PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ All We Wanna Do Is Ruck

Saturday night's alright for FIGHTING!

Not all parts of Scalarama went so smoothly at the weekend... we nearly witnessed not one, but TWO of the biggest head-to-heads since the mighty Titanic vs Iceberg bout of 1911...

At the half time interval of the football we were TREATED to some more entertainment, when MJ Hibbett entertained the masses with a rendition of Fair Play Trophy, a very apt number as it turns out... a tragic Keith Flint-a-like in the crowd tried to shout him down, because Mark was between he and the screen, making him miss his favourite crispy pancakes advert! Luckily all embarrassment was avoided when the bonkers-haired lad in question's friend threw a glass, breaking the ice and making everyone laugh!

There was nearly another nasty moment when a rival indie label proprietor RIPPED UP an Artists Against Success propaganda sheet, but UN mediators, led by Dr David Owen, managed to diffuse the situation.

It was ALL GO, and no mistake.


💬 Scalarama 2

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This content originally from my very popular (in the late nineties) website popex.com. Parts were written by other people, but mainly originally created by me. I moved this content here when popex eventually shut down in the early '00s. Hopefully this brings back memories if you find it.