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Clarendon Inn, Brewers Hill, Sandgate, CT20 3DH 01303 248684

54 Clarence Parade, Southsea, , PO5 2EU

Reading warmup, got very drunk on vodka red bulls, fell in a bush,and you can see me on the South Bank Show Special that was filmed there. Off to Reading the next day.

Definitely one of my favourite ever gigs.

I heard about tickets somehow and Clare (who was a student at the time and lived in New Cross went and got the tickets. Was a lot easier than a warm-up gig like this might have been these days!

I was working at at the time and was heading off to Reading the next day. Not sure if I lost my laptop or phone at the gig or if I lost them at the festival over the next few days. One or the other thoug, was a chaotic time.

We had a few drinks before the gig...
Union Building, Dixon Road, New Cross, London SE14 6NW [1999-08-26 1999]

We're going to this, my birthday present from Clare! 6 Leicester Place, London, , WC2H 7BP [2010-10-30 2010]

We're going to this, was Clare's birthday present... there is a signing too, hope we have time to meet you Mr Fry! Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX [2010-09-13 2010]

Can only remember Blur and Robbie Williams really. First one I went to with Clare (though she was also there in 1995 and 1997) Worthy Farm, Somerset [1998-06-25 1998]

Mothers Day present for Mum and Clare's mum, we went with them and Dad and Emma. Jim missed out as he has been to more gigs with us before... Earls Court, London [2003-04-18 2003]

Clare was at this one, I was not. The Lightning Seeds, The Charlatans, Sleeper, Shed 7 and Paul Weller.

Got a ticket for this somewhere.
Chelmsford [1996-08-18 1996]

Clare bought me tickets for this for christmas 6 Leicester Place, London, , WC2H 7BP [2016-02-13 2016]

Where I met Clare, bless! Hope I got that year right... Also, oddly Sylvester McCoy was there at the after show. Camden, London NW1 8QP [1997-06-04 1997]

Clare was at this one, I was not in London yet. Rescheduled from the 4th of July for some reason.


I loved the 60ft Dolls and would have seen them around this point, saw them a few times. They featured on the cover of one of my fanzines.
157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2 0EN [1996-07-11 1996]

Genealogy / family tree

Clare Frances MAHON 1978 -

I know what I'm getting for Clare's birthday New wristband connected to your bank account gives electric shocks if you go overdrawn . It's... [Thu 19 May 2016]

Farting in France's general direction Hmm Kosso says: You're in Folkstone aren't you? Get down... [Thu 24 July 2014]

A note on events, much later I genuinely wrote carnage on the underground meaning "oh, I was given some bad information and... [Sun 7 July 2013]

I got a lovely fathers day gift The picture of the boys that Clare took of them reading together, that I posted here but on... [Mon 17 June 2013]

Just stumbled across this post about The Goose, Brixton again It's been renamed a few times since then and is now " The Rest Is Noise "... [Tue 21 December 2010]

Nothing to say today I'll try though... [Thu 24 June 2010]

How strange to compare this Wagamama review with today I never have Yasai Katsu Curry any more, though I used to eat it all the time in London. Maybe... [Sat 20 September 2008]

Has anyone seen Clare? [flickr][/flickr] And I assumed she... [Sat 2 August 2008]

RE: Thanks for clearing that up! She wasn't actually working at the time. Unfortunately I know who it was and some background on... [Sun 11 May 2008]

spattered? bit tasteless, no? [Sat 10 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! I agree, darkmoonsider. I think it is inappropriate to 'feel sorry for' someone who has committed... [Sat 10 May 2008]

I'm sorry I only have rumour and speculation to share We'll see if there's anything more concrete any more detail in this week's local papers, which... [Wed 7 May 2008]

ha, well you are WRONG! It's something interesting that happened locally, none of my business really, but (in the suicide... [Wed 7 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! I Am from Folkestone but live in Dublin at the moment and I heard friday morning about what had... [Wed 7 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! I agree with Claire on this one. While I agree with idea of blogging events, I fail to see why... [Wed 7 May 2008]

Thanks for clearing that up! Another STRANGE "fact" I heard from someone at work was that the lady in question jumped after... [Tue 6 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! Yes she did! She actually came off of the Asda carpark and i certainly won't forget5 coming face... [Tue 6 May 2008]

Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! Yoinks, yesterday someone chucked themselves off the roof of [gmap]Bouverie Square in... [Sun 4 May 2008]

And we're half way through the week already! Well I am, don't know about you, I've got Thursday off too. Quiet and lonely night in tonight,... [Tue 18 March 2008]

