Also one week birthday countdown starts now

Up early for work rather than running

Time to start RUNNING

Clare is on to my plan

Enjoying Daredevil

A Sundayish sort of Saturday

Happy birthday Dad

Crazy weather yesterday


Bad news I'm still on the bus

Zombie day in Folkestone

Nice day bumbling around town

Wow Clare and I met twenty years ago today, happy anniversary

Pay day tomorrow

It's snowing here

Website was down for a bit

Fun weekend

Beetle is all done

Can't quite believe it is December now

Nice and sunny today

Quiet day in today

Good birthday weekend for Number two son

Brexit court defeat for UK government

Divine Comedy was great

Jobs done

Bonus day off on Monday

Habitat Radius Tallboy

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was very good

Another hot day here

Hot hot hot here today and yesterday


One of my raspberry pi's is off grid now

Dover is still broken

Swimming yesterday

Twenty years ago to day I was at Brighton Essential Festival

Delightful boys day today

Saw a dolphin today at Folkestone Harbour

Another bright spring day today

Splendid night away in London

Aquarium heater arrived

Second day of Dryanuary

Bonus trip out tonight

DIY cross stitch patterns

Day TEN of not not drinking

Third day at Edinburgh Fringe

Best thing I saw at Edinburgh Fringe: LetLuce in "Sea Men (A Naval Tale)"

*Back to the boring airport details from earlier

We tried to take a nice family picture today

Folkestone Harbour Arm is OPEN for business

Clare survived the hen do

What a day to forget my phone

Third time lucky, The Foundry

I bought Clare a Fitbit Charge

Good birthday night out!

Booked two more edinburgh shows

Clare's work is all over the news today

Clare's work is all over the news today

Hot day in Folkestone today

Good long weekend so far!

Had brunch in the Spitfire

Very busy weekend, too busy to write up

It's nearly the weekend

Action packed weekend

Going to the Royal Oak, Nonington for tea

I'm pinned to the 10,000 steps a day target

Happy Birthday Number one son

Joshua Clarke (1795) in the 1851 census

My fitness / step count has just dived off a cliff

Oh, I already did...

Another day off

Dr Legumes Secret Dinner Club

Strange monsoonous weather today

A good active day for Number one son

Big Fun House

Lovely bank holiday weekend

We were planning to go to Ramsgate...

Also had a fun day out Saturday

Had a day out in Broadstairs

Hour of code

Car latest


Number one son has a school disco today

Worst eclipse ever

Spent Saturday in Tenterden

Bonus afternoon off

Bonus day off

The best bit of the week

Sat for a couple of hours in Fitzherberts

Bought some horrible wine from Ten Green Bottles

Stayed in The Brighton Hotel

Amazing weekend in Brighton

Home brew is now barrelled

Busy weekend

Got my new phone now too

Pebble is here!

Got loads of new rasperry pi ideas from Reddit

Midsomer Murders was good this week

Lovely day in London

Yorkshire Family History society were very helpful

Crime dramas embiggen your brain

Light snow here on Sunday?

Looks like the New York snow forecast was all nonsense

Could be a metre of snow due in New York today

It's the final countdown

What can I use one of these for?

Lyminge was snowy

Rubbish weather here

The Clarke family of Leeds and Burley-in-Wharfedale

Are there burglars on the prowl locally?

A quiet day in

Successful dinner for sixteen at our house

New Years Resolutions

I finished another book

A quiet day in

Stephen Hawking is at the Royal Opera House tonight

Last minute christmas non-shopping

Another quiet day

I've had nothing to say for ages now

I slept strangely well last night

We tricked number two son into saying I Love You...

Family tree updates

Happy Birthday

Another affordable galvanised land rover

Revisiting my RF Butler

Happy Halloween

Literally like feeding time at the zoo

RHD VW Split screen camper in Canterbury

Back into Veronica Mars

Kinda lazy weekend, kinda not

Number one son's gymnastics class is all booked up!

Further good day at work news

TV is now wall mounted in the playroom

Thermal probes!

Now is a good time to plant fruit

Number one son had a cinema party today

Sober for October

Sober for October

Also knackered

Aargh, annoyed, broke the bureau

Segwaying went OK

Clare is going Segwaying today

Folkestone beer festival starts today

Just started another home brew

Someone's using my lightwaverf robot butler code

As it turns out we did go to both of those gigs!

