PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Snow Patrol and Belle and Sebastian live tonight

SCREAMADELICA present Snow Patrol live, and a B&S DJ slot in Dublin... and a Libellous Vinyl night in Torquay - PopEx goes RURAL!

If you're in Dublin tonight, check out Richard Colburn from Belle and Sebastian will DJing and Snow Patrol and Estel (Mogwai, but girls, apparently) playing live at SCREAMADELICA, Temple Bar Music Centre. 7.30 til 2.30, 8.50 to get in, but that's possibly in punts, not pounds.

The first 3 people to email me before lunchtime yesterday get in free... Hmm, have I messed up?

Also tonight, Libellous Vinyl have a do at The Parrot, in Torquay, featuring The Duvals (from London, see, it's not completely unrelated to my tiny London Media world) and Tiltwheel, from Californ eye ay.

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