Sister Seitan closed

A day in Folkestone

My diet is the best

Bonus day off

Fast beery weekend in Portsmouth

Free pizza at work today

Walked to Hythe and back

Great news for meat eaters

There will be a vegan week in the new series of Bake Off

New bar type place to go to

Buddha bowl again for tea

Action packed day

Too much lunch choice

Figured out my gitlab CI issues

Oh really good dinner last night

Successful shopping day

I just cycled myself a smoothie

Hmm did an old post float to the top of the blog

Semi successful fathers day meal

Sustainability day at work

You can't move for vegans round here these days

There's a vegan festival in Fareham

Sofia work trip

Saturday night tea at the Seagull

Went to the Harbour Arm looking for vegan food

Lunch in Tibits the next day

Was not such an unproductive day yesterday either

Got the beetle back

M&S are RUBBISH at vegetarian

Best of luck little pig

Birthday weekend!

Also Pizza

Worth a try

Last day of the holidays...

Work Jolly to Bulgaria

Awesome fathers day

Lovely meal at Dr Legumes

Cheeky early lunch in Wild Thyme

Online delivery ordering from New Delhi worked well

On our night out we went to 3) Kipps Ale House

Had another enoyable meal in Follies

Googies lunch was really good

New trainers!

Awesome Brighton weekender part two

Saturday lunch: Harvester

Last pub of the night: Brewdog

Excellent lunch was at Dr Legumes pop-up

Coffee and dessert in Steep Street

Great day in Tenterden


Roka Pizza still closed

Festive but foggy day out on Saturday

Fun weekend

You can't move for vegans, and stories about them, at the moment

Blee, new fivers contain meat

First stop proper - the Victoria and Albert

Started off our pub crawl not in a pub

Great meal at Zizzi

Roka pizza does vegan!

The new allergen friendly menu at Peking House is a good thing...

After the Tower to Whole Foods for a cafe stop

Bonus day off on Monday

Saturday morning we headed for an early lunch to Pie and Vinyl

Loads more vegan cheese

So lots of weekend activity

My last few weeks of secondment

Had a fancy meal in Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen

Green Rocket Cafe, so good we ate in it twice

Quorn is going vegan!

Hot Sunday

Send all the vegans to jail!

Dr Legumes is BACK this weekend

Lovely birthday trip to London

Interesting new plant based "meat"

Food diary (Thursday)

Lunch at Follies today

Lunch in Greenwich market

Delightful boys day today

We had lunch on the big blue bus

Did have lunch in Follies

Tried to have lunch on the Greek Bus

Wetherspoons now offering a special vegan menu

Making plans for Manchester

Franco Manca is ace

We made cakes

Had a lunch at Tibits

Had a lunch at Tibits

Never mind twenty years ago what about now?

Is it ok for vegetarians to eat jellyfish?

Compare and contrast The Old Mill with The Tiger

Work christmas meal was at the Tiger again

Really enjoyed my React training day today

Eating meat is bad for the environment

Lay off the bacon and the ham (duh)

Copper and Spices was great

First poo in the potty today

Did Linda McCartney sausages just have a big recipe change?

Folkestone Harbour Arm is OPEN for business

Going to Il Posticino soon

Action packed weekend

Going to the Royal Oak, Nonington for tea

The next supper club date is set for Sunday, August 2nd at The Firkin Alehouse in Cheriton Place

Oh, I already did...

Dr Legumes Secret Dinner Club

Booze run to Calais good, despite eurotunnel

Seems like I can get along to Chambers beer festival for a bit

Seems like I can get along to Chambers beer festival for a bit

Mexican Supper Club at Kipps Ale House 31st May

Looks like I can follow tomorrow's dinner progress

Spent Saturday in Tenterden

Also bought shoes

Vegetarian / vegan supper club at Follies 22nd March

The brownies turned out nicely

Vegan cherry chocolate brownies

A lake of pig shit the size of four football pictures

Now with added FSA hygiene ratings

London midweek weekender part four

London midweek weekender part three

Should I eat meat?