Weekend! Curry! Spazzy twitches! Everything! Great weekend, bailed out of work slightly early and got the train to Mum and Dad's, for a nice... [Tue 12 February 2008]

Yes I got it, keep looking on the torrents It took FOREVER. It's not that great quality and probably not as funny as you remember, but as... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: Roundup Did you ever get Asylum? I really want it!! [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: Graveyard - Bradstone Road? hi havent got any pics tryin to find out more ourselvs, do u have any info? we live oppersit and... [Fri 4 January 2008]

Stuff I want! This bookcase and this sideboard , good starting prices on ebay , sure to go up to about 3/4... [Tue 6 November 2007]

his foot did come up off the ground but he must have been as near as damnit to touching the line, which is enough for it not to be a... [Mon 22 October 2007]

Bah ! That was clearly a try, his knee was still in when the ball went over the line. The video ref had... [Mon 22 October 2007]

What rugby? You forgot to bless the boot didn't you... A good game anyway, and we did well to get to the... [Sun 21 October 2007]

I know I do! We don't have and can't fit a proper aerial, so it doesn't seem worth trying to plug one into the... [Wed 17 October 2007]

RE: Rugby, RESULT You need a PVR. I have been watching Saturday Kitchen on days that are not Saturday for a long... [Wed 17 October 2007]

I'd calmed down, but now I'm seething again! There was another show on, when Nigella was off air, a "how to make simple Indian food" type... [Tue 16 October 2007]

RE: Rugby, RESULT Bloody Nigella! I watched her for the first time the other week and I too wanted to kick the TV... [Tue 16 October 2007]

Rugby, RESULT What a great game and result on Saturday! we started off as usual with a trip to Canterbury ,... [Tue 16 October 2007]

Frank Skinner last night Quite a good gig last night, Frank was funny and rude, and likeable because of his self... [Sat 29 September 2007]

A pirate themed work day would be great But alas no, it's not one of our fun days , it's an international holiday ... That picture was... [Wed 19 September 2007]

RE: Yarr! Do you ever do any work!!!!!!!! [Wed 19 September 2007]

RE: Yarr! Arrrghhh. Excuse me, is Keira Knightley about? Arrrrrrrrrghhhhh. [Wed 19 September 2007]

Yarr! It be bein' International Talk Like A Pirate Day today land lubberss, don't ye be forgettin'! [Wed 19 September 2007]

Weekend good What I done on my weekend [Mon 17 September 2007]

There was me worried about embarrassing myself... We have a couple of vacancies on the programming team at work, all the applicants have been given... [Thu 13 September 2007]

Children of Men is OK It's a bit grim, but interesting, and I love to see English locations in films, even if they're... [Tue 4 September 2007]

RE: Ouch! Is Children of Men any good? I wanted to watch it the other night but got out voted due to the... [Tue 4 September 2007]

Oh yes, I just noticed an enormous traffic spike RSS for dummies! [Mon 3 September 2007]

RE: Ouch! ha! Oddly I saw this post appear in the latest podcasts bit on the front of pesky!... [Mon 3 September 2007]

Ouch! Bit my lip this morning eating my breakfast in a hurry, drew blood and everything, and also the... [Mon 3 September 2007]

Sharon McClaren That's brilliant [Fri 31 August 2007]

RE: Starbucks - bouverie place folkestone Hi there - Yes - we're coming to Folkestone - and currently looking for great people. My name is... [Fri 31 August 2007]

Back to the weekend I knew I'd written a few things this morning and forgotten to hit the send button, but didn't... [Tue 21 August 2007]

It was mentioned in the Folkestone Herald this week Pick one of those up, I think there's a phone number in there, Starbucks are looking for fifteen... [Fri 17 August 2007]

Starbucks - bouverie place folkestone I hear that the new Starbucks is opening in bouverie place in folkestone. I was wondering if... [Fri 17 August 2007]

Who sets their ebay auction to finish at 6pm on a Friday? Just in from work too late, this Habitat Radius tallboy that I was after just went, for 360... [Fri 15 June 2007]

Clare, I told you! You'd better go and buy another card now... [Wed 30 May 2007]

RE: Long weekend SIXTY [Wed 30 May 2007]

Long weekend Been away a long time (apart from my little post this morning about wireless things ) and we... [Tue 29 May 2007]

Have you seen Clare's family anyway..? ONLY JOKING! I see you are updating records, and so am I! So, I will stop now. [Fri 1 December 2006]

