Js and "js" related stuff, including venues, pubs, gigs and posts about js.If you have anything to contribute regarding js that I have not covered here, Please contribute. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding my family tree, local pubs or other places, home automation js experiments, home brew, ale, or cider. Thank you.

31-32 Maiden Lane, London, , WC2E 7JS

The Glassworks, Mill Bay (off Tontine Street), Folkestone, Kent CT20 1JS 01303 245799

7-9 Longmarket, Canterbury,, , , CT1 2JS

Productive day No, not at all a productive day! Clare has gone out to London , the boys are playing on their... [Sat 27 January 2018]

Quizmonkey now with added Vue.js I moved my quizmonkey code over from React to Vue.js just to try out Vue.js and see how it... [Mon 25 September 2017]

I have simplified the star ratings My quickest todo ever. Here's an example of them, if I attach an event to a message they should... [Wed 26 April 2017]

update star ratings here to use fewer html elements I'm running out of thing to improve on this site (apart from the content and how it looks, of... [Tue 25 April 2017]

Got some better control of music on our kitchen stereo At least Clare can now control the music using her phone. Have installed mpdjs and it's ok,... [Mon 13 March 2017]

Sold one of my LightwaveRF Heat Control Magnetic Window Switch JSJSLW902 So I got my money back , only one bidder at the minimum price though. I'm always a bit suspect... [Sun 29 January 2017]

Selling those LightwaveRF Heat Control Magnetic Window Switch JSJSLW902 No bids so far , not expecting them to shift... Think I have messed up a bit I meant for the... [Sat 28 January 2017]

Rewriting my GEDCOM processor in javascript Found this it might help with what I'm doing, but I might write my own from scratch just for... [Wed 14 September 2016]

Sped up the site with javascript event delegation Just rewrote some code that I've been running on here for about ten years, sweet titles ,... [Fri 26 August 2016]

I just used chai-as-promised for the first time For testing promises (a coding style). I prefer callbacks for my async code, I am old school, but... [Fri 1 April 2016]

I could have predicted who I'd get in the Strictly sweepstake Jeremy Vine well thanks a bunch. Yeah I've been quiet recently been very very busy. My React... [Fri 25 September 2015]

Home automation on the raspberry pi in nodejs Saving this one for later heimcontrol.js was created to gain experience in Node.js, MongoDB,... [Fri 21 August 2015]

Playing a DVD in the browser One to watch later, from jsconf this year, this guy has written a dvd player in javascript so it... [Tue 16 December 2014]

Post loading javascript Experimenting with loading javascript after the page has loaded for speed ( as mentioned the... [Wed 17 September 2014]

Js2coffee helps you migrate projects to CoffeeScript Haha the joke is on you I'm using js2coffee.org to translate coffeescript back into... [Fri 15 August 2014]

We're hiring another web developer See the details here , we've made a new position for a developer specifically to work on our... [Fri 8 August 2014]

I put my old Date Monkey quiz back online again Just remembered my heroku.com account, as I got an email about a credit card expiring. Not my... [Wed 14 May 2014]

why lightwaverf.com changed domain name Node Zero Participant Apparently it was causing too much confusion with a 3rd party retailer... [Sun 6 April 2014]

Lightwaverf energy monitor Solved the issue with my lightwaverf energy monitor tonight - well sort of. It's them, not... [Sat 5 April 2014]

HXTracer again You remember the project they did not want to call Tracey , it's had a bit of a push on Hacker... [Fri 28 February 2014]

Spending the day writing Selenium tests in nodejs See webdriver helper and so on. It's a bit painful, but necessary nodejs node javascript... [Fri 17 January 2014]

json for arduino To checkout out later, a json parsing library for arduino ... [Mon 13 January 2014]

Amazing 1k javascript game Here - that is the (Mario like) game at the top of the screen, and that is the entire source... [Fri 10 January 2014]

Weekend Weekend was good, despite the weather. We went to Canterbury , I exchanged some christmas... [Tue 7 January 2014]

Good questions to ask when interviewing Some good questions here , in case you are thinking of interviewing and struggle with the "do... [Tue 31 December 2013]

Intro to nodejs Get node from nodejs.org that also has a sample programme on the homepage, a few lines that you... [Thu 12 December 2013]

Can you javascript under pressure? This tested our brains at work today. Here is my solution to the last one: function... [Fri 4 October 2013]

Geekmazing Someone at work just shared this . You have to view the source of the page to see just how... [Mon 16 September 2013]

nodejs + express + domains Why can't I find a good example of nodejs using express and domains ? I am banging my head... [Tue 3 September 2013]

Converted my node test skeleton generator to mocha See the repo and checkout the branch called mocha . I think I will make this the master soon.... [Fri 23 August 2013]

Writing objective c with node Save this one for later , for writing native osx desktop stuff using nodejs , nice. [Tue 6 August 2013]

Pajama.js Friend at work made an awesome Javascript framework , removing the need for any html in your... [Thu 25 July 2013]

Vows skeleton test generator update Updated my Vows skeleton test generator for node.js so it now parses the original file... [Mon 22 July 2013]

Vows skeleton test generator I'm using vows at work to test our nodejs and I keep finding myself writing the same... [Wed 17 July 2013]

Aargh broke my SD card! I seem to spend most evenings rebuilding my raspberry pi memory card, getting "disk" errors and... [Thu 21 February 2013]

My Raspberry Pi crashes constantly I think there must be an issue with the SD card , I'm constantly having problems with it. Going... [Wed 13 February 2013]

New open source quadcopter drone Article here in Wired , via Hacker News . All open source, and $149 so cheaper than others on... [Tue 5 February 2013]