Anniversary night out part 3

Fantastic pizza at the White Hart

Welcome to Open Mic Night @ The Chambers, on the second Friday of the month

How to do Disneyland Paris

Were these sweets made just for me?

Chimichanga: surprisingly nice

Chimichanga: surprisingly nice

Welcome to Open Mic Night @ The Chambers, which this month is a week earlier than usual

Great weekend btw

Good things about my bonus day off part 2

Day of the megastorm

Open Mic at Chambers on Friday 14th

Just had thunder and lightning here

don't eat any fish at all and switch to vegetables - be vegan..

Lin's Thai Cafe


Best night out of the year

Home automated dinner fail

New wagamama online menu is great

Minorca 2013 holiday write up

New vege sausages

The Man does not always listen to special dietary requirements

What an insult to christians!!!

Lots and lots and lots of snow

Great lunch at the Black Horse

The chili challenge was a challenge

Chili challenge -2 days

Chilli Challenge

Nearly went to Googies today

ew there are horse lips in my minced cow lips!

Nice christmas meal at The Compasses Inn, Crundale

Nice christmas meal at The Compasses Inn, Crundale

Nice christmas meal at The Compasses Inn, Crundale

Nice christmas meal at The Compasses Inn, Crundale

Is it time to shut down the folkestone gerald?

Great weekend, very productive

We went to some new pubs #1 The Black Horse

Street party outside Chambers this weekend

Coach and Horses goes vegan!

Turkey 2012 - we flew with Thomas Cook

240v relay for 2.29?

Chambers easter ales festival is on all next weekend

Two trips to the pub in just one day

In London for a conference

Also on the topic of Phoenix 1995

Where did my holiday go (part two)?

Where did my holiday go (part three)?

Beano's vegetarian cafe / restaurant!

The rest of our Folkestone Saturday (daytime)

Went to Thailand Tom last Saturday

Dinner party

Too much lunch

Work christmas party kind of spoiled by snow

Day two at FOWA 2010

Sneaky Pringles

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Happy half birthday the boy

Mi Dispiace!

A hurried lunch at Brockhill Park

Is there not a Cafe Belge in Covent Garden?

Damn dirty carnivores

Canterbury Wholefoods is great

Titanic property investment and an all vegan NHS

Had a great christmas dinner at Canterbury Wholefoods

Remember: Eurotunnel is not as good as you think it is going to be

Clare's hotpot recipe

RE: Mikku powder - 11379

Vegan skills at The Hermitage!

Do not recycle from last night's Dio show

Vegan lasagne

Vegan lasagne

Day two in Key West

If a picture paints a thousand words...

A Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall advert

Update from Tony King / Creative Eclectic

Blood on the tracks

Christmas telly

Not such a good start to the week

The Bufftings take London (again)

The Bufftings take London (again)

Not a very relaxing weekend then

Millenium vegan restaurant

Beer festival

My last working day as a single man

Neroli gig

So The Quarter is gone then

So The Quarter is gone then

gig info - please add to listings

gig info - please add to listings


Chambers Easter Ales Festival

Chambers Easter Ales Festival

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine isn't just for protesters anymore

St Pancras to open in 2007

DJ BC presents The Beastles

Maybe this is the sort of place I should have bought

Christmas day's the next quiz

Maybe this is the sort of place I should have bought

Christmas day's the next quiz

Manic Tuesday

Chambers Quiz

Chambers Quiz

New Restaurant

Folkestone Pubs

Did someone mention a quiz?

Monkey Caravans

73 RIP

Chambers Beer Festival

Chambers Beer Festival

Folkestone WiFi Hotspots

Chambers Quiz


The Ship

Chambers Beer Festival

Folkestone beer festival


Chambers Beer Festival

Chambers Beer Festival


Timothy's Wine Bar

Rail confusion and the curse of me

Neal's Yard Salad Bar

Canterbury Wholefoods

Canterbury Wholefoods

Fig Cafe

Fig Cafe

Bahia De Alcudia