December 14th is the Club Beer Christmas Party, at Under Solo, Inverness St, Camden...

Ian and Angus will be spinning their patented brand of utter shite and nonsense and entertainment will be provided by the Club Beer House Band - Bobby Gillespie's Hair.

3 in, Doors 8pm - 1am. BGH on from 10.30-11.00 prompt. Dress: informal.

It's a bit of an interactive affair, you can nominate songs for the playlist, and for the band to cover on the Club Beer Message Board here:

See how the Club Beer boys are doing in the London Clubland Massive Chart of Chums...

Stay tuned more news from Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception and Club Automatic / Casino Royale...

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Wed Nov 29 2000

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