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The sun and "the sun" related stuff, including venues, pubs, gigs and blog posts about the sun.If you have anything to contribute regarding the sun that I have not covered here, Please do contribute. Particularly if you have something to offer concerning my tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation the sun experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Thank you.

瞿100 prize, great fun. Should be on about the first Sunday of the month. Basement Business Premises, 98 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 2BE 01303 223333 [2009-07-05 2009]

, 49 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AN [2002-08-22 2002]

+ The D4 and The Divine Brown. 178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park, London N19 5QQ 07716 168 773 [2002-04-12 2002]

Live music from Cultured Pearl, The Black Sheep, and The Elbeats. All day barbecue, local foods and Kentish ciders.
This is too close to my house not to go to... on Saturday and Sunday of the bank holiday weekend.
171 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5RT 01303 239024 [2015-05-23 2015]

174 Camden High Street, Camden. London NW1 0NE [2002-09-16 2002]

From the brief time when I preferred them over The Darkness... 174 Camden High Street, Camden. London NW1 0NE [2002-04-18 2002]

Found the ticket now! I went to the gig on my own, then got the last train up to Rugby, where I was staying for college while on my HNC with Nixdorf. Can't find details anywhere online (so far). Much stage diving, one of my favourite ever gigs.
Thinking about this nearly 25 years later I'm not quite sure how I did this. Must have been a Sunday night, so I'd have left home in Portchester on the Sunday afternoon and got the train up as usual to Rugby, via London. But decided to stop in London and go to this gig, and then carry on up to Rugby after.
I do remember it being great, and being stage diving crazy. I have a clear memory of being up on the stage and preparing to throw myself back into the crowd yet again, when a young couple (a boy and a girl) grabbed my shoe; they were annoyed at the stagediving, as I would be now. I remember even what I was wearing, a t-shirt with my green plaid shirt over the top, with skinny black jeans and my massive nike trainers. At the time metallers wore tight jeans and big trainers and mine were nike white basketball boots with purple detail on. I think I had pink laces on mine.
What was I thinking to go to a gig like this midway between home and my digs in Rugby? After the gig I still had to go on to Euston, then train up to Rugby, possibly changing at Coventry, and then walk across Rugby to the digs where I was staying...
105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT [1991-10-06 1991]

I was on a big fat freebie and very much enjoyed The Datsuns doing a set in the backstage bar. Reading, Berkshire [2002-08-23 2002]

18A Ebury Street, London, , SW1W 0LS [1997-11-06 1997]

Portsmouth Festival / Heineken Festival, a freebie, Chris Wilson's birthday. The Pogues also played on the Sunday, I think it was without Shane McGowan though.
I may have listed Shakin' Stevens on another date, but this is definitely the
Southsea Seafront, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants [1994-08-19 1994]

Enjoying discogs Thanks to Jack for the tip. I have plugged about half of my singles into discogs and can see... [Tue 6 March 2018]

Googled 'John Eveleigh Folkestone School of Art' and then clicked this interesting link. I was a Prelim and Pre-Dip student at Folkestone School of Ar as, and is, brilliant (I understand he's still alive - I certainly hope so). I have many happy... [Tue 2 January 2018]

A tan will not stop the sun's harmful rays from causing harm. It is actually a sign that the skin has been damaged and is trying to protect itself. This still feels counter-intuitive , I am obviously wrong but I still think "if you're tanned... [Tue 27 June 2017]

Beer festival was good Loads of choice of beer and cider , I got a plum porter which was ace, then moved on to rum... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Afternoon in the sun at the Still and West I have never been to the Still and West before. No-one could believe this, everyone has been... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Back to the Old Customs House in a roundabout way The RIB back was even livelier than the way there. The pilot had got the measure of the party... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Drinks at the Fountain (Cowes) Not the pub of that name near us, but the first pub we came to on the Isle of Wight . Had a... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Did the RIB ride as mentioned Had planned not to do the notastagdo RIB ride as it made the numbers better if a couple... [Mon 15 May 2017]

#notastagdo weekend was awesome Obviously what happens on a notastagdo stays on a notastagdo . But as a group of now middle... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Phew, no more free lego for my boys Lego have stopped working with the Daily Mail . So no more free lego from Harry and Tommy from... [Sat 12 November 2016]

Have moved the temperature probe out of direct sunlight Here's the temperature graph that sometimes shows my home brew but otherwise shows outdoor... [Wed 10 August 2016]

