Very Fishy News...

Very Fishy News...

The artist formerly known as Derek Dick, now known as solo artist Fish is alive and well and doing loads of gigs!

O - FISH - ial website (cheers) reports he is doing TONS of gigs, big and small over the next few months... Here are a few "highlights"...

Sun Oct 29th [2000](/wiki/#2000) - Charlie Browns, Wood Green, London, Southern Fan Club Convention.

November, all round South America - Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica

Nov 12th - another fan club gig in London, details from

Nov 27th and 28th [2000](/wiki/#2000) - Scottish warm-up gigs for Kosovan shows, followed by 30th Nov - 3rd Dec - 4 shows in Pristijna, Kosovo Fri 15th Dec [2000](/wiki/#2000) - Manchester Apollo, Paul Young Tribute Show, with VERY special guests. No, not that one.

Well, I am frankly IMPRESSED by the big man's gigging stamina...

💬 Spearmint

💬 Camdemonium

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Tue Oct 17 2000

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