PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ 7 Days, 6 Awards, 25 TRILLION ALBUMS!

Craig David up for loads of awards, Chas and Dave possibly not...

Celebrity [town=southampton]scummer[/town] Craig David is up for 6 gongs at the annual Music Of Black Origin awards, while several other popEx properties are also well in the running. It's not clear whether David will receive a special achievement award for the amazing feat of selling 25 000 000 000 albums in ONE DAY.

The traditional "make up an award to get a big name to perform at the ceremony" award this year is expected to go to Five Star. Or possibly ASWAD.

The ceremony will be held at Alexandra Palace on the 4th of October.

Meanwhile, this years MOWO awards are expected to be dominated by Chas and Dave, and also the Wurzels.

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