RE: How are we supposed to find out if we've accidentally intermarried now??? When your babies are born with horns and tails you will know! Pops [Fri 1 December 2006]

How are we supposed to find out if we've accidentally intermarried now??? [Fri 1 December 2006]

RE: Clarks and Clarkes I have found that my father (R L Clarke) 's baptisim was recorded in the Church register as... [Fri 1 December 2006]

Monday morning roundup I'd heard of this before, but didn't know the reason why some councils are refusing to recycle... [Mon 27 November 2006]

RE: Spamalot I'd have got my pic taken with Vegas, his drinking exploits make him one of my heros. Back from... [Thu 16 November 2006]

Spamalot Spamalot was quite good, not brilliant, best bit for me was seeing Tim Curry in the lead... [Tue 14 November 2006]

There's a nice run of pubs right by Whitehall I'll look up the names of them, there's four in a row that we went in one day, when we were... [Sun 5 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights My flat has subsidence which scares the hell out of me - although the survey said it was ok for... [Sun 5 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights Cheers, good to know for the future. Good luck to you too for Monday! [Sat 4 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights We've a basement (we call it a 'wine cellar.') When we moved in over the summer, there was a... [Fri 3 November 2006]

Damp and other delights This spell of cold weather has made the whole house SWEAT! I've hd to put our central heating on... [Fri 3 November 2006]

Roundup Interview yesterday was good, but it's a small company and I'm still after more money than they... [Fri 6 October 2006]

I found this mention on another site: From rootsweb guestbook : Mary Wall Date 30 March 2002 Thanks to the... [Mon 18 September 2006]

Graveyard - Bradstone Road? I've heard rumours that behind the big walled area in Bradstone Road, next to the tyre place, is... [Sun 17 September 2006]

RE: Who tickets Did you mean: embiggening Oh like that's a word... [Fri 18 August 2006]

Who tickets Tickets for The Who , at the Roundhouse, Camden , 29th October, doing some sort of rock opera... [Wed 16 August 2006]

Aye Thank you for Popex Pauly. The game wouldn't have been the same without your steadfastly balanced... [Tue 8 August 2006]

Bluddy Grate better than pineapple. And then some. All the best, Pauly. I'm crap at reading blogs so hope... [Mon 7 August 2006]

RE: My last things And didn't you create something that was BLUDDY GRATE. Well done, cariad, and all the best for... [Mon 7 August 2006]

My last things My last day at this job started with my last delayed train on the way in to this job, fifteen... [Mon 7 August 2006]

RE: To do list Good luck with the interview. I showed my husband your CV but I don't think he has had a look at... [Fri 4 August 2006]

Dad? Did I leave myself logged in on your computer? Click here to log out ... [Fri 4 August 2006]

RE: To do list Get a haircut and shave before interview ! [Fri 4 August 2006]

To do list 1. Get job 2. Get a new ringtone I woke everyone up on the train today with an embarrassing... [Fri 4 August 2006]

No I don't I have one that is turned off at the moment, that's pointed from my place East across Folkestone,... [Mon 5 June 2006]

Yeah clock is ticking though That's already two months gone of my twelve months notice... [Mon 5 June 2006]

I have seen it now What on earth is going on? I will post more on this... [Mon 5 June 2006]

RE: Day of new technology i live in folkestone too,ok place i suppose..... do you know of any webcam sites of folkestone??... [Sun 4 June 2006]

RE: Day of new technology Good news on the offers, especially so soon. If you get one you like then can you leave Barfly... [Sun 4 June 2006]

Last Episodes of Lost Don't watch it - they all wake up in the shower together and it was all a bad dream. [Sun 4 June 2006]

Day of new technology Still no joy from the little computer , so not seen the last episodes of Lost yet. Connected... [Thu 1 June 2006]

Welcome to Miami! Or, rather, from Miami , or even (by the time I write this up) hello from England, Miami sends... [Tue 30 May 2006]

Weekend, in reverse order Hmm, from an email from Doctor Neil : Then went to look at the boat, the boat is OK, though the... [Mon 8 May 2006]

Yes, and Clare's cat since she was ten years old He died overnight and we buried him today. Apart from that, we've had a great weekend, planting... [Sun 7 May 2006]

RE: So farewell then Paddy Cat Was that Clare's mum's cat? [Sun 7 May 2006]

So farewell then Paddy Cat Paddy You were a nice cat. [Sun 7 May 2006]

Squirrel plants super walnut tree A lovely gardening story , not that much squirrel content actually. Now onto the weekend... [Tue 2 May 2006]

