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Cousteau are AMAZING...

The world is going to end. Some huge old fireball is going to crash into the earth, and everyone is running around, panicking etc, as you would. About 10 minutes before it happens, when it's clearly far too late, and things are getting hot, the hero of this scene makes sure everything's in order, cracks open a beer, and goes to sit outside. Can you imagine that feeling of calm relaxation, just the other side of chaos? Cousteau are the soundtrack to this scene.

What a load of pretentious old BOLLOCKS!

I've seen them before, from a hazy distance at Glastonbury, but don't remember them being this good, they have all the elements of a fine combo - Liam (vocals, no not that Liam) may look like Henry Rollins but he sings like... well, he sings, that's not a bad start. They have a double bass. They have great songs, though I can't remember what any of them are called. Dingwalls was packed, with press and other liggers, so maybe now is their time? See them, before the world ends. They don't sound like Mansun.

The headliners, Elevator Suite sound a bit like Kula Shaker... perhaps the laziest thing ever written, but HEY, my wrists are starting to hurt now (make your own joke here), and I can't be arsed to add "on crack", like a "real" "journalist" "would". If you want to know what they're like, win their CD here. Ah go on, I'll throw in a Cousteau CD too...


💬 Cousteau

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