What is the best music format?

What is the best music format?

MJ Hibbett has a new EP to promote - A Church Hall Of Sound (revisited), a truncated reworking of his acclaimed album of the same name. But the album didn't have "revisited" in the title. He made the smart decision of giving me, and so indrectly YOU, the VALUED PUNTER, some copies.

The single is nice old fashioned vinyl, but he's also involved in the WORLD'S FIRST MP3 only compilation album - Now That's What I Call Valid, also featuring Frankie Machine, The Fighting Cocks and more... If you want a chance to win a single, tell us: what is the best music format? FIVE winners will be picked at random...

Also, he is on a joint baton passing tour with Frankie Machine - it's not just two tours happening sort of at the same time, it is CUTTING EDGE:

💬 Camdemonium

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Fri Oct 20 2000

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