Do old copies of NME and Melody Maker ever sell on ebay?

Round up of the best London pubs

My top ten artists of 2013

My top ten artists of 2013

Suede charity barfly gig

The final countdown

Wear your old band t-shirt to work day

Lol Tolhurst is back for this Cure show

Also on the topic of Phoenix 1995

Suede copyright infringement

Some Suede videos from the shows we went to

A Suede holiday

Yeah that's where we were hiding from the Rapture

Richard Herring is in Folkestone on Saturday

A day of proper work

Plant Fair at Dover White Cliffs

Cool Suede reissues

Badger and apple sauce

Just bought me 2 tickets for Suede at Brixton

I thought 10 O'Clock Live was great

Cage Against The Machine

Suede are back

Full audio of that Suede gig at the Royal Albert Hall

One off reunion for charity my arse

The Living Dead / Brett Anderson / Suede / Royal Albert Hall / Teenager Cancer Trust gig

I went out two nights in a row!

Might have a spare Suede ticket for tomorrow night

NME review of the Suede 100 Club gig

Just been offered an Editors ticket

Our Suede tickets are on the way

Tickets for the Suede warmup gigs at the 100 Club and Manchester Ritz

Still Suede tickets available

Suede at the Albert Hall tickets

Suede Albert Hall gig sold out in 20 minutes apparently

Suede tickets on sale now

Suede gig to be at the Royal Albert Hall

Suede reuiniting for one night only

Brett Anderson's let himself go

Brett Anderson - The Next Life - Live acoustic studio performance 2009

"Rumours are circulating that a Suede, sans Bernard, reunion and Albert Hall gig are about to be announced"

What bands would you like to see play Folkestone?

Glastonbury pictures

now all we need is the date...

now all we need is the date...

"Caught By The Fuzz" for the "Who were Supergrass, Grandad?" generation

Farewell then The Metronome

Farewell then The Metronome

Bernard Butler



Tears before bedtime

Looking forward to The Tears

Some in the studio snaps

Suede reunion

The Others

No no no no no no... ooh close!

Updated Folkestone gig history

Essential Suede




Suede were amazing

Mike Leigh

Day of flat viewing

Suede onstage at 7.30pm

Ricky Gervais

Ah, forget those Suede tickets

Suede tickets

How upsetting for Suede

Glastonbury 2003

Introducing the band

WEIRD gig Friday night


Obsessive Suede fans wanted

Positivity in the UK

Stuff I have learned about Suede

Stuff I have learned about Suede

Secret Suede Gig!

The rumours were true...

Anyone got Bowie tickets yet?

Suede Winners

ACE Suede competition!

Suede 'Lost In TV'

Suede Carboot Clearout

Suede Competition Winners...

Suede Competition Winners...

Brrr, new Shivaree single

Hero of the Year #10

Badly Drawn Boy RIP

Suede @ Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall

Suede @ Folkestone Metronome

Suede @ Folkestone Metronome