Gigography of Paul Clarke for 1991

Gigography 1991

Getting there with my gigography now, a list of every gig I've been to, from 1987 up to about now. It's a natural progression from my Best Gigs Ever post. Well that's the theory, but there's A LOT missing. I have chucked in details from the big bag of old gig tickets that I've had since I've been in London, but there's not much from before that - got to get a box of old concert tickets and things from Mum and Dad's loft. Also got a bundle of gaps regarding bands seen at festivals, they'll probably stay missing, it's so hard to remember, and there's a stack missing where I've lost tickets or never had them, most of the guestlist actions during my NME and Popex years and that. Yeah I know it's a bit nerdy, let's let that slide though, I'm having fun remembering these things. At least I've not started scanning the tickets in yet Of course I have scanned in the tickets now...

My first gig was in 1987, from then until 1990 it was mostly rock, either around Portsmouth or on trips up to London. Then in 1991 things got more indie, and in 1994 things really seemed to kick off. In 1996 I moved to London (first Waterloo, then Putney in 1998, Ealing in 1999, New Cross in 2000, and Stoke Newington in 2003) and in 2005 I moved back out again, to Folkestone (so that's where the list slows down again). Click on one of those years to see the gigs from that year, though you're more likely to have arrived at those pages than this by googling for gigography...

LOTS missing, it's surprising how many gigs I remember I can find no mention of online. Lots of Under Neath What, Atom Seed and David Devant (favourite bands of various times) to hopefully be unearthed, and what of the classic Supergrass at South Parade Pier? It's documented nowhere Of course Supergrass at South Parade Pier is on Song Kick now. This could turn into an valuable archive...

See links on individual pages to my Folkestone gig history.

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Neds Atomic Dustbin

I saw them once more on this tour, in Reading uni / poly I think, can't find the date though...

Portsmouth Guildhall Portsmouth
Thu Dec 19 1991


plus Captain America and Shonen Knife. I got the t-shirt and everything, wish I still had it. Wore it once down the Air Balloon (just to let everyone know I was there) and then gave it away, gah.

Birmingham Hummingbird is now part of the Academy.

This whole gig is on youtube.

Birmingham Academy Birmingham
Wed Nov 27 1991

Skid Row

plus LA Guns and Love / Hate. The latter announced a "secret" gig they were doing the next day in London, I should have gone they were one of my fave bands of the day.

Docklands Arena Limeharbour, London E14 9TH
Fri Nov 22 1991


Found the ticket now! I went to the gig on my own, then got the last train up to Rugby, where I was staying for college while on my HNC with Nixdorf. Can't find details anywhere online (so far). Much stage diving, one of my favourite ever gigs. Thinking about this nearly 25 years later I'm not quite sure how I did this. Must have been a Sunday night, so I'd have left home in Portchester on the Sunday afternoon and got the train up as usual to Rugby, via London. But decided to stop in London and go to this gig, and then carry on up to Rugby after. I do remember it being great, and being stage diving crazy. I have a clear memory of being up on the stage and preparing to throw myself back into the crowd yet again, when a young couple (a boy and a girl) grabbed my shoe; they were annoyed at the stagediving, as I would be now. I remember even what I was wearing, a t-shirt with my green plaid shirt over the top, with skinny black jeans and my massive nike trainers. At the time metallers wore tight jeans and big trainers and mine were nike white basketball boots with purple detail on. I think I had pink laces on mine. What was I thinking to go to a gig like this midway between home and my digs in Rugby? After the gig I still had to go on to Euston, then train up to Rugby, possibly changing at Coventry, and then walk across Rugby to the digs where I was staying...

The Marquee 105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT
Sun Oct 06 1991


Some time about now, was on for two days again but this time we got accomodation in student halls...

ULU Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY
Mon Sep 23 1991

Guns n' Roses

Izzy Stradlin's last ever show. Support Nine Inch Nails and Skid Row - Sebastian Bach swore too much and got them barred for life.

Probably got the coach up for this one.

Found the ticket now, stuck in an old photo album with flyers and things.

Wembley Stadium Wembley, London
Sat Aug 31 1991

Monsters of Rock 1991

AC/DC, Metallica, Motley Crue, Queensryche, and the Black Crowes. A pretty special line up at the top of the bill, shame it was the shortest Donington bill ever. Got a coach up from Portsmouth, everyone on the coach brought a metal mix tape with them for the coach driver to play (remember cassette tapes?), every single one had Enter Sandman on it.

Castle Donington Donington Park Raceway,
Mon Aug 05 1991

Under Neath What

The Marquee 105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT
Fri Aug 02 1991


plus PM Dawn. A Nixdorf friend's birthday, the only gig we could find in town to go to. Bootsy Collins played bass for them at this show.

Birmingham Academy Birmingham
Sun Jul 14 1991

Atom Seed

Rock Power magazine presents... plus The One Thing, don't remember them. No hard evidence I was here but until I have proof I was somewhere else on this day I'm claiming it.

The Borderline Orange Yard, Manette Street, London, W1D 4AR
Thu Jun 27 1991

The Primitives

Ah, past their peak, still a treat to see them at a venue this size.

The Joiners 141 St Mary Street, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 1NS
Wed Jun 26 1991

The Almighty

Was on a work placement with Nixdorf in Cambridge for the summer, this was the only thing I went out to while I was there I am sure. Little Lost Somewhere tour, with support on this date from Junk Yard.

Corn exchange 2 Wheeler Street, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB2 3QJ, UK
Mon Jun 24 1991

Transvision Vamp

Second time seeing them here, Sinead O'Connor was there too.

Portsmouth Guildhall Portsmouth
Thu Jun 20 1991


all girl metal band

The Pit 31 Arundel Street, Portsmouth, Hants PO1 1NB
Sat Jun 01 1991

Atom Seed

plus Scat Opera

The Marquee 105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT
Thu May 16 1991

Atom Seed

plus Scat Opera

Sat May 04 1991

Rocky Horror Show

I was at a few of these... Definitely this one I just found the ticket stubs.

I met Richard O'Brien at one of these, was it this one?

Just found four tickets for this thing, so maybe it was the organised work coach trip from when I worked at Siemens Nixdorf in Bracknell.

Picadilly Theatre 16 Denman Street, Soho, London W1D 7HN, UK
Thu Apr 04 1991


First time I saw them. Just caught up with a friend who was there too (and who I'd not seen for over ten years, he says

Alice In Chains opened, followed by The Almighty at the Poole Arts Center gig '91 (if I remember correctly)

Poole Arts Centre Kingland Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 1UG
Sun Mar 24 1991


Plus The Almighty. I came back from where I was working in Bracknell just for the night for this gig (though it was also Kerry's birthday). Ended up getting thrown out of downstairs standing, where I'd snuck in with an upstairs seating ticket. Tho

Portsmouth Guildhall Portsmouth
Mon Feb 18 1991

Revolting Cocks

plus Godflesh and Bomb Everything (AKA) Bomb Disneyland. Got a video of this gig, you can see me stagediving on it.

Astoria 157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN
Thu Jan 24 1991

Pop Will Eat Itself

PWEI, plus my favourite band of the time Atom Seed.

Can't find the ticket now. Went with Stu who I also went to Nirvana etc with when we were both working at Nixdorf.

Brixton Academy Stockwell Road, Brixton, London SW9 9SL
Sun Jan 20 1991

Atom Seed

My favourite band of the time playing at the club I used to go to every week anyway, not bad... The Pit is now part of a bingo hall.

The Pit 31 Arundel Street, Portsmouth, Hants PO1 1NB
Sat Jan 12 1991

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