Redneck to Rumble

Redneck to Rumble

This just in from Trail Of Dead's press office...:

....And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead have been forced to postpone their European tour following trouble at a show last week.

Apparently it all kicked during the show at San Antonio, Texas... We can safely ignore The Cranberries here, it's not the silence which turned to violence, it was heckling, the opposite of silence practically - this continued after the show...

In an ironic twist, the bands instruments were completely destroyed, but not in a Pete Townshend stylee venting of frustration, or some rubbish Motley Crue like demonstration of rock'n'roll; the band were forced to use them to defend themselves from the baying mob.

The band have promised that the dates will be rescheduled by the end of the year.

It's still not clear at this stage whether or not the hecklers in the crowd were disgruntled These Animal Men fans, furious at the lifting of the former speed kings styling...

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Wed Oct 18 2000

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