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Defiant Close, Hawkinge, Kent, CT18 7RU 01303 894689

Amazing, we got in to the Barfly, read my Cure review. , 49 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AN [2004-03-05 2004]

Izzy Stradlin's last ever show. Support Nine Inch Nails and Skid Row - Sebastian Bach swore too much and got them barred for life.

Probably got the coach up for this one.

Found the ticket now, stuck in an old photo album with flyers and things.
Wembley, London [1991-08-31 1991]

Another Barfly Sessions, evening or just later afternoon this one. , 49 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AN [2000-08-02 2000]

Just found a ticket for this so I know it was at the Pyramids not The Joiners like says... I also saw Echobelly at The Joiners in 1994. Aha just found a flyer and a pass for this gig, [[Longpig Marine Parade, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO5 3ST [1995-10-19 1995]

plus Living Colour. My first proper gig, went up on a coach trip. See the Anthrax / Judge Dredd patches on my denim jacket m/

Bought the tickets in person from a ticket agent advertised in the evening paper, he was most perplexed to have a customer turn up in person, better used to dealing with people over the phone or through the post (no internets in those days).

Just found a merchandising flyer from the gig which reminds me, I bought a pair of Anthrax bermuda shorts.
Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9QH 020 8563 3800 [1989-03-13 1989]

plus Under Neath What.

The Errol Flynn tour.

Friend Adam was a big fan so we went to London to see UNW a few days later, possibly the Marquee, probably the Astoria...
Portsmouth [1989-10-08 1989]

Two gigs in one night, off to a club night at the Barfly after I think, where The Darkness were playing. 157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN 020 7434 9592 [2001-09-29 2001]

Another "Barfly Sessions" TV thing, free and in the afternoon I think. Pretty poor. , 49 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AN [2000-08-02 2000]

Think the year was originally wrong on this one... this link from has it as 2000, sounds about right to me. The Darkness were also playing this night at the Monarch / Barfly, but I was at this. West Yard, Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF 020 7209 0799 [2000-11-18 2000]

Last pub of the weekend: The Ice Wharf There was a humungous Wetherspoons right by our hotel. Not like other Wetherspoons , quite a... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Pub five of the weekend: The Queen's After the Hawley Arms I took a stroll up towards Chalk Farm . Clare had already told me the... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Pub, uh, four of the weekend? The Hawley Arms We went back to the hotel after dinner and put the boys to bed again. Actually Clare went off for... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Early dinner at Zizzi We museumed our way through lunch, but didn't really plan to stop for dinner quite so early. We... [Mon 6 February 2017]

London Transport museum was good Had some two for one tickets, but forgot to bring our train tickets with us that we needed to... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Caffe Nero This was the scene of the crime as it turns out... Just seen the Lego Disco Batman sets that we... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Lego store is ace We didnt' tell the boys far in advance that we were going to the new Lego shop in Leicester... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Great weekend in London: day two Lots of things to say, so posting day two of our Great weekend in London separately. As ever I... [Mon 6 February 2017]

As it turns out we did go to both of those gigs! Just a quick update ten years later, as I just noticed this old popex news post sat there on... [Sat 13 September 2014]

Smashing weekend with mum and dad They've been visiting, and we went to Deal yesterday for a change. Dad and I took Harry swimming... [Sun 14 October 2012]

Do you remember this one Dom? The Darkness live at the London Astoria m/ [Sat 29 May 2010]

HMV on the verge of buying Channelfly I hope there is still a rival bid... show me the money! [Thu 24 December 2009]

I must have something more interesting to write about than php? Um, no, perhaps not. I got a new hard drive at last, after all the problems I had with the... [Thu 5 June 2008]

The Cure playing Wembley The Cure are playing Wembley on March 20th according to the nme . Thanks to Emma for... [Thu 27 September 2007]

The Mayfly, Hi there My name is Beverley and I am very interested to hear that you have had strange... [Thu 17 May 2007]

