PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Daphne and Celeste go in FEET FIRST

They have bottle. They will have more.

The none-more-alternative Daphne and Celeste are to appear at London's Feet First club in Camden. The "girls", who were successfully removed from the stage at Reading Festival by a discerning public are coming back for seconds at Feet First's 14th birthday, on Tuesday 26th of September.

The week after, Halloween no less, the Fighting Cocks will be appearing. If they've not killed each other first, like. On the same day Placebo and Rachel Stamp are both playing in the city, so expect to see hundreds of scrawny mutilated teens attempting to run between venues and see all three bands...

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This content originally from my popular (in the tail end of the nineties) website popex.com. Some of this contributed by valued punters, but mainly originally created by me. I shifted this content here when popex finally closed down at the start of the noughties. Hope this ignites memories if you find it.