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Also went back to the Inn Doors for the first time in ages Was this Saturday too? Hadn't been in here for ages but it was if I had never left, fell back... [Mon 20 February 2017]

I did fit in two more pubs last weekend Popped in to the Potting Shed on Friday after work. It's been a while and I didn't really slot... [Mon 20 February 2017]

Went to Dover on Saturday Dover is pretty bleak really isn't it? I don't often stop there but whenever occasionally driving... [Mon 20 February 2017]

Wow I've been busy No time to post anything all week. Had a lovely day in Tenterden on Sunday, swimming , Prezzo... [Mon 20 February 2017]

This is a great read The death and life of a great british pub . I've been in the pub in question plenty of times. It... [Thu 5 November 2015]

Had a day out in Broadstairs Planned to go swimming and have lunch in Tenterden , but found out the big flume was closed.... [Sun 12 April 2015]

60p a pint off beer (possibly) Dear Campaigner, Fantastic news! This week the Government announced tough action to reform... [Thu 5 June 2014]

I need to do some more work on this website Not sure the Soundgarden gig attached to this message should be rated 10/10 - the script that... [Fri 7 March 2014]

Round up of the best London pubs Saving this one for later , 's ten best craft beer pubs in London. So not all... [Thu 30 January 2014]

Vasa is shut again (are there any pubs still open?) Only just spotted that Bar Vasa is shut again, and up for sale freehold. Also while driving... [Sun 14 April 2013]

Welcome to Folkestone Gerald Welcome to Folkestone Gerald , a guide to Folkestone , Kent, UK. Here you can book tickets... [Sat 17 November 2012]

Your Folkestone This is a site all about Folkestone , Folkestone pubs , restaurants, eating drinking and... [Wed 5 September 2012]

We went to some new pubs #3 The Black Robin Final stop on our trying some new pubs adventure, the even further afield Black Robin . Their... [Mon 6 August 2012]

We went to some new pubs #2 The Duke of Cumberland Next stop on our trying some new pubs night out, The Duke Of Cumberland in Barham . Again a... [Mon 6 August 2012]

We went to some new pubs #1 The Black Horse Had a rare night out on Saturday, babysitter in, pregnant wife able to drive us anywhere so we... [Mon 6 August 2012]

Where can I watch the rugby in Hythe this weekend? You would think The Folkestone Gerald would know what's the best pub with a TV in Hythe , but,... [Wed 14 March 2012]

Portsmouth pubs Studying best alehouses in Portsmouth as I'm off there tomorrow. Seems The Leopold Tavern is... [Fri 16 September 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Five Bells Not part of our Saturday night crawl, but lunch this time, at the Five Bells in Braborne Lees.... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Fountain We're nearly home now, The Fountain is the closest pub to home. It's a big pub, too big for the... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Bell Didn't expect much from The Bell but it was at a fairly convenient stop on the walk home. It was... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The White Hart Next we headed to The White Hart on the high street, nice, nicest of the four pubs we went to on... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Hope As Mum and Dad were here all weekend, and knackered from a full day of Harry on the Saturday,... [Mon 1 August 2011]

The rest of our Folkestone Saturday (evening) After my best vegeburger in town and Clare's fajitas, and a couple of drinks in Chambers , we... [Sun 26 June 2011]

Lovely long weekend Family, friends, pubs, cinema, all good [Sun 16 May 2010]

Find Good Beer Guide Pubs on your iPhone / iPod Touch 8.99 "in game" payment, bit much I think... [Thu 24 December 2009]

RE: pubs and clubs in kent british lion is full of nazis [Sat 5 September 2009]

RE: pubs and clubs in kent The Leas Club is meant to be closing at some point, it's to be redeveloped as flats and maybe a... [Fri 7 August 2009]

pubs and clubs in kent Dear someone, I think the Leas Club and Weatherspoons are similar to the old fashioned proper... [Fri 7 August 2009]

Michael Howard was in The Guildhall last night For "proud of pubs" week. [Sat 11 July 2009]

