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TWIST (live at the Kings Cross Water Rats on Tuesday) rocked my world! They sound like Placebo a bit, except they're FOUR girls instead of just three, and they're from BIRMINGHAM, like Black Sabbath and Duran Duran. The one thing I'd heard about the band (apart from their debut CD "Magenta", out now, on Fierce Panda) was that the singer was SO PISSED OFF with being compared to Courtney Love that she died her blond hair red"... I was SHOCKENED to see a lady singing with the band who was more like (old, not the new posh one) Mrs Cobain than anyone EVER, except maybe Nancy Spungen... There's no way to avoid comparing their styles, they sound right similar.

The set was a bit short, but packed with power and menace and VISCERAL INTENSITY, a lot like Lemmy in that respect. The crowd was very excitable, particularly at the prospect of going to a club after the gig with the band.

They're really very good, you should see them.

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