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Stellastarr* play Islington Academy today, the venue in the shopping centre that was The Marquee for a while...
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Stellastarr new tour

Stellastarr play Camden Electric Ballroom today, same day as The Darkness Passport Gig, so it will make an excellent consolation prize when we don't win tickets... full stellastarr* tour dates follow:

Wayahead annoyingly list Portsmouth as being in West Sussexx, why do they do that?

If you'd like to know when stellastarr* tickets become available
click here if you're a popex member or join up here (it's free), pick stellastarr* as your favourite band and say "yes" to the gig mail... Then you'll receive a mail as soon as tickets go on sale.
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RE: stellastarr*

I agree (in a way!). I thought the 22s were good and I liked the way some of the band stayed to cheer stellastarr* later on. It's just a shame that where I was standing (front left) how the vocals sounded too muffled. Not the fault of any of the bands that played that night though.

I did like the Ordinary Boys (unlike my two acquaintances who thought them rather too ordinary), but didn't quite think they fitted in with the other bands. I think The Jam comparisons are a little wide of the mark, but I wish them well.

Neither of the support bands have that wow factor that stellastarr* oozed as soon as they came on.

I was actually quite impressed with the new venue, although it's some way off being rough around the edges enough to give it that gritty atmosphere you yearn for. That floor REALLY is far too polished for my liking!

Geez... what was it with those drinks prices? (question mark). You'd think with the unashamed promotion of the name that Carling would be flowing out of the taps and they'd be paying us punters to drink the damned stuff (gassy is not the word for it!).

I was proud of my gf, Miriam, who despite being warned not to take photos, carried on regardless (well at least when the security guy wasn't looking!) and took some mighty fine shots of the 22s and stellastarr* (one in particular is bloody amazing!).

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Good work

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If you put them up on the web, post a link to them here, I'd really like to see them.

I think the Ordinary Boys were jammed into that bill in order to put them in front of a crowd and some journalists, as a little showcase for them.
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Last night's Stellastarr* gig at Islington Academy was very good indeed, they're ace, but also there were two good support bands, that's my whole year's worth of gigging in one week! The 22's were kind of cute girl rock, from Noo Yawk, a bit too styled though, and then all the journo's were there to see the middle band on The Ordinary Boys. A bit ordinary indeed I though, but everyone else liked them and said they were like The Jam, I think that is the official line on them.

Three pounds ruddy forty for a pint though, what's that all about? And slow service at the bar. That's a very bad venue indeed, and an odd sort of crowd, didn't look quite like a London gigging crowd, especially not when all the journo's left after The Ordinary Boys, they looked a bit provincial and a bit Christian, weird.
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RE: stellastarr*

Yeah, I went to this gig. I've seen Stellastarr* in every London gig and that was definately there best performance. The 22s RULED in some places, and were noisy OK in others, but all round, pretty impressive. The Ordinary Boys should have (and probably were) ashamed to be there. Representing English music via the medium of cockney rock, vomit inducing sh*te that was so bad, dull, boring and plain ordinary I wanted to get to stage and chin the bowl headed cu*nt for merely playing that ear polluting cr*p in the same building as Stellastarr*. They should have personally apoligied to every single Stellastarr* fan for making any of us listen to such utter, rotten, stale music before disbanding and never touching another instrument again. I actually hate them for bringing down the whole night, humiliating us all for being English and actually producing such terrible music, which is only launched off the back of some Libertines movement, which in itself is disgusting. The Ordinary Boys should shut up and take their "gritty" cockney music scene with them. It's not wanted, apart from some half witted NME journos who wouldn't know good music if it slapped them in the face because their too busy hanging onto the coatails of other people's fame. It's a shame Stellastarr*, or their fans had to endure the 35 minutes of travesty.
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RE: stellastarr*

i hope you die of cancer
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Hi Moker

You're in the Ordinary Boys aren't you?
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RE: Hi Moker

Not on your nelly.

Going to see Stellastarr* soon. It's gonna rule.

That bowlhead better not show up warbling on about "lan-dan taaann" or anything.
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RE: stellastarr*

p.s. my e-mail addy is: (on messenger too) :)
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RE: stellastarr*

Hiya... I just discovered your site while doing a search for Stellastarr*

I only discovered the band on Saturday and immediately looked to see if they were touring and have been lucky enough to get tickets for tonight's gig @ the Carling Academy, Islington.

I wondered how you got into the band and to say 'hello(!)' if we see each other there. I will be there with a mate (shortish balding chap!) and possibly my gf (if she can actually get away from work in time) and am picking up my tix on the door.

There's a pic of me and the (near) missus @ - just so you know who to say hello too!!!

Have fun and I know what you mean about having a nasty cold. I've had mine for weeks now... and just found out that we have damp in our flat (could explain a few things)... and even worse that the builders might need to knock into our bathroom wall! They can sod off before I head off out tonight though :p

Tara for now... Paul

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Baby, baby, where did the month go?

I am amazed it's the 24th already! I forgot I have tickets to see Stellastarr* at the Islington Academy tonight, I thought it was a week away at least... so not only do I have a cold and not want to go out, I've gone and left the tickets at home, DOH!

Might be able to race home, and get the tix and then head out... I really don't want to go out at all, but I've been so looking forward to this, it'll be a right shame to miss it, what do I do?

On the plus side, we surely get paid next week and I still have most of this month's pay left!
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