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Portsmouth evening news and "portsmouth evening news" related things, including venues, pubbing, gigs and blog posts about portsmouth evening news.If you have anything to offer regarding portsmouth evening news that Is not mentioned here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have something to offer regarding my tree, local pubbing or other places, home automation portsmouth evening news experiments, homebrew, beer, or appley goodness. Cheers.

Harry Leonard Clarke, the hero of the Cosham Burglary I signed up for the British Newspaper Archive and got three free articles, so the first one I... [Fri 12 June 2015]

Old photos of the Wymering Arms ... [Wed 23 February 2011]

Portsmouth to scrp speed cameras Interesting , from Portsmouth evening news . A cost saving, because of government cuts, a... [Sat 1 January 2011]

Crisp packets still left on the tables, like a pikey Marie Celeste Portsmouth Evening News catches up on the news that the Linden Lea has closed again [Mon 11 October 2010]

Castle In The Air gets a CANING in the Evening News Identikit pub grub indeed. This is perhaps of more interest to those in Fareham / Gosport... [Fri 25 June 2010]

Holiday reading While I was away I read Matthew's Prize: Being the Tale of a Whitby Orphan Boy's Longing to... [Wed 11 June 2003]

Paul Clarke's blog - I work and live in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to Harry and Tommy, I am a web dev, and I do mostly javascript, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you are Searching for for pubs or other venues it will only return portsmouth evening news pubs / venues I attended or plan to go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you want a more general search Please do try portsmouth evening news on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and even international places...

As it turns out there are no pubbing / places concerning portsmouth evening news anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Have I missed something? Please let me know!

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