Jacques @ Scalarama

Jacques @ Scalarama

Although I wasn't impressed with Jacques' performance at Scalarama - why have basically the only other member of Jack onstage, and not play as Jack? What sort of twisted power games are going on here?

Here's what Caleb has to say:

The most rocky set I've seen Jacques play - it had more of a Jack feel. The crowd wasn't really with them though, including a couple of get off shouts, not helped by Anthony arrogrance and appearance (aviator shades, hooded coat). The sound mix was lacking also, not helped that they didn't get a sound check, or done any rehearsals.

According to sources this version of the Jacques band may be the basis for Jack live performances, albeit without Will Forster and another member.

The set was:

(* Jack song on the new EP and probably on the next album)

(4 and 5 may be the wrong way round)

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💬 Spearmint

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