Don't take your love to town

Don't take your love to town

Why is this ruby script getting links to it? Is it all people like me who can't believe it's getting links to it and so they're linking to it? Am I missing something here? Is it people who are too young to have heard of shell scripts and the like? I don't get this new trend for text file to do lists, someone help me out here. Is it people discovering unix things for the first time because of OSX? This is the first time I've looked at a Ruby script, is it all like that? Wow, wait until you all discover perl!

Also, no comments for days, have I broken the site again? I have been doing much messing with my code and I always forget to test things out again in internet explorer...

php: Old programming language of the internets, how I used to earn a wage.

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Wed May 03 2006

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