The next supper club date is set for Sunday, August 2nd at The Firkin Alehouse in Cheriton Place The next supper club is announced, from A Crust Eaten : We're hoping to do a grilling menu... [Thu 11 June 2015]

Is there a free copy of The Sun on the way this week? Just read this about how The Sun are excluding Liverpool from some free newspaper... [Mon 9 June 2014]

Boot fair on Hythe green on Sunday (6th April) Will have to see if I can drag the boys around it. Not sure we really need anything, and Harry... [Fri 4 April 2014]

Got another email about the School of Art from Tessa Mac Tessa MacDonald 19 Oct (4 days ago) to webmaster I saw the messages... [Tue 23 October 2012]

The Darkness are back in the big time Did not watch the Superbowl myself but supposedly this was shown during it: Coo.. I wonder... [Mon 6 February 2012]

Kinda cool to see the News Of The World shut down like that As the news about the phone hacking scandal just gets worse and worse it's good to see some... [Fri 8 July 2011]

RE: An email from Lorna Winslow hello lorna,tried twitter, couldnt get on with it, so here is my e.mail address, if its used by... [Mon 4 July 2011]

RE: An email from Lorna Winslow hello lorna, nice to hear from you,i cant figure out a way to send my email address to you... [Thu 16 June 2011]

RE: An email from Lorna Winslow Hi Trevor Thanks for your message, this isn't a sight i would usually go on so it would be better... [Tue 7 June 2011]

RE: An email from Lorna Winslow hello lorna, john says hello, he hasnt got an internet connection, i keep telling him to get... [Sun 8 May 2011]

RE: An email from Lorna Winslow Hi Trevour Nice to hear back from you and yes I am very well and still have a pulse, thank you!... [Tue 3 May 2011]

RE: An email from Lorna Winslow hello lorna, its trevor summerfield from deal,amazing that you have surfaced on this site,i still... [Mon 18 April 2011]

An email from Lorna Winslow I just happen to stumble upon this page while searching for something else. I was at Folkestone... [Thu 14 April 2011]

Is this Port Lympne's april fool or The Sun's? Gorillas get iPads ... Thanks for that Andy. [Fri 1 April 2011]

RE: Got an email about the School of Art hello peeps,i was at folkestone school or art 69/71 graphic design,don judd,john dyke,the... [Fri 4 February 2011]

Are we due some big style snow? Sounds like we might be snowed in over xmas... will we make it to Uncle Bob's? [Thu 16 December 2010]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history I can confirm that Jimi Hendrix played at the small club near the top of what we knew as Grace... [Sun 17 October 2010]

Bargain carvery at the Hermitage this Sunday Sunday, five pounds only for adults and 3.50 for under 12s, is that not a crazy super deal?... [Wed 18 August 2010]

Another scorcher today Have a good weekend all, remember the sunblock [Fri 9 July 2010]

Is there still a quiz every sunday at the New Inn? I'm aware the mailout I send has some repeating info in from way back, please let me know if I'm... [Fri 25 June 2010]

Chambers Easter Ales festival on all weekend don't forget And there is a quiz on Sunday [Tue 30 March 2010]

So long 6Music Confirmed to be axed today. Still at least the sun is out. [Tue 2 March 2010]

Hot head, cold feet slippy on the way to work despite the bright sun [Mon 1 March 2010]

Brett Anderson's let himself go Odd choice of picture to illustrate the search result... [Fri 15 January 2010]

Suede reuiniting for one night only ONE NIGHT ONLY??? [Fri 15 January 2010]

The Gents play Number 11 this sunday (1st Nov) cockney knees up, gypsy punk and boogie-woogie Nirvana and Kylie Minogue, hmm [Mon 26 October 2009]


opposite where the police station is now? Thanks for sharing your memories. [Tue 12 May 2009]

RE: Got an email about the School of Art Folkestone School of Art was a fine place to be. I was there from 69-71, when it finally closed... [Tue 12 May 2009]

RE: The Sun Inn As my friend Wendy Warner says, the food at the Sun Inn is great! I could happily work my way... [Thu 26 February 2009]

The Sun Inn always a lovely Roast no matter how many people in the group there are, beef georgeous [Fri 31 October 2008]

It's Fareham, it's a squirrel, it must be the Daily Mail A squirrel carrying a coconut . UPDATE: The Sun has it too . I don't read either of these... [Wed 20 August 2008]

Got an email about the School of Art From Eamon Everall no less: Hi, you ask for info on Folkestone School of Art , I went there... [Fri 1 August 2008]