All mine all mine James Herbertesque sort of weather today, very foggy at home, and all the way into London...... [Mon 24 April 2006]

I think I've liked all the French films I've seen All three of them... I'm going to perk my French up a bit so I can watch more. [Wed 19 April 2006]

That's the one Maybe it's more of a boys film then? There is a remake of it, where the lead guy seems to have... [Wed 19 April 2006]

RE: The rest of the weekend that's the one where he does a loop on a scooter right? yeah that's an ace film! [Wed 19 April 2006]

RE: The rest of the weekend I liked Taxi too, saw it last Christmas along with its imaginatively titled sequel Taxi 2. A bit... [Tue 18 April 2006]

The rest of the weekend Far too much eating and drinking the rest of the weekend too, it's almost good to be back at... [Tue 18 April 2006]

Spicy Cabbage Soup Recipe I'm not dieting or anything but I thought I'd follow this super no fat diet recipe . I added in... [Mon 3 April 2006]

Chops! Started the weekend with a super rarity, drinks in Farringdon . Been trying to meet up with a... [Sun 2 April 2006]

She's about as Irish as I am Clare 's a Mahon, her dad is Irish, he's got the accent and everything. His great uncle is... [Tue 21 March 2006]

RE: Weekend of sports I didn't know Clare was Irish? Muddy [Mon 20 March 2006]

Weekend of sports The Rugby was great, made for quite a long and tiring day, but a fabulous experience being there... [Mon 20 March 2006]

trackback [Fri 17 March 2006]

It's a sensible idea to backup DVDs, in case your machine eats them [Tue 14 March 2006]

RE: The whole thing makes no sense no i dont do the rental thing as i...errrr....tend to get things other ways.....although if i was... [Tue 14 March 2006]

The whole thing makes no sense I think they're saying that normally if there's a problem with your disk then you'd tick the... [Tue 14 March 2006]

RE: So, super weekend errrrrrrr wot do they mean "You are *not* required to report this issue via the website or on the... [Tue 14 March 2006]

So, super weekend After my little Down Street excursion, we had a great weekend. Technically it was extended by... [Mon 13 March 2006]

Still no Cure tickets More went on sale just now for the Teenage Cancer Trust gig at the Albert Hall, but they must... [Tue 14 February 2006]

Lots of new things! [Tue 7 February 2006]

Don't know if you saw it on popbitch Bottoms has reopened, I think it's a gay bar now though. [Fri 20 January 2006]

RE: Cheers for chipping in The last time I went it was a weird hotel bar/restaurant thing - this was years ago and I've... [Fri 20 January 2006]

Cheers for chipping in Yes we went to the Clarendon again this weekend, just briefly though. There were rumours of it... [Fri 20 January 2006]

RE: Clarendon Inn hello pauly, the clarendon is one of the best Folkestone/environs pubs. In my youth c. 1992-1994... [Thu 19 January 2006]

Clare Teal Award winning Jazz vocalist Clare Teal is coming to the Leas Cliff Hall . [Mon 5 December 2005]

I have a dream No not a good dream at all, I dreamt that I sold Clare 's engagement ring, not just for less... [Thu 1 December 2005]

Wagamama review Had lunch at Wagamama in Canterbury on Saturday, for the first time since this new branch... [Tue 30 August 2005]

Bothered! [Sat 23 July 2005]

You laughed at Catherine Tate? Philistine! You laughed at Catherine Tate? Philistine! [Fri 22 July 2005]

Another night in Didn't have serious problems getting home yesterday in the end, Central Line was running OK and... [Fri 22 July 2005]

Carnage on the underground Well hopefully no actual bloodshed, but there's been chaos on the way in this morning... Got to... [Thu 7 July 2005]

RE: Clarendon Inn tried to have lunch there this (May) bank holiday. Despite getting there 5 minutes before the... [Wed 4 May 2005]

RE: Joan PENTONY Allan Contact me at for info on Pentony's Regards Ian P [Sat 30 April 2005]

RE: Yeah I know No, I've not left you. I've been reading. You know, "books". It's like the internet, only without... [Wed 20 April 2005]

Clare's bro sent me that picture he made the Jeff Goldblum link - he lives in Florida though and the heat must be making his brain... [Wed 20 April 2005]

RE: The wrong carriage! Hahaha, I couldn't have thought of a better comparison than Bill Bailey myself. Not convinced by... [Wed 20 April 2005]

Yeah I know without the beard I looked like Andy from Little Britain... Hey, come back to popex, you've... [Wed 20 April 2005]

