Half Man, Half Machine

Half Man, Half Machine

Just got the new Goldie Lookin' Chain single now, they've got copies in Rhythm Records and Camden, I know people have had trouble tracking down the vinyl too. Will I be able to retire on it?

Sounds like the tracks have been re-recorded a bit, is that to clear some dodgy samples? The clean version on the CD is RUBBISH, just a bit of bleeping, was hoping they'd have done something funny or clever with it. Anyway, see the site of the guy who made the very high-tech costumes for the video at theotherchoice.co.uk/art.htm and if you've not got a CD yet, you order one from Amazon...

Have a good time if you're seeing the band at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms tonight...

💬 Goldie Lookin' Chain

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Tue Apr 20 2004

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