Semi successful fathers day meal

Dinosaurs in the Wild was awesome

London weekender day 3

Wet February has started well

My search traffic here took a jump at christmas

Suede Holiday (part 2)

Lovely meal at Dr Legumes

Sunday yet more shopping

Vegetable miso soup was good

Saturday tea; Wagamama

For tea we went to Wagamama

Quick lunch at Sunoso

Oh yeah I went OUT last Friday

London midweek weekender part two

A trip to IKEA

New wagamama online menu is great


House swap week off

Splendid day in London

Where did my holiday go (part two)?

Our big holiday in Winchester

Win a Wagamama voucher with chopstick keepy uppy

What a cracking day

Wagamama iphone app

Water babies

So busy it's giving me a headache

Thirty quid for a Skid Row single?!?

Good bath last night

Emergency trip to hospital!

What's that big space in the flat?

2 for 1 at Wagamama again

Had a great valentines day

Good day's house hunting

Getting the weekend lined up

Evil day

Wagamama tipping policy

Free meal at Wagamama, until the 29th June

Mighty Easter weekender, with The Cure

Morrissey vs The NME

Hmm, some code copied from the Wagamama website:

Weekend train fun

Nearest Wagamama to Folkestone

Mikku powder

Hot weekend

Canterbury weekender

Wagamama today

Where did summer go?

Wagamama review