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Paul Leslie CLARKE

BORN 27 JUL 1972 Blakes Maternity, Gosport, Hants (26 Felix Rd, Gosport,Hants)

BAPTISED 18 FEB 1979 St Mary Portchester, Kenneth Jackson (N72Godparents:David Clarke, Michael O'Brien, Marilyn O'Brien)

My details may appear as "private" on this site, as that seems the polite thing to do for all living people in the family tree, but I'm happy to answer questions, just leave a message in the blog. I'mPaul runs the website where you're probably viewing this. See more personal thoughts and details on the . He lives in Seabrook, Kent, and works as a code engineer.
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FATHER Barry Leslie CLARKE 1947 -




We have 119 ancestors for Paul, 70 for his father Barry, 47 for his mother [PRIVATE]. We can go back 16 generations to Edward Chrysnes - during the reign of Henry VIII. For his mother we go back 14 generations to Thomas Winter - during the reign of Henry VIII. We have 2 descendents for Paul. We have 761 people in this tree with 94 different surnames; 49 called CLARKE. CLARKE is the most common name in our tree.

Paul is uncle to Jack Joe HARRIS

More Clarke genealogy / CLARKE tree info at

As well as the last names and tree structure, there's more searchable commentary, which should be neatly linked to these pages, on the message board.

Clarke family tree information curated by Bazzer, Mahon family tree information maintained by The wife. If you can provide help with our family tree, or would like any more info, leave a message, or email me (Pauly) and I'll sort it out.

Don't forget we have the surname Clarke and Clark in Paul's family tree and Clarkes (and Clarks) in Clare's tree too. Clare's great grandmothers maiden name was Clarke. There is no connection that we have found thus far, no The wife and I were not related before we were wed... Clarke is a jolly common name so good luck if you are also tracing your Clarke family tree...

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Regards, Bazzer
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