RE: The wrong carriage! looking good. You look like Bill Bailey in that "old haircut" picture. xxx [Tue 19 April 2005]

The wrong carriage! We're starting to get into a proper Reggie Perrin routine in the mornings now, saying the same... [Tue 19 April 2005]

Easter Beaster: Monday Yesterday (Monday) saw a proper day out for me - went to see QUEEN at Brixton Academy , with... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter Beaster: Sunday Sunday, more cleaning and packing, another trip to Fresh and Wild for lunch, and then perhaps... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter Beaster: Saturday Saturday was proper cleaning and packing day though we started it with a long walk down Stoke... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter beaster A lot to write about, had a huge great easter weekend and really managed to fit quite a lot in.... [Tue 29 March 2005]

The Game (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Game (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [Sun 20 February 2005]

First image on the Web - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia First image on the Web - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [Sun 20 February 2005]

Bill Gates and other communists - Richard Stallman Bill Gates and other communists - Richard Stallman [Thu 17 February 2005]

i must revisit some's a bit difficult without a carmobile of my own. weird boulders and... [Tue 15 February 2005]

The sea defences have been much improved in the last year It's to stop erosion rather than big waves, but there are big boulders and groynes (I think... [Tue 15 February 2005]

but sandgate is best in the winter when very windy and tide is high and the road gets closed off and... [Mon 14 February 2005]

Sandgate Sandgate 's a nice suburb of Folkestone , my experience of it is just one road, running along... [Mon 14 February 2005]

The first rule about job club Google blogger sacked , don't talk about work kids... Great weekend with a visit to Folkestone... [Mon 14 February 2005]

Main Page - Wikipedia Main Page - Wikipedia [Wed 9 February 2005]

No weekend plans Working from home again yesterday worked out well I think, though no actual results to show so... [Fri 28 January 2005]

Clarendon Inn Glad we made the effort to visit this place, after reading about it in More Tales from the Tap... [Mon 24 January 2005]

Some mates of mine went and were planning to start their night in Stockwell's famous Irish boozer, The Swan, at five - I daren't ring to check to s... Some mates of mine went and were planning to start their night in Stockwell's famous Irish... [Wed 22 December 2004]

The Pogues - alright Went to see The Pogues last night at Brixton Academy , and they were alright... was a nice... [Wed 22 December 2004]

2 x DARKNESS WEMBLEY TICKETS 4 SALE Yo yo yo, I have 2 wembley tickets for the sat 11th gig for sale.... they are on Ebay but if they... [Sun 5 December 2004]

I have two spare for The Darkness at Brixton too! Leave a message. [Mon 15 November 2004]

4 Darkness tickets for Brixton (23rd November) I have 4 spares for the Darkness at Brixton on 23rd November - will sell in pairs if that suits... [Mon 15 November 2004]

Darkness Brixton spare tickets Got 2 spares tickets for Brixton on the 23/11 if you want them be quick mail me at... [Mon 15 November 2004]

Folkestone RestauRANTS Our impartial guide to the restaurants in Folkestone , such that they are... [Sun 31 October 2004]

Splish Splash! Boozetastic weekender in Folkestone , starting off with a shock drink in London ! I rarely go... [Mon 11 October 2004]

Don't forget to give us the number!!!
Don't forget to give us the number!!! Pops [Sat 9 October 2004]

Blogshares Had forgotten about this one, cheers MuddyFunkster ... bit like popex , but trading in blogs... [Wed 6 October 2004]

It looks nice from the top deck of the bus but it's not fun to walk. Excellent work, what do you think was in Rik Mayall's satchel ? A... [Thu 9 September 2004]

The Kingsland Road scares me. But glad you're enjoying the journey all the same. The Kingsland Road scares me. But glad you're enjoying the journey all the same. [Thu 9 September 2004]

Tonight tonight tonight, la la la la la la tonight Tonight is the Fighting Cocks gig, and I am starting to think it might lead to TROUBLE...... [Fri 3 September 2004]

Joan Pentony is from Clare's family tree Joan Pentony is Clare's grandmother (aka Joan Elliott ), there's a link to this message board... [Wed 28 July 2004]

Cheers! Ha, no the inside is immaculate it's all brand new, don't know why there are no shots of the... [Wed 28 July 2004]

HappY BirthDay HAppy Birthday, You twO Is this a LandMark One this year? or are you both just old? Nice Challet... [Wed 28 July 2004]

Hi Allan,
No Pentony's in our line.
Hi Allan, No Pentony's in our line. Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
None that I am aware of at this moment in time. Regards, Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