Lottery winner dumps sinner ... [Thu 27 September 2007]

Six Feet Under Searching for Folkestone news I found this story about a guy who got drunk and woke up in... [Thu 6 April 2006]

What bands did you see there Bruce, anyone good? [Sat 19 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history Wasn't Tofts nearly opposite the old Gasworks on Bournemouth Rd just west of the Scew(sp?) Arches... [Fri 18 November 2005]

This is great, I don't suppose you have any memorabilia from that time do you? Photos, posters, ticket stubs, anything like that? I'd love to know when some of those bands... [Tue 8 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history When I used to go to Tofts in 1968/69, it was on Grace Hill. It had a coffee bar but served no... [Tue 8 November 2005]

Folkestone in the Sunday papers Nothing sordid (this time) a two bedroom property in Earls Avenue was one of the recommended "why... [Tue 16 August 2005]

It was in the property supplement with the paper Maybe I'll scan it in and put it up here. Wasn't sure if they'd put the property supplement bits... [Sat 13 August 2005]

Standard Where? Searched their site and cant find nuffin about Folkestone other than old stories [Fri 12 August 2005]

Folkestone in the London papers The property supplement in today's Evening Substandard has a double page spread on how great... [Wed 10 August 2005]

Bothered! [Sat 23 July 2005]

You laughed at Catherine Tate? Philistine! You laughed at Catherine Tate? Philistine! [Fri 22 July 2005]

Another night in Didn't have serious problems getting home yesterday in the end, Central Line was running OK and... [Fri 22 July 2005]

Rubbish things Just looking for the receipts for our wedding rings so I could go and pick them up and realised... [Mon 14 March 2005]

Oh my, back at last cron job to resize all my pictures seems to have caused havoc, so closed my... [Mon 7 March 2005]

Goldie Lookin' Chain Looking forward to the GLC gig tonight at the Mean Fiddler , anyone else here going? And... [Thu 15 April 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history IT WAS THE SUNDOWNER CLUB MY DAD WAS THE BOUNCER BACK IN THE DAY.. [Fri 26 March 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history I think the name of the club on Grace Hill was the Sundowner Club . [Sun 21 March 2004]

Cheers for that! There's a lot of confusion surrounding Tofts , I think I have it covered though - after the... [Mon 23 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history My mum used to go out with Noel Redding way back in the 60's so I can confirm that Hendrix... [Mon 23 February 2004]

Good work fact man! Don't worry about that Vic and Bob thing, we'll catch the repeats now I think... cheers though. [Fri 20 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history irrelevant fact: The New Cross Venue used to be called The Harp Club . [Thu 19 February 2004]

Updated Folkestone gig history From someone on mr gig : Toft's Jazz Club was just down the hill from the Harp Club .... [Thu 19 February 2004]

All Welsh, All Safe Tracksuited rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain have put together an all-Welsh line-up for their... [Thu 22 January 2004]

Goldie Lookin' Chain Good to see The GLC being bigged up in The Sun as one of the bands to watch for the year... I... [Fri 2 January 2004]

The Datsuns Von Bondies gig @ 100 Club [Sat 8 November 2003]

Christian Datsun Dirty Water Club @ The Boston Arms [Mon 12 May 2003]

A West London based freebie London based, eh, there's a surprise... [Tue 6 May 2003]

NME Awards Tour Datsuns, Polyphonic Spree, Interpol and The Thrills... [Fri 22 November 2002]

The Hellacopters and The Datsuns Got some quotes from the bands playing the Astoria on the 10th of December... it's not sold out,... [Sat 2 November 2002]

Metal Bowlie! A weekend of ROCK at Camber Sands... [Wed 18 September 2002]

jack white and roddy womble datsuns at the underworld [Wed 18 September 2002]

Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen We still HEART The Datsuns . [Tue 17 September 2002]

The Datsuns Reading Festival [Tue 27 August 2002]

Tonight... got plans? I'm going to "Here and Now"... [Thu 25 April 2002]

Night of a million billion gigs Datsuns and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in one night... [Fri 19 April 2002]

Datsuns Tour Don't miss out, you tiny fools. [Wed 17 April 2002]

Here Comes The Sun Excluse Travis track online today only! [Tue 26 February 2002]

Billie Bans "The Sun" Snow Dome No really, that's what I thought it said... [Tue 19 September 2000]

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This is my personal , so if you search here for pubbing or other venues you will only find the sun pubbing / venues I attended or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you want a more general search Please try the sun on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and international venues...

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