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Tel: 01304 830557 www.lyddenracecircuit.co.uk How to get there: Just off the A2 between Canterbury and Dover 01303 223333

Found the ticket now! I went to the gig on my own, then got the last train up to Rugby, where I was staying for college while on my HNC with Nixdorf. Can't find details anywhere online (so far). Much stage diving, one of my favourite ever gigs.
Thinking about this nearly 25 years later I'm not quite sure how I did this. Must have been a Sunday night, so I'd have left home in Portchester on the Sunday afternoon and got the train up as usual to Rugby, via London. But decided to stop in London and go to this gig, and then carry on up to Rugby after.
I do remember it being great, and being stage diving crazy. I have a clear memory of being up on the stage and preparing to throw myself back into the crowd yet again, when a young couple (a boy and a girl) grabbed my shoe; they were annoyed at the stagediving, as I would be now. I remember even what I was wearing, a t-shirt with my green plaid shirt over the top, with skinny black jeans and my massive nike trainers. At the time metallers wore tight jeans and big trainers and mine were nike white basketball boots with purple detail on. I think I had pink laces on mine.
What was I thinking to go to a gig like this midway between home and my digs in Rugby? After the gig I still had to go on to Euston, then train up to Rugby, possibly changing at Coventry, and then walk across Rugby to the digs where I was staying...
105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT [1991-10-06 1991]

Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot, Gorky's, Foo Fighters, Ween, Primal Scream, Daphne and Celeste, JJ72, SFA, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, At The Drive In... Reading, Berkshire [2000-08-25 2000]

Good trip to Mum and Dad's Went straight after school on Friday, took the afternoon off, so were waiting outside the school... [Sun 22 October 2017]

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Clocks go back - an extra hour lie in? HA, obviously a lie to anyone with children. Kids know NOTHING of the clocks going back. Also... [Sat 24 October 2015]

Warmest Halloween on record It has reached 23.5 degrees centigrade in Gravesend today, and it's jolly nice here today too.... [Fri 31 October 2014]

Happy Halloween And a happy pay day too. It's profit share pay day for us here, been waiting for this one for... [Fri 31 October 2014]

These Daily Mail squirrel stories always seem to be from Fareham A couple of these pictures look photoshopped to me though. Happy Halloween everyone. I am... [Sun 30 October 2011]

Two trips to the pub in just one day Yesterday was a rare one, went for a pub lunch at The Tiger with work, all paid for to... [Sat 29 October 2011]

I think you are trying to spam me for seo purposes you're not doing it very well though [Mon 24 October 2011]

RE: Halloween Just going to start!!! This will going to be a dashing event for me, I will use some type of costume which could be made... [Mon 24 October 2011]

RE: Halloween Just going to start!!! This will going to be a dashing event for me, I will use some type of costume which could be made... [Mon 24 October 2011]

Halloween Just going to start!!! What will be your idea to be a unique?? share your ideas and get new way to start This Event... [Mon 24 October 2011]

What day is the Chambers Halloween party? Not sure if it is Friday or Saturday, I have written both down at some point... Also is fancy... [Mon 24 October 2011]

Duvet day Today is the worst day of my cold so far so I'm staying home. the boy has gone to Granny's, and... [Mon 24 October 2011]

Boys night in Clare OUT tonight, both out tomorrow, and rah, my phone is back... [Thu 14 October 2010]

Aha here's why Hammersmith Odeon changed its name again It's a joint venture between #HMV and #Channelfly [Wed 18 February 2009]

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Aha, found it now Great picture of The Ramones at Canterbury Odeon , looks like 12th October 1980 . By Andy... [Sun 12 February 2006]

Found another connection between The Ramones and Canterbury On the same day, March 30th (though maybe a few years apart), Thomas Cranmer became... [Sun 12 February 2006]

Please commit crimes between 8am and 8pm only Murder suspect Stuart Benson tried to give himself up to police at Ashford nick, but it was... [Mon 6 February 2006]

The Ramones in Canterbury Some gig history stuff from mrgig.com ; DrGavin says I've heard that The Ramones wrote I... [Thu 2 February 2006]

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How have their only been four seasons between Colin Baker and now? [Wed 8 June 2005]

I'd heard before it was this Trial of a Timelord is available on video , is it "Mindwarp" or "Mindwrap"? Just says on... [Wed 8 June 2005]

Ah, season 23 was "Trial Of A Timelord" - no Daleks Ah, season 23 was Trial Of A Timelord - no Daleks. Episode 6 was the second part of "Mindwarp"... [Wed 8 June 2005]

23 6 801 BAD WOLF 23 6 801 is an episode number of doctor who season 23 episode 6 seconds 801 until... [Mon 6 June 2005]

That's all copied and pasted from some australian site I should have picked up on that myself though... All the other guesses there pick up on some of... [Thu 2 June 2005]

801.23.06.141 801.23.06.141 isn't an IP address. IP addresses have values between 0 and 255. [Thu 2 June 2005]

23 6 801 Lots of spoilers and things at this doctor who australia page , but some interesting stuff too... [Tue 17 May 2005]

Claire Sweeney Enterprise House, Upper Ground, London [Sun 1 August 2004]

PopBitch Halloween Ball tonight Don't think I'll go, but details are here ... [Thu 30 October 2003]

Barfly changes Just realised my method for calling in another table for big articles, though it worked, wouldn't... [Thu 30 October 2003]

RE: Barfly changes It's going to end up another half day of popex , and half day of Barfly again... have tried... [Thu 30 October 2003]

3 more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween... What you doing? [Tue 28 October 2003]

Patsy Palmer (Bianca from 'stenders) on the tube between Woodford and Mile End [Thu 22 May 2003]

Ours or Arse? Win a copy of "Between The Gutter and the Stars"... [Thu 2 November 2000]

Uncle Bob's Reading Reception Reading ROCKED for PopEx... [Tue 29 August 2000]

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