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They did it Amazon Echo Plus actually reduced . [Mon 20 November 2017]

Supposedly Amazon Echo Plus will be reduced tomorrow Is this what they call cyber monday ? The Amazon Echo Plus , the new one that has the zigbee... [Sun 19 November 2017]

There's a whole extra day to write up yet A full Sunday of shopping and eating and pubbing, I'll be back with that. [Tue 4 April 2017]

Sean Lock very funny Comedy was great, better than I expected. We had a support, wasn't sure if there would be, it was... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Saturday tea; Wagamama Just remembered Clare saw Martin Rossiter while we were walking through Brighton. Remembered... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Second pub of Saturday? The Bath Arms We mooched round shops inbetween as we also went in The Bath Arms - they had a lot of barrels... [Tue 4 April 2017]

First pub of the weekend? The Office We walked back to the station with Mum and Dad and the boys and saw them onto their train then... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Saturday lunch: Harvester We had lunch in a Harvester , as it suited everyone's requirements and was close to where we... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Awesome Brighton weekender Fitted so much in to our weekend in Brighton, that was all geared around a Sean Lock show at... [Tue 4 April 2017]

We ate in Lin's Thai Cafe There is a tardis inside this cafe. It is unlicensed, did that stop us drinking? I had spring... [Mon 28 November 2016]

We went to Rosie's Vineyard Have enjoyed this with Clare in the past, can't remember it so clearly this time but we were... [Mon 28 November 2016]

Now it's starting to get hazier The group started to break up at this point... On leaving Little Johnny Russell's I was really... [Mon 28 November 2016]

The most interesting bar of the night was a shop Is it called South Coast Emporium or Head Case Curios or something like that. Not sure it's... [Mon 28 November 2016]

Prosecco in Little Johnny Russell's My google timeline doesn't even have this one but I know we went in here. Another quiet one... [Mon 28 November 2016]

Next stop, confused, was it The Kings? My google timeline says we went to the Kings first and then the Vaults but I think it was... [Mon 28 November 2016]

Stop four, pub two, drink? Anyway The Vaults Is it just The Vaults or even The Beer Vaults now? It always used to be The Wine Vaults but... [Mon 28 November 2016]

First stop proper - the Victoria and Albert This pub used to be a police station a while ago, I last remember it as the Fuzz and Firkin . It... [Mon 28 November 2016]

Headed to Gin and Olive - but no-one there Ro had reserved a table in Gin and Olive but when we walked past they were the only people in... [Mon 28 November 2016]

Started off our pub crawl not in a pub I go thte train from Waterloo down to Portsmouth and Southsea arriving about the same time as... [Sun 27 November 2016]

GREAT day out in Portsmouth A lot of travelling but worth it, so good to catch up with so many friends. Had a great day and... [Sun 27 November 2016]

Dinner in Koh Thai - average imo On our first evening in Bath we had dinner in Koh Thai Tapas . We had a couple of tapas dishes... [Wed 24 August 2016]

More beer in the Old Green Tree After the Pig and Fiddle I had more time to kill waiting for Clare to finish her shopping, and... [Wed 24 August 2016]

I enjoyed a pint in the garden of the Pig and Fiddle Nice enough sort of place, seemed a bit studenty but a nice place to sit and read and have a beer... [Wed 24 August 2016]

Green Rocket Cafe, so good we ate in it twice Nice, this was the first place we headed to, as we'd looked it up advance and were arriving about... [Wed 24 August 2016]

We won 瞿20 at the quiz at the Boater Nice to line up a pub quiz while we're on holiday, combine a couple of our favourite things,... [Wed 24 August 2016]

Had a fancy meal in Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen Loved this place. Very small, but fine vegetarian dining, mostly vegan , all vegan option... [Wed 24 August 2016]

BACK from BATH Holiday 2016 was a trip to Bath . This is really our traditional anniversary city break too,... [Sat 20 August 2016]

Third day at Edinburgh Fringe I went to a BBC radio recording of Break The News early morning this day, the first time we... [Tue 18 August 2015]

Zero star and one star for hygiene at local venues Clare is wishing she had not found this article about food hygiene standards locally... I had... [Fri 14 November 2014]

Birthday weekender: Soprano's Slightly in fear of eating in a chain restaurant, did not want to feel the wrath of Ro. He is... [Tue 29 July 2014]

An unexpected night out! Got an email slightly out of the blue from old buddy Nic to myself, Ralph , and Nick , saying... [Thu 24 April 2014]

Lin's Thai Cafe On our big weekend out , after leaving The Hole In The Wall we went to Lin's Thai Cafe in... [Mon 30 December 2013]

A good night with Number two son, then a slightly disturbed one again Thought we'd turned a corner when we had a really good night's sleep Wednesday night, only went... [Fri 10 May 2013]

It's time for the annual sacrifice of plants Lovely bank holiday weekend. Mum and Dad visiting, that always makes me think that my garden is... [Mon 6 May 2013]

Dinner at Thailand Tom's Kevin is here from America still, so we have been OUT on a Saturday night, this never happens... [Sun 16 September 2012]

Hack Day Hack Day at Holiday Extras , as part of a funky project idea I'm improving our code we use for... [Fri 27 April 2012]

Where did my holiday go (part three)? Day two in Brighton and we were ready for a cooked breakfast. This is one of the things I'd... [Fri 19 August 2011]

Went to Thailand Tom last Saturday We had a nice meal, with nice wine, and by all accounts a nice desert. It's good to have a Thai... [Wed 27 April 2011]

London double dinner Out for lunch and out with friends in London too... [Thu 17 March 2011]

Stewart Lee was ace London yesterday for my birthday treat [Sun 31 October 2010]

Our big holiday in Winchester An big long writeup at last, I may be back to insert video and pictures... [Mon 16 August 2010]

A new Thai restaurant where Earl Brownes was Anyone been? What's it like? I hear there is a new Thai restaurant where Earl Brownes in Hythe... [Mon 1 March 2010]

Bumping into friends in London KERRAZY, went to London last weekend and it was smashing, and we bumped into good chums Ralph and... [Wed 3 December 2008]

RE: Nice Thai food no longer have you even ate in the restaurant?!?! lol! Its gorgeous!! It also hasnt changed hands either,... [Tue 2 December 2008]

Nice Thai food no longer It is a shame but the Skuba Bar has changed hands, and there went the Thai Food. Currently... [Wed 6 August 2008]

Canterbury, yesterday Went to Canterbury yesterday, ate lunch, came home. That was about it really. Got some Thai... [Sun 8 June 2008]

Nepotism at the Guardian Expect this one to show up in Private Eye next week. The comments do seem to have been pretty... [Thu 14 February 2008]

Day of SPORT No, really a day of eating, in Canterbury [Sat 13 October 2007]

I'm the walking dude (and so's my wife) Splendid weekend, thanks for asking, starting off with what's becoming a regular routine; a quiet... [Mon 10 September 2007]

Squirrel plants super walnut tree A lovely gardening story , not that much squirrel content actually. Now onto the weekend... [Tue 2 May 2006]

Digging for pie On a quest for PIE, Clare is frightened of the amount of shrooms in this mushroom and ale... [Sun 4 July 2004]

Sophie Ellis Bextor In the Thai Canteen restaurant in Camden [Thu 22 November 2001]

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This is my personal blog, so if you are Looking for for pubbing or other venues you will only find thai pubs / places I was at or plan to go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you want a more general search Please do try thai on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and international venues...

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