Cold run this morning

Eye test today

Oops woke Jim up a bit early today

Demo went well

Another belting day today


Green tag day

I was supposed to be at Chambers for dinner tonight

Think I solved my pi-hole issue


Swimming again!

Too busy with work to write much

Beetle insured too!


Where did Clare go?

When you name these storms, it makes them stronger

Last day of the holidays...

Painful day

Sickness bug is the gift that keeps giving

Back at work today

Excellent security seminar at work

Hmm twitter auth is messing about

Nearly freezing today

Fierce rain again here

Kept my step count up since losing my FitBit

The boys are watching Gladiators in the next room...

Good weekend, fitted quite a lot in really

First day back went OK

My last few weeks of secondment

Boys doing their best standing still for a photo

Another hot day here

Holiday over

Feels like a Monday today

No rain here yet

Tried some Pebble dev for the first time in ages

New boiler is nearly in

Colour changing light news

Couldn't get in to work today

Installed Chrome on the Raspberry Pi today

Super bright and sunny here today

Number two son went to nursery today. Nursery was closed...

Got some deliveries on the way today

Day 18 of not not drinking?

Another day of rain

Day seven of not not drinking

Day three of not not drinking

5/8 of the way through my mid-holiday break

Half way through my mid-holiday work break

Clare's work is all over the news today

First night of the bunkbeds...

Still hella hot

Happy Birthday Number one son

Also stayed in the Premier Inn

Light snow here on Sunday?

I've had two solid days of "good back"

Pay Day!

WFH today

Beautiful day, the beach is packed with people

Had a lovely weekend btw

Working from home