Will swap t-shirts for food

Will swap t-shirts for food

OK, the popEx t-shirts are finally here, and if you want one, you can have one... they will be for sale soon, but the first batch are going to some members of the rich list from before the reset, and I'm putting aside FIVE for the first five of you who send biscuits and other doggy treats here:

Sammy, 1D Woodstock Studios, Woodstock Grove, London W12 8LE

In the event of more than five people sending stuff in, the t-shirts go to the five most generous punters.

There are initially only THIRTY of these shirts, so you can see they're not going to last long... That's why I'm not putting a picture up until the biscuits are in - it's not because they're rubbish or anything.

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Tue Nov 14 2000

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