New clutch

Number two son's big enough to go on the seesaw by himself now

New "Thread" protocol for wireless home automation

Spotted: Jessica Stevenson

Low tide is 13.39 today

Strictly wow

I just voice controlled the lounge lights

At least we gave it a try

Da da-da da da da da-da...

Collect from Hythe..?

Lovely day

I really like the look of this VW van

Where have all the USB charging sockets gone?

Low tide at Folkestone is RIGHT NOW!


London midweek weekender part six

Midweek weekender holiday reading: Around Ireland With A Fridge

London midweek weekender part five

Midweek weekender holiday reading: The Help

Midweek weekender holiday reading: The Help

Midweek weekender holiday reading: Around Ireland With A Fridge

London midweek weekender part four

Bank Holiday non event

Not really a beer festival at The Ship

Finished series one of Veronica Mars

London midweek weekender part one

Another good day off

Lovely morning at Brockhill Park

Anniversary night out part 5

Anniversary night out part 1

Ooh cider festival on the bank holiday!

Lawn experiment

Folkestone Beer Festival 26th September!

Can't believe how troublesome number one son has been this weekend

Getting a "best price guarantee" refund from Novotel

Happy Anniversary

Victorious Festival in Southsea

Number two son might have scarlet fever

Pay Day!

The Last Working Day Of The Month, Issue 113 (time to start planning Edinburgh 2015)

A reduced 4k TV, on payday..?

Nespresso Bongo

Birthday weekender: Soprano's

Farting in France's general direction

number one son rode his bike with no stabilisers today (actually Monday)

Lots of errors on this website suddenly

Did I just solve my bad back problem?

Watching more Glastonbury on TV tonight

The heavy rain just made my security camera kick in

I read this story because the phrase "homeless love rival" drew me in...

Fitbit Flex being reduced

Doing a Land Rover Safari in the morning

Works With Nest

Surprise working from home

Had a lovely weekend btw

Thinking about one of these again

AC/DC festival drinks cooler

Action packed weekend part 3

Action packed weekend part 4

I have Costa Rica in the world cup sweepstake

Looking for my old vw camper

The New Cross (some good ideas for Folkestone here)

Did I say, we were going to Disneyland Paris?

Not another rare night out

Yet another bank holiday weekend with no DIY

Health news

Another bank holiday weekend with no DIY

I bought another Wii remote

Badger door

Where did the super long weekend go?

The Brewery Tavern: surprisingly surprising

Chimichanga: surprisingly nice

Got a refund on my Nest Thermostat already

Now I'm wondering about getting rid of our boiler

La Victoria Arduino

Cute but blurry

Maplin are going home automation crazy today

Very nice day today

Nest thermostat is available in the UK today

Unplugged weekend

Hot Pi

Day off

Two nights of computering

Very proud of number one son

Oh and wasn't it a lovely day today?

I need to do some more work on this website

Bus winker

Great weekend btw

The Darkness on Zingzillas!

Good things about my bonus day off part 3

Night of the arduino

Busy weekend

Clare has gone underground


Tried to pay off my mortgage today

Productive weekend


Coach Trip is back!

Our kitchen tap broke

We've got the new freesat phone app now

Itching to get to the pub

I think we pushed number one son too hard...

HUMAX hack


I have no pictures of number two son so far this year

Code combat

Socket spacers

don't eat any fish at all and switch to vegetables - be vegan..

I won't do a roundup of the year

Lin's Thai Cafe

The Wine Vaults

Fitbit Flex is on special again today

The Florence Arms

Fitbit Force is available now

Christmas winnings

I told Clare I needed some time for wrapping...

Big weekend out

A day in

Great weekend

Couple of home automation evil genius jobs for the weekend

Two days working from home this week


Anyone want a wvc54g Linksys wireless camera?


New John Lewis is very nice

Stayed up late doing work work!

Google spreadsheet logging of home automation

Good luck back at work the wife

Cursed, my fault

Got my new components today

Oof number one son fell on his face

Just ordered some components

Very strange

Weekend of colds

This is the Landy for me!

