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The Darkness play Brixton, slight return

A cheeky warmup show for the boys from Lowestoft... not exactly an intimate moment, and not cheap at 24 quid a ticket, but it'll be ace to see them again this year, and I can't stand the idea of going to Wembley...

Thanks JonN!

Ah, waitaminute, this means missing Lovejoy Cowboys... Hmm, also just checking the TV schedules, and it's true, Sunset Beach is being repeated in the mornings on Channel 5.

Trying out a bit of bittorrent, have installed Azureus but not got my head around it yet... Got to check out
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Azureus : Plugin Details for SafePeer

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Azureus - WhatIsNat

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Just heard from someone else who got standing tickets first attempt... It's clearly some sort of hate campaign, if I choose 2 "best available" it offers me:

Seating Information

and if I choose "downstairs standing" (2 again) it gives me

Sorry, we are unable to fulfill your specific request. However, there may still be tickets for this event. Please try the following:

* Try decreasing the number of tickets you are requesting.
* Try selecting a different seating area.
* Try a different date or time of day.
* If you are still unsuccessful, we may have sold out of our current allocation for this event.
Check back later as additional tickets may become available.

Click here to return to the Homepage.

Somehow it has recognised from cookies or something that I am an old giffer and I should be upstairs anyway... sod it, going to go anyway with the tickets I have (can't really afford to buy more) and try a sneaky switcheroo to get in downstairs, it worked OK for the Pixies...
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