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Amazing gig at the Astoria last night...

6x7's gig last night at the Astoria was FAN BLUDDY TASTIC! They use many layers of guitar based noise to create an amazing aural experience. Also they have an ace lights / lazer show, managing to pull it off without coming over all Pink Floyd, Mrs.

The support - ...AYWKOBTTOD - seemed to start the gig a lot more neat and orderly than their last show, but a few changarounds and the magical chaos was back. Just as things warmed up, and they startet to REALLY get metal, the singer/drummer/guitarist (no not the drummer/guitarist/singer, the other one... maybe you're thinking of the guitarist/singer/drummer?) was face first into the thrashing masses and the set was over. Here's to next time...

💬 Six By Seven

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