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Clare is on to my plan

Crazy weather yesterday

I just do not sleep on Tuesdays

Dentist went well

Happy Valentines day

Bus did not work out today at all

Walked to Tesco and back

Strange day today

New record step count for this year

Back at work

Going to miss my step count again today

Santa Special on Saturday was good

Portchester cider and sausage festival was awesome

Lazy Sunday

Wasted steps

Raining hard today

A lot of rain last night

Can I carry over some of yesterday's steps to today?

Gymnastics all signed up for another term...

Nice day in Canterbury

Thank you for the birthday money

Lovely meal at Dr Legumes

Delicious dinner in Zizzi

Hot day again today

The pebble dream is finally over

Nice Sunday too

Vegetable miso soup was good

Laptop dead

Our now traditional trip to the Seagull on Friday night

Saturday night pub: The Cob and Pen

Clare's polling station is cold

Bank holiday pub crawl 3 (or was it 2) Bathtub and Gunn

Cool moon yesterday

Nice out again today, but then the cold fog rolled in

Rare midweek night out

I never did come back with "London Weekend part three"

Soup maker is up the creek

Pub, uh, four of the weekend? The Hawley Arms

Coffee and dessert in Steep Street

Not home in time to catch gymnastics today

I recovered my missing steps yesterday

Another battery fail!

You know I mentioned that portable battery charger?

Roka is open again!

Did I know Veganuary was a thing?

Thick frost on the car this morning

Came 4th in the boxing day pub quiz

Hmm twitter auth is messing about

NCT christmas party yesterday

Fun weekend

When worlds collide

I beat a whole week of targets on the Pebble Misfit fitness tracker

Jon Richardson also great

Day has started very badly

Fitbit is syncing on the computer again

It is blowing an actual hooley out there

Beer festival weekend

Food diary (Wednesday)

Number one son's toboggan party went well yesterday

We went to Center Parcs!

Out of step

Dinner in Zizzi

There's been a caravan on Princes Parade for four days now

And 10k by lunchtime again of course

10k by lunchtime

Took number two son swimming today

Next-level marital trolling

Moody sky this lunchtime

Rubbish step count today

I reckon today will be my first day without hitting the 10,000 steps

Walked at lunch

Went back to my old new office this week

I can't believe my Nan has a better telly than me

Yesterday's London trip was good

Pub challenge

Hard Day's Night

Fitter, happier, more productive

Still ill (still)

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