Black Day

Black Day

It's not just the storm of biblical proportions that are making today a rubbish day - it looks like gypsy noise extremists The Fighting Cocks are splitting up... I'm almost moved to use one of those little sad face smilies here.

"This industry is fucking evil" says frontman Charlie...

The band are due to still play tonight's gig at Camden's HQ Club, but after that..?

This leaves DJ Miss JT of Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception in a bit of a pickle, as the 'Cocks are due to play there on October the 7th. So... if you're in a Daytime Radio One band, and you'd like to "do a set" at the lizard lounge we call "Bob's", then drop me a line... all you get is your BFH and a warm feeling inside mind...

💬 Green Day

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Fri Sep 15 2000

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