Ethan Hawke My Arse...


Ethan Hawke My Arse...

Frank Black 7.5(10 1 votes, 0, Pauly) 15th Nov
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It was him, and possibly Elton John too...

Last night was a FRANK BLACK EXTRAVAGANZA at Camden Underworld - not for us the heady delights of a full on Pixies Reunion, or even the rumoured appearance of Pixies guitarist Joey SanDytoksvig, it was an acoustic, show, just Frank and his guitar.

He teased, by opening the show with Mr Grieves, and scattered a few other Pixies numbers through, including the Fight Club-TASTIC Where Is My Mind, but it wasn't a Pixies show. He pleased, he excited, but I don't know if he gave the people who paid EIGHTY QUID for a ticket their moneys worth...

PJ Harvey was there, so were Adam and Joe and Kevin Shields, and also, are you ready for this, ETHAN HAWKE. Ah, the subject probably gave it away a bit...
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