No idea I was at that gig, that was 2001, long time ago! Whatever happened to any of those bands? I only... [Wed 21 February 2007]

RE: In The City Unsigned Bendy Toy was fucking amazing. What happened to him? [Wed 21 February 2007]

The manager of the Mayfly may not read this You should call them direct, this site is not connected with the Mayfly. [Sun 29 October 2006]

The Mayfly, do you have live bands on fridays or saturday if so we could put you onto a very good local band... [Sun 29 October 2006]

Looks good doesn't it [Fri 20 January 2006]

RE: I'm a morning person!!!! Ah-ha! I'm liking that streaming wotsit... [Wed 18 January 2006]

I think this is mostly asbestos related [Tue 17 January 2006]

RE: Browncoats Rise Again. The fund-raising drive to revive Joss Whedon's Firefly. Yeah, idiot smokers who think that even though they've been told for the past 20 odd years that... [Tue 17 January 2006]

Browncoats Rise Again. The fund-raising drive to revive Joss Whedon's Firefly. Well I like Firefly as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure I'll be fronting up $25 to get a... [Tue 17 January 2006]

I'm a morning person!!!! Who was that clown on the train this morning - was it you? He was muttering to himself when there... [Mon 16 January 2006]

Ligers Also stellastarr* , one of my favourites, recently played a secret gig under the... [Fri 24 June 2005]

so funny! It's so funny how you act like the liger is talking.The liger picture you have is so can I get... [Thu 17 February 2005]

Taste for the Web Taste for the Web [Wed 9 February 2005]

Record Producers [Fri 10 September 2004]

Not a ploy at all They link inwards, looking through the blog archives for previous mentions of that topic... in... [Thu 9 September 2004]

Why do so many of your links link inward (like that SEO link), is this a ploy? I clicked on it hoping for some handy tips ;)

Anyway, I w...
Why do so many of your links link inward (like that SEO link), is this a ploy? I clicked on it... [Thu 9 September 2004]

SEO Search Engine Optimisation [Thu 9 September 2004]

I hate myself for loving you Finding myself heading int Pret every morning now, getting off the bus two stops early just to... [Thu 9 September 2004]

Chambers and The Fly Just heard form The Fly that Chambers have agreed to take 300 copies of the magazine each... [Tue 6 July 2004]

hot hot hot robert smith is a beautiful man! [Sat 26 June 2004]

Mobile Clubbing I got it wrong, that flash dancing thing was Victoria not Charing Cross that the flash mob... [Fri 11 June 2004]

I don't think the mini is all that might as well get a proper IPOD . it's meant to be hard to find stuff on popbitch , it's... [Thu 10 June 2004]

ah i understand i can see why they do it...although it's impossible to search for something if u dont have the... [Thu 10 June 2004]

popbitch doesn't want it's site indexed you can turn it off, that's what I was going on about there... see and... [Thu 10 June 2004]

search engines do u mean that MSN are indexing stuff for their search engines?? in general, how would google... [Thu 10 June 2004]

Another boiler! Lots of things I could do today, but it's hot again in the office, and I feel that's going to be... [Thu 10 June 2004]

Cure Barfly bootleg Not sure of the quality yet, but check out these MP3's of The Cure 's recent Barfly gig, part... [Tue 1 June 2004]

Feedback! Email about the site! From someone I don't know! This from Mystified fellow N16er : I become... [Fri 21 May 2004]

loads of different standards of RSS I think ATOM isn't strictly speaking RSS , but some people have adopted that instead of RSS... [Wed 28 April 2004]

RE: You're not wrong! yeah the rss plugin dont work with the blogger site for some reason. works with every other rss... [Wed 28 April 2004]

You're not wrong! I'll fix that, it's some dodgy HTML... I keep meaning to say I have a problem with your XML... [Wed 28 April 2004]

RE: Bus update bovril lavigne? oh your rss feed is bust for some reason? [Wed 28 April 2004]

Bus update Haven't reported in for a while, as I didn't really leave the house for a week, but today's ride... [Wed 28 April 2004]

