Got a dodgy text supposedly from Sainsburys

London weekender day two

Next I chose Pain Quotidien

Great day at the Olympic Park yesterday


Jolly to Sofia part two

Think we might actually complete the Sainsbury / Lego card collection

Happy Birthday to ya

Lego Ninjago movie on the way

Lego store is ace

Great weekend in London: day two

First attempt at a lego mosaic

Can't quite believe it is December now

Lego 37

Phew, no more free lego for my boys

Frank Lampard your books are not very good

Amazing Lego Robot Wars

The boys loved Hamleys

Number one son's birthday tomorrow

Fancy a trip to Birchington?

Taking lego too far

Planned to go out this bank holiday monday

Number one son's new lego arrived

Bunk beds are nearly done

The start of lego trains

Cool lego trains

Good clear cctv footage of someone wanted for stealing Lego

Swimtastic weekend

Lego and chocolate, together at last

Lego space shuttle

Hot Hot Hot

Fareham station in Lego

We went to Chatham Dockyard

I did not win this

I did not win this

Boot fair on Hythe green on Sunday (6th April)

Someone is selling the lego kit we are building

Amazing walking lego ship

Watching lego

This is clever

Doing Lego with number one son

Folkestone Lego challenge (Folkestonian)

Folkestone Lego challenge (Folkestonian)

The Lego Movie

Lego movie teaser trailer

Shoulda gone into Fareham during our Hampshire House Swap week

Shoulda gone into Fareham during our Hampshire House Swap week

Lego Landrover Defender

Teenage Mutant Ninja Lego Turtles!

Lego Portchester Castle

Lovely weekend

Lazy day

The pool table is gone!

Great Scott!



It's Lego not Meccano

Hot boot fair action

Hot links of the day

Blur in Lego Rock Band

A Mindblowing Stop-Motion Lego Homage to Games

Should everything be a black box though? And WHY can't you fix my IPAQ?

Ever feel lacking in skills?

Lego VW Beetle