Clare's not keen and neither am I We've had other people's weddings the last two years on the 27th, so our birthdays got totally... [Tue 27 July 2004]

happy birthday! Happy birthday to the both of you - do I sense an appropriate day for a wedding here? [Tue 27 July 2004]

The Bungalow The bungalow in Fareham that family members have been renovating for about a year is finally... [Tue 27 July 2004]

Joan PENTONY I'm looking for information on a Pentony family of Rathnally, Meath. John, born about 1820, went... [Fri 23 July 2004]

Clare has a relative called Maime Mahon I think Here's Maime Mahon , part of the Mahon family tree ... [Thu 22 July 2004]

Maime MAHON [Thu 22 July 2004]

Clare Short Tothill Street [Wed 7 July 2004]

Digging for pie On a quest for PIE, Clare is frightened of the amount of shrooms in this mushroom and ale... [Sun 4 July 2004]

Best Before Records Got to hurriedly do some work for Best Before Records , as this domain is going to be going out... [Fri 2 July 2004]

Not much going on today Very quiet in the office today, and no plans ot go out tonight, it's recovery day. Mark 's... [Fri 18 June 2004]

Cookie [Tue 15 June 2004]

A Kentish Wedding Clare has found the fearsome sounding , which apparently is good... [Tue 25 May 2004]

storage for the ipod if you want somewhere to store tunes you could get a removeable drive as well... [Fri 21 May 2004]

What I done on my holidays Well, that was the holiday then. A fantastic 168 hour long boozy lunch, we didn't do much more... [Mon 17 May 2004]

RE: Homeowner Congratulations mate! Enjoy the boozy weekend! [Fri 30 April 2004]

dont worry it should be fine...and also, as it was your solicitor's should be able to sue him... [Fri 30 April 2004]

Not yet I'm withholding some cash until that's done, ont he advice of the solicitor. That share of the... [Fri 30 April 2004]

i doubt it they're probably discussing what shade of pink to do the flat in! so has the share of the... [Fri 30 April 2004]

Homeowner Woo, it really is just about all over, we're completed on the flat now, Clare 's mum has... [Fri 30 April 2004]

Wikipedia A wiki encyclopedia, free to use and to update, it's ace. [Fri 23 April 2004]

Pet Shop Boys pictures Here's about the clearest picture I took of Neil Tennant at the Barfly that night...... [Wed 21 April 2004]

DayPop Just checking , and while wondering what all these mentions of hot abercrombie chick are all... [Mon 19 April 2004]

Folkestone property update No news on the flat , and no news on Clare 's brothers house in Hythe (though we had a sneaky... [Mon 12 April 2004]

Updates of the day Got the David Devant single today, there's a review up here , get tickets for their Dingwalls... [Thu 8 April 2004]

London Fleadh Fleadh launch was a nice opportunity for a free drink,though there was very little announce that... [Tue 6 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Well, Dahling "Pauly" is trying to get blood out of a stonewall. His ~ preziosa energia~ would... [Sun 4 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Bah, rubbish. Pauly just wants a nice flat, the way HE wants it. He also feels it was presented... [Sat 3 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Just mental masturbations, mon cher ' Pauly' . That's all. I understand this is THERAPY for you... [Sat 3 April 2004]

Carpetted Things were shit yesterday, I met with some of the other freeholders, they were mostly nice, but... [Fri 2 April 2004]

Estate Agent Update The estate agent phoned about the flat , saying he's spoken to the freeholders, they'll amend... [Wed 31 March 2004]

Memepool Fifty grand's worth of comic here , all scanned in, thanks to for that link,... [Sat 27 March 2004]

Nic P Some fairly horrible pics from last night at the acely named I Am The Only Running Footman and... [Wed 24 March 2004]

Bandwidth bother II And then this site goes down, for doing 6.5 gigabytes of data transfer so far this month, so now... [Wed 24 March 2004]

Pet Shop Boys review Was a bit squiffy, don't remember much of it, first we went to the Lock Tavern, then we went into... [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: Darkness Music Passport review no Pet Shop Boys review? For shame! [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: Darkness Music Passport review Must have been standing right next to you - was also next to their parents last night! [Mon 8 March 2004]

Darkness Music Passport review If you are Clare 's brother and you're still smarting that we went to The Cure on Friday, then... [Mon 8 March 2004]

BOO! Didn't win any of the staff draws for tickets for the music passport shows... can only hold out... [Mon 23 February 2004]

My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket , the favourites of Dave Grohl and also Clare 's brother, are playing the... [Thu 5 February 2004]

