PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Help The Aged

Don't reject those aged songs Jarvis, they're some of the best things anyone ever wrote...

What is going on with Pulp and their older material? Last night's show was Very Exciting, but a few songs were missed...

They opened with one that I think is a new one, it goes "rent a flat and cut your hair, get a job and I'll have a rum and coke" or something, anyway, it was GRATE, and I'm sure it's going to be a big hit.

Then they threw in some REALLY new songs, all of which sounded more like classic Pulp, and which promise excellent things for the new album.

"Help the Aged", "A little Soul", "Feeling Called Love" all got an airing, and there was a sense of anticipation during the encore that the second encore was going to be THE ENCORE... We'd not had "Babies", we'd not had "Do You Remember The First Time", we'd not had anything from His N Hers.

But then the lights were on... what went on? Saving them for their headlining slots at the Reading (or the "Carling Weekend" as the johnny-come-latelies are calling it).

See you down the front...

💬 Pulp

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