Pet Shop Boys pictures Here's about the clearest picture I took of Neil Tennant at the Barfly that night...... [Wed 21 April 2004]

RE: Pictures of you man... your a fuckin fag! [Mon 19 April 2004]

IPOD vs The Ramones My IPOD seems to have some issue with the Ramones . I, uh, encoded some more Ramones albums... [Wed 7 April 2004]

"they're filthy and theyre gorgeous..." Scissor Sisters DJ at the Barfly this weekend... [Thu 1 April 2004]

RE: Pauly, King of the Tigers I am Italian: The correct spelling should read FERRARI TESTAROSSA Also to be politically... [Wed 31 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you Hey man, I think he really is one of the sexiest men alive. His mind just makes him more... [Sun 21 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you wow spooky pics... ooof! [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you I love him dearly and think he's the sexiest man alive but he's starting to look a bit like... [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you i think robert looks great as usual!:-) [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you I think Robert looks beautiful, as always. He was just very hot and frazzled. Sheesh. [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you wow! Smithy is becoming really really horrible and fat, he looks pretty dirty too. What happened... [Wed 17 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you I don't think i've ever seen Robert playing a Gibson Firebird before! Man it looks like it was... [Wed 17 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you yeah man, ole' bob is lookin' quite scary these daze!!! [Tue 16 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you You should have put a warning on those! [Mon 15 March 2004]

Pictures of you No, actually pictures of The Cure when they played the Barfly last weekend. Read my Cure... [Sun 14 March 2004]

Pet Shop Boys review Was a bit squiffy, don't remember much of it, first we went to the Lock Tavern, then we went into... [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: Darkness Music Passport review no Pet Shop Boys review? For shame! [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: The Cure who said liking the cure was something to be proud of`? theyre shit [Wed 10 March 2004]

RE: The Cure Pauly... in the words of "the bear" & Kelly Osbourne...YOU NOB JOCKEY!, WE FUCKING HAAATE... [Tue 9 March 2004]

Pauly, King of the Ligers Once upon a time there was a little boy called Paul. He blagged his way onto Big Brother 2001 and... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: who? Justin Hawkins, you really ROCKKK !!!! Love you :-) [Tue 9 March 2004]

who? who the HELL are THE CURE, anyway? love is o-o-o-nly a fe-ee-ee-ling la la la la see me? I... [Tue 9 March 2004]

The Cure Hello, just to remind everyone that here is a The Cure Review (with some pictures, more... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review "the" pet shop boys... or just pet shop boys in general? [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review Pauly knows lots about the Pet Shop Boys. If I told you, I'd have to kill you. [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review whilst im unsure if pauly would call himself a "true fan" he does like the cure, lots.. i think... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review why cant you understand why were annoyed? WE'RE not sure it was pauly WHINGING and... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review neat. you've managed to annoy a whole load of "twoo fans". one of the things that I always... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review do you mean a 'ligger'? a liger is a cross between a tiger and a lion. them Scientists made... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review what a bunch of whinging bitches [Tue 9 March 2004]

Yeah shes rite Pauly yoo r ovbiously a div who knows nothing about nothing and Bob Smithie (as his true fans... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: Yeah but no but, I am a REAL FAN!!! um, that's not a real fan you ASS. you obviously DO NOT GET IT and never will. [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review Well. what can I say about this? This is the sort of person who takes the place as a special gig... [Mon 8 March 2004]

Yeah but no but, I am a REAL FAN!!! I've got "THE CURE" tippexed onto my pencil case and EVERYTHING! I'm going to cut it into my... [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review right on! pauly obviously doesn't know anything about the cure or cure fans... seriously pauly,... [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review Hi Would just like to say in response to the review i've just read by "Pauly" that it was an... [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: Darkness Music Passport review Must have been standing right next to you - was also next to their parents last night! [Mon 8 March 2004]

Darkness Music Passport review If you are Clare 's brother and you're still smarting that we went to The Cure on Friday, then... [Mon 8 March 2004]

