Hooray For Boobies, possibly

Hooray For Boobies, possibly

The law of diminishing returns was in FULL EFFECT last night at the Bloodhound Gang's Astoria show... a member of the audience was challenged with eating a big bag of kebabs, for the chance to win $100... At the start, the guy must have been thinking "Easy! I love kebabs, I could just eat them again and again", and that's how I was before the gig - I loved them and was really looking forward to the show, but I'm not sure if I'll go back for another portion.

The songs were good, the place was packed, and Daphne and Celeste were there, but making the same tired digs at the same tired bands (Oasis and Travis, ooh difficult targets) really took the edge off the show.

One new line was "It's hotter than a Russian Submarine in here" from Jimmy Pop. Is this funny or not? Philosphise away, it's been said now.

💬 Bloodhound Gang

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Thu Aug 17 2000

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