Number two son started crawling

NICE, the VTech baby walker sold

It was a big day for...

Car trouble

Pub today

Most exercise in one day possibly ever

And we're back...

A great birthday weekend

Lovely birthday

That storm came then

Good weekend (hot weekend)

Watching Hampton Court Flower Show on TV

New TV

Date night at Centreparcs (Centreparcs roundup part two)

Centerparcs roundup (part one)

Garden digger was back again overnight

I am going windsurfing tomorrow

I got a lovely fathers day gift

DIY electrics

Deaf Jam

Swimming today

Joan Elliott RIP (slight return)

A weekend of landmarks

We went to Maidstone in the end

Number two son still spattered with chickenpox

And got my asterisk install working again

Beer festival good, chickenpox bad

Lovely weekend

Lots and lots and lots of snow

We need one of these

Chili challenge -2 days

I forgot to say, we had a lovely weekend

The Tunnel

Sky: VERY HELPFUL with terminating my account!

Vinopolis: GOOD

Number two son slept through the night again last night (mostly)

Funeral planned for the 4th February.

What shall I do with my day off?

We finally went swimming today

How to tune a guitar

Best christmas present

I volunteered for the 4am feed again today, what was I thinking?

Super christmas

Great Scott!

Cold again

Nothing wrong with the boy's hearing

Our christmas tree is up

Went to the Sandgate Hotel

The blog now gets a google page speed score of 96/100

Good weekend, with some sleep!

My family

I told you I went in the water

Pointless has gone mainstream!

Clare less than impressed with her early valentines gift.

Clare less than impressed with her early valentines gift.

Oh yeah proper snow today

Hey I said I was going to make a music pie

Duvet day

The new telly rocks

The new telly rocks

Cloud move was 99% perfect

Went to Thailand Tom last Saturday

Secret santa

Quiet day today

Like a lovely spring morning here now

A quiet night from the boy

Stewart Lee was ace

Freehold shop + maisonette for 41k in Southsea

So about last night Mr Fry...

Today is the 20th anniversary

Nothing to say today

Happy birthday mum

Dull weather, not good boot fairs

4am start today

The boy sick again


Boys night in

More vino

Escaped the snow today

Instant Karma's gonna get you

I never do anything interesting with my 10-15 minutes of free computer time

Me not stagediving

Home to a cold and empty flat...

Kicking and screaming into the '90s!

Came home for lunch today, and the boy slept right through it

Happy Anniversary to me


Cool baby grows

Remember all those stories in the news about family tax credit being RUBBISH?

Another nice day with the family

Cereal? Soup?

New picture

Boy's birth by twitter

Happy birthday!

Due day plus lucky THIRTEEN?

We have snow today

Clare's hotpot recipe

Tipping etiquette

Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy!

And we're half way through the week already!

Weekend! Curry! Spazzy twitches! Everything!

Stuff I want!

What rugby?


Frank Skinner last night

A pirate themed work day would be great

Weekend good

There was me worried about embarrassing myself...


Back to the weekend

Who sets their ebay auction to finish at 6pm on a Friday?

Monday morning roundup


Damp and other delights


Who tickets

My last things

To do list

Day of new technology

Welcome to Miami!

Weekend, in reverse order

Squirrel plants super walnut tree

All mine all mine

The rest of the weekend


Weekend of sports

So, super weekend

Still no Cure tickets

Lots of new things!

I have a dream

More fat lookalikes

Wagamama review

Another night in

Carnage on the underground

Easter Beaster: Sunday

No weekend plans

The Pogues - alright

Splish Splash!


Tonight tonight tonight, la la la la la la tonight

Digging for pie

Best Before Records

Not much going on today

A Kentish Wedding

What I done on my holidays



Folkestone property update

Updates of the day

London Fleadh


Estate Agent Update


Nic P

Darkness Music Passport review


My Morning Jacket

Progress on the flat

The Cure Passport Gig

Music Passport

Bar 98

Too easy

IPOD Crash

Stoke Newington Crime

Neal's Yard Salad Bar

Fair Play Trophy

Is this a virus?

Mahon Family Tree

A good day

Science Museum Again

Shepway Festival and Air Show

Staying In vs Going Out

Clarke Family Tree

Suede @ Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall

Clare born