If you're going to be like that... then maybe we'll keep Robert Smith's plectrum! [Sun 7 March 2004]


The Cure review Unbelievably, we got into The Cure last night at Barfly Camden , and here is my review...... [Sat 6 March 2004]

The Darkness in Cardiff There must be some kind of rumour going around that The Darkness are playing a gig in Cardiff,... [Wed 25 February 2004]

Solicitor vs Estate Agent Should possibly be completing on the flat any day now, but it's all gone quiet, I am hoping... [Thu 19 February 2004]

Rapture / Raveonettes / Spiritualized All at the Barfly this weekend! [Thu 5 February 2004]

Passport Ebay update Hey buddy, can you spare a grand? [Thu 5 February 2004]

The Pet Shop Boys Have decided, to use one of my entries for the Music Passport gig draw on a chance of seeing... [Sat 31 January 2004]

The Cure Passport Gig Clare is going to insist on my using all my competition entries on this one gig... will... [Fri 30 January 2004]

The Darkness Passport Gig The Darkness play a music passport show at Barfly London ... Not sure whether to use up one... [Fri 30 January 2004]

I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were doing a music passport show at <... I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were doing a music passport show... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Ash Passport Gig Ash play a music passport show at Barfly London ... Ash have done warm up type shows at... [Fri 30 January 2004]

David Gray Passport Gig David Gray plays a music passport show at Barfly London today... no interest in going to... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Music Passport I've just been offered a possible a lifeline for the music passport gigs - each member of staff... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Morning So, - have you checked it out? [Mon 26 January 2004]

Music Passport Arrived at work to a disaster this morning, some web servers not responding, including... [Mon 26 January 2004]

All Welsh, All Safe Tracksuited rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain have put together an all-Welsh line-up for their... [Thu 22 January 2004]

Kings of Leon secret gig Oh dear, Queens of Noize are in a situation, Time Out have said there's a secret Kings of... [Tue 30 December 2003]

RE: Fair Play Trophy you did WHAT??? [Tue 16 December 2003]

Mike Leigh Charing Cross Road [Mon 15 December 2003]

Day of flat viewing I'm a bit nervous about seeing the flat , what if it's perfect and then I have to REALLY commit?... [Sat 13 December 2003]

Fair Play Trophy Went to the BBC last night to do BACKING VOCALS for my friend Mark 's session thing for Steve... [Fri 12 December 2003]

Don't Let The Bells End Fabulous Carling Homecoming for The Darkness last night. [Wed 12 November 2003]

RE: Order Magazine Started doing some fun stuff with gig listings here [Tue 4 November 2003]

Been Caught DJing Perry Farrell is DJing at the Barfly on Saturday. [Mon 27 October 2003]

Order Magazine Yes Channelfly has two magazines now, The Fly and the new Order Magazine. No, not a New... [Wed 22 October 2003]

The Fly The Fly magazine started out as the listings magazine for the Barfly, with added editorial, and... [Wed 22 October 2003]

Hells Bells Ears are still ringing from AC/DC last night , but have still found time for popex admin... [Wed 22 October 2003]

AC/DC Competition! Am I good to you or what? PopEx and The Fly are running a join competition, tickets to this sold... [Wed 15 October 2003]

Koreans play the Barfly THE Koreans, not just SOME Koreans. [Tue 19 August 2003]

Cooper Temple Clause at the Barfly Saturday Disk Jockeying at the popular Casino Royale club night [Fri 8 August 2003]

The Fly Just had my "Happy Birthday Pauly" ad pointed out to me in the current issue of The Fly magazine... [Thu 31 July 2003]

Yesterday Popbitch party was last night, a little trial of a new venue, Centro on Grays Inn Road ,... [Thu 17 July 2003]

It's really growing on me Seen the fly posters? They're my second favourite after the Biffy Clyro ones... [Mon 16 June 2003]

Electric Six, The Crimea and American Analog Set at the Barfly Right, I messed up my weekly task for Big Brother (AKA Barfly what sit upstairs) so instead... [Fri 13 June 2003]