The same owners might not open it again but keep up hope, once we get out of this recession people might start going out again! I'll put... [Thu 8 January 2009]

in your opinion of course, anonymous contributor Folkestone Gerald has no view one way or the other regarding this social club... [Thu 8 January 2009]

got lots of non folkestone venues on here Got lots of venues in Kent, mostly venues people who might go to Folkestone might also go to,... [Thu 8 January 2009]

RE: Elphinstone Sport & Social Club in Hastings... that's about 37 miles from Folkestone by my... [Thu 8 January 2009]

This is probably the worst social club i have ever been in and ive been in hundreds over the years.its filthy inside and out the staff are very ver... This is probably the worst social club i have ever been in and ive been in hundreds over the... [Wed 7 January 2009]

RE: The White Hart is now closed apparently :-( yeah it wont open again [Wed 7 January 2009]

what a shame Hope someone takes it over when the economy picks up. It's a nice pub for the summer. Good luck... [Wed 7 January 2009]

RE: The White Hart is now closed apparently :-( Nope i worked there, the owners went bankrupt in September and the pub is still shut now! [Wed 7 January 2009]

The White Hart is now closed apparently :-( I thought this one might survive with its outside bar and all, what a shame. [Wed 17 December 2008]

Fullsome weekender Well I say full, full of pubs really. Friday night we stayed in, so as to have more energy for... [Mon 12 November 2007]

Fareham to become a dry town Police hope a blanket ban on alcohol throughout Fareham from June 1 will also cut anti-social... [Sat 12 May 2007]

Wagamama today Going to spend a fairly lazy day around the pubs of Canterbury , starting with a lunch at... [Sat 12 May 2007]

ee, luxury! I chucked it out in the end, just to be on the safe side... [Tue 8 May 2007]

RE: Top weekend What's the worst that could happen to a vegetable casserole? I can hear my father's voice in the... [Tue 8 May 2007]

Top weekend Great weekend visiting, eating, and drinking, very nice indeed, cheers. Not such a bad journey... [Tue 8 May 2007]

There's a nice run of pubs right by Whitehall I'll look up the names of them, there's four in a row that we went in one day, when we were... [Sun 5 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights My flat has subsidence which scares the hell out of me - although the survey said it was ok for... [Sun 5 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights Cheers, good to know for the future. Good luck to you too for Monday! [Sat 4 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights We've a basement (we call it a 'wine cellar.') When we moved in over the summer, there was a... [Fri 3 November 2006]

Damp and other delights This spell of cold weather has made the whole house SWEAT! I've hd to put our central heating on... [Fri 3 November 2006]

Folkestone Pubs Ah never mind other sites, check out my very own list of Folkstone pubs , or search by criteria... [Mon 27 June 2005]

How to Brew Beer in a Coffee Pot Hmm, "Make sure everything you are using is as close to sanitary as possible. Use a dishwasher if... [Thu 12 May 2005]

Kent Gigs Got lots more local gigs on the homepage and more details of local venues now, thanks to... [Sat 11 December 2004]

Folkestone Pubs Beer in the Evening have made some changes to their site, you can search for a pub by all sorts... [Fri 19 November 2004]

Whopper of a weekend Well that was a mighty BEAST of a weekend, took a couple of extra days to go round Kent checking... [Wed 14 July 2004]

but of course it's on Casino Avenue ;-)

One of the derelict blocks of flats featured there is about 30 seconds from my front door.
but of course it's on Casino Avenue ;-) One of the derelict blocks of flats featured there is... [Sun 11 July 2004]

Derelict London pubs Just what it says, London, that is derelict ... I found this page of derelict pubs when... [Fri 9 July 2004]

Mr Gig Found while searching for details of The Happy Frenchman , it lists venues,... [Mon 3 November 2003]

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This is my personal , so if you search here for pubs or other venues you will only find pubs pubs / venues I was at or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you want a more broader search Please try pubbing on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and international places...

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