Token Folkie MY ARSE!

Token Folkie MY ARSE!

I KNOW there are lists of Mercury Nominees going around saying "Coldplay, Richard Ashcroft, blah blah, token folkie no-one's heard of"... That "token folkie" is Kathryn Williams, who has been a PopEx commodity for a while, and who I'm going to see at Dingwalls tomorrow night, doors at 7.30, though I expect it's sold out by now...

The other nominees, who I suppose are in with a chance, are: Richard Ashcroft, Badly Drawn Boy, Coldplay, MJ Cole, Death In Vegas, The Delgados, Doves, Helicopter Girl, Leftfield, Nicholas Maw, and Nitin Sawhney...

You will have spotted this is a heavy bias towards the beginning of the alphabet, did the judges lose the second half of the list or what? Where are Younger Younger 28s and Zodiac Mindwarp..?

💬 David Devant

💬 Kathryn Williams

💬 Coldplay

💬 Badly Drawn Boy

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Wed Jul 26 2000

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