Limp Bizkit cancel Download Pussies. [Mon 12 May 2003]

Want to go to the Barfly tonight? Most likely, you can't. Sorry. [Thu 27 March 2003]

JTQ play the Barfly Wickida wickida wickida... [Mon 17 March 2003]

White Light Motorcade London Dates WLM play the Barfly and the Dublin Castle this week... [Fri 21 February 2003]

White Light Motorcade Debut Be at the Barfly on the 27th... [Tue 11 February 2003]

Ladytron at the Barfly Cheeky low key gig for the 'Tron, don't miss it! [Fri 7 February 2003]

Happy New Year and that Ho ho ho, see you down the Barfly... [Mon 30 December 2002]

Totally Wired The Faint play Barfly Camden tonight. [Wed 20 November 2002]

Electric Six Tour Ace, catch them quick, they RAMMED the Barfly last night... [Thu 24 October 2002]

Tonight, tonight, tonight The Crimea and the Black Madonnas support Electric Six at the Barfly, ace... [Wed 23 October 2002]

Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen We still HEART The Datsuns . [Tue 17 September 2002]

A gig for Thursday... Woodchuck play the Barfly, GET IN... [Wed 14 August 2002]

SPAN Span play the Barfly, Weds 10th July... [Wed 19 June 2002]

Uncle Bob's World Cup Jubilee Indoor Street Party Siamese confirmed for Uncle Bobs, 1st of June... [Fri 10 May 2002]

Von Bon Jovi Von Bondies ROCK the Barfly... [Fri 10 May 2002]

ULTIMATE gig, do not miss Darkness and Kennedy Soundtrack play together for the NME... [Tue 8 January 2002]

rob elmes the fly [Mon 31 December 2001]

The Darkness Rock the Barfly The gig has probably passed by the time you read this... [Tue 18 December 2001]

Make sure you pick up a copy of The Fly this month It's got ME in it. [Thu 13 December 2001]

In The City Unsigned Five bands, plus DJs, get to the Barfly on Tuesday night... [Mon 8 October 2001]

All of them i think The Barfly-Camden [Fri 10 August 2001]

The Darkness @ The Barfly Though The Darkness had played The Monarch 6 times before I saw them, this was my first time... [Sat 14 July 2001]

One of the chaps from the Flying Pickets Outside All Bar One, Heath Street, Hampstead [Mon 18 June 2001]

John Kennedy The Barfly, Camden [Fri 20 April 2001]

Tonight at the Barfly TBTG play at the Barfly, with Biffy Clyro and Haven... [Mon 9 April 2001]

Big Up The Fly More press for popEx [Tue 3 April 2001]

Egg out of This Life and now that Teachers thing The Barfly, Camden [Wed 21 March 2001]

Metro Mess So what's going on at the Barfly tonight? [Tue 20 March 2001]

Yumi Yumi A gig tonight at the Barfly [Thu 8 March 2001]

Tommy, and the ginger one (from Space) The Monarch / Barfly [Wed 31 January 2001]

Sarah Cracknell The Barfly [Tue 28 November 2000]

The singer from My Vitriol The Barfly [Tue 28 November 2000]

More Barf Lies Channelfly are at it again, the Bar Fly Sessions (slight return) is here... [Wed 30 August 2000]

Coldplay and JJ72 on TV tonight Missed it? Ah well, the Barfly Sessions are on each Wednesday night from now on... [Wed 23 August 2000]

...Trail Of Dead @ The Barfly THEY ROCKED! [Tue 22 August 2000]

King Adora @ the Barfly Guns, and also Roses... [Thu 3 August 2000]

Barfly Barfly are part of the company that I work for, they run venues in Camden (AKA The Monarch ),... [Thu 1 October 1998]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly js, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal , so if you search here for pubs or other places it will only return the fly pubbing / venues I have been to or will go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you want a more general search Please do try the fly on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and even international venues...

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