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Lots of people say "Why won't you add my band, we may not be signed but we've done a tape and we always have all out college friends at our gigs". Someone less kind might say "there's a reason you're not signed", but being the sweet natured chap I am I offer you this: help4bands.co.uk - it's a new site, dedicated to helping aspiring bands taking the first unsteady steps to rock god-hood.

Anyone who's in a band can send CDs / records etc to me though, I'd love to hear them, the address is in the divi mail...

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The content here originally from my very popular (in the late '90s) site popex.com. Parts were written by valued punters, but mostly editorial originally created by me. I moved the content here here when the website finally shut down in the early 2000s. Hopefully this ignites memories (if you find it).