That view looks better without me in it

Nice walk in the woods

Look out the Seabrook petrol station cashpoint now charges

Aaargh all of our teachers are leaving

Someone wants to put another storey on Olivia Court

Fountain is closed again

Spice Cottage / Raj Bari / Raj Villa is being cleared out

Still really really busy

House the same as ours down the road is sold

We're definitely seeing an increase in vanpackers round here

UFO on the beach this morning!

Neighbourly planning notice posted through the door

Hoping the weather is good for school summer barbecue tomorrow

Our house is right by Sandgate train station

Lovely on the beach today

Quite a moody sky the other evening

Action packed weekend

Neighbouring house like ours just sold for 290k

Are there burglars on the prowl locally?

New flats in Seabrook

Reinstating Folkestone East

The Fountain reopened today

And my view just got better

The Fountain is currently closed due to flooding!

We went to the beach this morning

You could see our house on Restoration Man this week

Little nursery

Went swimming today

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Fountain

Ice cream

Did I just spot the missing cat?

Missing black cat in Seabrook

Do you want to be our neighbour?

Went to The Fountain for Jim's birthday

Up to another 20cm of snow forecast overnight

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Semi fiascous weekend

Our flat smells delicious

Do you wanna live in Sandgate, Sandgate, Sandgate..?

House latest

Good to know