PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Eminem Wins 2 Awards at VMA

Eminem news, from Ben Keating

Valued punter Ben Keating sent this in, I hope it's not just copied and pasted from another site...

Eminem appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thurday and put on a great show. He entered the world famous Radio City Music Hall singing The Real Slim Shady being followed by a huge line of look-alikes, stopping to shake Carson Daily's (nope, me either) hand, then went on to perform I Am backed up by Proof from D-12. Rumors circled that the only way MTV could allow him to perform with out protests was if they played a P.S.A. immediately after Eminem's performance, which they did...

Eminem also took home 2 awards, Best Male Video and Video Of The Year for "The Real Slim Shady". Dr Dre took home the award for Best Rap Video, for his video Forgot About Dre featuring Eminem.

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