RE: Progress on the flat Cool looking Flat mate - pleased to hear that you are back on form with your pool..may have to... [Sun 1 February 2004]

Progress on the flat Got some paperwork back from the solicitor, including a plan of the street and a plan of the... [Sat 31 January 2004]

The Pet Shop Boys Have decided, to use one of my entries for the Music Passport gig draw on a chance of seeing... [Sat 31 January 2004]

The Cure Passport Gig Clare is going to insist on my using all my competition entries on this one gig... will... [Fri 30 January 2004]

The Darkness Passport Gig The Darkness play a music passport show at Barfly London ... Not sure whether to use up one... [Fri 30 January 2004]

I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were doing a music passport show at <... I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were doing a music passport show... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Ash Passport Gig Ash play a music passport show at Barfly London ... Ash have done warm up type shows at... [Fri 30 January 2004]

David Gray Passport Gig David Gray plays a music passport show at Barfly London today... no interest in going to... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Music Passport I've just been offered a possible a lifeline for the music passport gigs - each member of staff... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Bar 98 Last night saw us drinking in the Rochester Castle (very busy, and not just with tramps and... [Sun 25 January 2004]

You knows it! Safe, Goldie Lookin' Chain are supporting The Darkness in Folkestone and Portsmouth and... [Thu 22 January 2004]

RE: Darkness Tickets i really need two tickets for either the gig in portsmouth or the gig in folkestone, if anyone... [Sat 10 January 2004]

Futureheads It was The Futureheads who were ace. [Sat 3 January 2004]

Too easy Today's Metro says George W Bush attempted to calm fears of a BSE epidemic by saying he is... [Tue 30 December 2003]

IPOD Crash Seem to have bummed my IPOD , by loading too much into the "notes" folder, possibly too many... [Sun 28 December 2003]

Stoke Newington Crime Browsing some of the gorier things people have been searching for on this site, I found a link to... [Wed 24 December 2003]

RE: Fair Play Trophy you did WHAT??? [Tue 16 December 2003]

Neal's Yard Salad Bar Went to Covent Garden in the end, and got the rest of the shopping sorted, and got some nice hot... [Mon 15 December 2003]

Bluewater + Drinking Going to Bluewater today (definitely not Lakeside , ever again) and also meeting Richy for... [Sun 14 December 2003]

Fair Play Trophy Went to the BBC last night to do BACKING VOCALS for my friend Mark 's session thing for Steve... [Fri 12 December 2003]

Things to buy Gremlins [Wed 3 December 2003]

Is this a virus? Spotted a few of these in the logs, seems to be someone legitimately requesting a page, and then... [Wed 3 December 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Do you still have spare tickets, please email me at [Mon 1 December 2003]

Clare's Graduation Went well, got some good pictures I hope. There was no celebrity honorary degree, I was hoping... [Sat 15 November 2003]

Darkness review read my review of The Darkness Carling Homecoming here ... very good. [Wed 12 November 2003]

The day of the gig XFM might still be giving away tickets for the Darkness Carling Homecoming today, listen... [Tue 11 November 2003]

Darkness @ London Astoria The Darkness are playing a Carling Homecoming gig at the Astoria, possibly win tickets at... [Tue 11 November 2003]

Did you win? I got a pass for the Darkness homecoming show at the Astoria !! [Fri 7 November 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Darkness - Brixton 6th Dec. Looking for one or two tickets please contact [Thu 6 November 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets please please has anyone got any tickets too either b'ham or manchester??!!?? im in desperate... [Wed 5 November 2003]

New Darkness gig announced Carling homecoming at the Astoria, November 11th ! tickets here [Wed 29 October 2003]

Mahon Family Tree Mahon Family Tree here... A work in progress. See Clare Mahon , the artist Harry Clarke , or... [Wed 29 October 2003] I used Paul Johnson's to process the output of... [Tue 28 October 2003]

N16 Mag only seems to be updated monthly with copy from the mag at the moment, but they're... [Tue 28 October 2003]

Darkness @ Hammersmith Odeon They ROCKED. Not as hard as they usually do, hardly surprising as Justin's been ill, but still... [Wed 22 October 2003]

The Darkness The band seem to have recently updated their official site , they have a new forum system in... [Wed 22 October 2003]

A good day Man it's cold today,not the best day to be queued up outside Hammersmith Apollo for a couple of... [Tue 21 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets ... [Mon 20 October 2003]

