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Derrick Dick, actually alive and well and doing STUFF!

The artist formerly known as Derek Dick, now known as solo artist Fish is alive and well and doing loads of gigs!

O - FISH - ial website (cheers) the-company.com reports he is doing TONS of gigs, big and small over the next few months... Here are a few "highlights"...

Sun Oct 29th [2000](/wiki/#2000) - Charlie Browns, Wood Green, [London](/wiki/#london), Southern Fan Club Convention.

November, all round South America - Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica

Nov 12th - another fan club gig in London, details from youngjohn.co.uk

Nov 27th and 28th [2000](/wiki/#2000) - Scottish warm-up gigs for Kosovan shows, followed by 30th Nov - 3rd Dec - 4 shows in Pristijna, Kosovo Fri 15th Dec [2000](/wiki/#2000) - Manchester Apollo, Paul Young Tribute Show, with VERY special guests. No, not that one.

Well, I am frankly IMPRESSED by the big man's gigging stamina...

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