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A Starsailor review... Nothing to do with Tim Buckley.

Went to see Starsailor last night at the Barfly, because I have a RULE - if I hear about a new band from three different sources in quick succession, then I check them out. It is a good rule, but not as good as my new rule which is "always carry a screwdriver"; I got to the venue, went to the bog, slammed the cubicle door, and then realised there was no handle, so I couldn't get out...

The support band were Black Moses, Black Croweses more like, they were a bit honky tonk ROCK, in an old Rolling Stones sorta stylee, but so as not to wear out our ears before the main course, missed most of them...

Starsailor are an acoustic led four piece from somewhere in the North, who take their name from a Tim Buckley record. To pigeonhole them I'd say they're a bit Supergrass (but not the rocking stuff), a bit Eagles (but not at all American) and a bit Verve. You might call them Stadium Folk, but you will definitely call them something soon, every mover and shaker in London was at that gig.

More later when I know more about them - they're so hot and new, they haven't released anything yet... somebody throw me a bone here?

💬 Starsailor

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