Darkness cancellations The Darkness have been forced to cancel their gigs in Folkestone (this evening, Monday 20... [Mon 20 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets WANTED 3 tickets needed for Hammersmith OR Brixton.Contact Stu at [Thu 16 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I would really like at least 2 tickets to n e gig in the uk, 3 tickets would be great. plz e-mail... [Wed 15 October 2003]

Darkness Cancelled! There's a rumour going around that tonigh's show at Leas Cliff Hall might be off, because... [Mon 13 October 2003]

Keep the faith A knight in shining armour came to my rescue today with a ticket for Hammersmith, SMART! Still... [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets need u.e.a ticket. please help [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets i would like just one ticket for the darkness at the leas cliff hall, Folkestone. ill pay up too... [Fri 10 October 2003]

RE: We want darkness tickets NOW!!!!!! desperately seeking 2 darkness tickets for 8th of December @ birmingham accademy!!!!!!! Please... [Thu 9 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I have 4 tickets... how much do you want to pay? [Wed 8 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I have 4 tickets... how much do you want to pay? [Wed 8 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Am after tickets for Bournemouth gig, at least 2 but up to 4 would be a life saver... [Tue 7 October 2003]

the darness in brum does any1 have any tix 4 the darness in birmingham??? i desperately need 2+!!! will pay lots of... [Mon 6 October 2003]

Science Museum Again Went to the Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Science Museum at last, and it's... [Sun 5 October 2003]

ah there's an extra 2600 went on sale good luck! [Sat 4 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Don't suppose anyone has got two tickets for Brixton for either the friday or the saturday???... [Sat 4 October 2003]

Darkness Manchester tickets More Manchester tickes here , will probably be all sold by the time you read this though...... [Thu 2 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets ... [Wed 1 October 2003]

Darkness are at Brixton Academy tonight too There seem to have been plenty of tickets for that going around. [Tue 30 September 2003]

Clarks and Clarkes Reassuring to see that THAT Harry Clarke comes from Clark stock, his father Joshua Clarke... [Mon 22 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I'm looking for two tickets for the Cardiff Uni gig - anyone help? [Thu 18 September 2003]

There's one here for Bournemouth: only 5.50, with 10 hours to go ... [Wed 17 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Hi Has anyone got tickets to Norwich, 13th oct. I need two....i cant even find them on ebay.... [Wed 17 September 2003]

Added some more Clarkes Not our Clarkes though, this is Harry Clarke , the artist, he's a great grand uncle of Clare's. [Tue 16 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Really want 2 tickets for Bournemouth! Please help!!! [Mon 15 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Really need 3 tickets for the folkestone leas cliff hall gig. e-mail me at [Fri 12 September 2003]

really need a ticket for Hammersmith Really need a ticket for The Darkness at Hammersmith Odeon, please leave details here if you have... [Fri 12 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets please,please if any one has tickets for the darkness at bristol academy please email me... [Wed 10 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets i would like to buy any tickets to the plymouth gig if anyone has any they want to sell i would... [Wed 10 September 2003]

Darkness Tickets, buy or sell! If you've hit this page looking for tickets, or you have tickets that you'd like to sell, please... [Tue 9 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Darkness tickets for Cardiff Uni here [Mon 8 September 2003]

Darkness Tickets 2003 As you are no doubt aware, all dates for The Darkness ' tour of the UK in October are now SOLD... [Thu 4 September 2003]

Shepway Festival and Air Show The air show was fantastic, I've not seen a Harrier Jumpjet before, it was spooky to see it... [Sun 31 August 2003]

REM tickets going for a hundred pounds a go or so... [Sun 11 May 2003]

Speaking of choices got to see what REM tickets are going for on... [Sun 11 May 2003]

One band was good can't remember the name though, three piece from Newcastle, and is no use...... [Sun 11 May 2003]

Staying In vs Going Out Just contemplating whether to go out and drink beer some sort of BEAR themed evening with chum... [Sat 10 May 2003]

Clarke Family Tree Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire,... [Thu 9 January 2003]

The main bloke and the girl Dingwalls, at the Spearmint gig [Thu 12 October 2000]

Sean Bean Kentish Town Forum [Thu 12 October 2000]

Suede @ Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall Suede played Leas Cliff Hall this day in history... Clare was at it, I'm sure she has some... [Tue 4 February 1997]

Clare born Lover ! Born on the same day as me , but 6 years apart... [Thu 27 July 1978]

Paul Clarke's blog - I work and live in Seabrook near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly js, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal , so if you search here for pubs or other places you will only find clare pubs / places I have been to or will go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you are interested in a more broader search Please try clare on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and even international venues...

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