Party Like It's 1989

Party Like It's 1989

24 Hour Party People "Do" is tonight at ULU...

There is an "official club promo night" for the film at ULU (Malet St, London) tonight (Friday 22nd of March)... there will be a load of giveaways of merchandising and music of the film, and it's only three quid to get in... Disk Jockeying comes from Eko and Jared, from the biggest indie clubs in town, and beer is at student union prices.

Buy the soundtrack album (featuring Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays, 808 State etc) and the book by Tony Wilson...

I've got a t-shirt now with Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson on it, and the word "TWAT"... nice...

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Fri Mar 22 2002

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