You can update the ruby gem at any time, you won't have to pair again or anything. You can update the ruby gem at any time, you won't have to pair again or anything. [Tue 1 January 2013]

Lightwaverf Has the gem been updated. Should I do a gem install lightwaverf again. Do I have do anything... [Tue 1 January 2013]

Solved it, I had some code that was ruby 1.9 only, fixed and pushed and everyone is happy... can you still not... Solved it, I had some code that was ruby 1.9 only, fixed and pushed and everyone is happy...... [Tue 1 January 2013]

Nice to have a guinea pig It could be I've not published the ruby gem right, I'll test some things and get back to you.... [Sun 30 December 2012]

Lots more automating today I'm certainly interested, but struggling. Hoping you can help point me in the right direction. [Sat 29 December 2012]

Lots more automating today Made some good robot butler progress, my lightwaverf api now handles dimming, querying the... [Sat 29 December 2012]

Saving this one for 'Ron Make desktop apps in node . Last day before a week off, nice! Clare said on Thursday "I'm... [Fri 10 August 2012]

I finally sorted character encoding Character encoding sucks. So often when doing anything with forms on web pages and storing the... [Wed 27 June 2012]

Code stuff I like this week Going to give Angular JS a go, new from google. Just write html5 and have it synced with your... [Mon 25 June 2012]

Further robot house progress I have rewritten the web server on my arduino ethernet shield, to actually support different... [Wed 23 May 2012]

mocha and should are fouling everything up suddenly var mocha = require('mocha'); var should = require('should'); describe( 'mocha', function( ) {... [Tue 22 May 2012]

Arduino + nodejs (again) Some good stuff via javascriptweekly.com . [Fri 18 May 2012]

doh my blog does not like json code as a subject line then (ROBOT BUTLER!) { a: { 0: 472, 1: 404, 2: 387, 3: 357, 4: 361, 5: 356 }, d: {... [Wed 2 May 2012]

I am the hot news of the day on The Hungry Geek My post on hungrygeek.holidayextras.co.uk about pagespeed for nodejs is the hot topic of... [Mon 23 April 2012]

Express 3.0.0alpha1 is out An alpha of version 3 of express (a node.js thing) is out today - look out this will mess you... [Mon 16 April 2012]

First draft of node pagespeed module, for HX Hackday Sweet . [Fri 13 April 2012]

nodejs express layout issue (how should I turn the layout off?) Just had a funny on my new project where if I turn the layout off like this for a particular... [Wed 11 April 2012]

A couple of nodejs links to save for later nodetime.com - free node app profiling, and Mojito from Yahoo, some sort of node on rails ... [Wed 4 April 2012]

Middleware dependency in nodejs + express asynchronous javascript, but not ajax, get ready to tune out now... [Fri 30 March 2012]

Done my lunchtime walk Only 1.5k today - 1.5km that is, as opposed to the 1k of code that this speech synthesizer is... [Tue 20 March 2012]

Robot house update Here's my source code , it's a bit messy. Using sockets for turning the lights on and off, so... [Mon 20 February 2012]

arduino + nodejs Got back on track with the arduino yesterday. Using this library I found on github.com I... [Mon 20 February 2012]

nodester "Process died with exit code 127" My nodejs app datemonkey is dead :-( Here are my logs, can't find anything relevant online.... [Sat 18 February 2012]

Giving up on the Arduino Possibly... I feel utterly defeated by this eight year old: So I'm going to get the boy to... [Sat 18 February 2012]

Aargh missed it Missed this Laura Ashley cabinet , it looks really nice and would have been a GREAT pay day... [Tue 31 January 2012]

Fast weekend Nice weekend, went very fast though. I had my lie in Saturday, though got up at nine to watch the... [Tue 18 October 2011]

In London for a conference I do not recommend the Premier Inn Stratford ... [Thu 6 October 2011]

Using nodejs and a smart phone to control a browser game I like this . [Mon 12 September 2011]

Heatwave is back Very hot and sunny here at work today. Had lunch outside, and we also sat out on the balcony for... [Mon 27 June 2011]

install perry FTW! query string is this... [Thu 23 June 2011]

Third day at school The boy had his third settling in session at nursery today, Clare left him there for nearly two... [Wed 22 June 2011]

Boring tech stuff Have spent most of my day in Jira , project management ticketing type system, spending as much... [Thu 16 June 2011]

Free curry and booze! Work night out in Hythe, nice one! [Wed 9 March 2011]

Nice Pacman logo / game on google today! http://www.google.co.uk via Matthieu [Fri 21 May 2010]

It's a work thing! pbworks is an online collaboration site, a wiki really. I could go a lot more techie here, but... [Sun 7 March 2010]

RE: Anyone written a pbworks plugin? Pauly - there are simply no words that could do justice to that post. You are a shoe-in for the... [Fri 5 March 2010]

Anyone written a pbworks plugin? Can I write plugins or do I just past in some js? [Thu 4 March 2010]

Join my team! I'm looking for a developer, based near Folkestone [Wed 15 July 2009]

Folkestone Library / Amazon plugin Automaticlaly see if you can get a book for free while browsing Amazon [Mon 25 May 2009]

Go on share your opinions So long as you make it clear you're expressing an opinion and not claiming to be passing on a... [Fri 10 April 2009]

RE: I think it's fair to say Mr Tomlinson DID have contact with police before he died! Hmm, I've got lots of conflicting views about this dude. All of which are far too controversial... [Fri 10 April 2009]

I think it's fair to say Mr Tomlinson DID have contact with police before he died! http://bit.ly/tJs7U Guardian G20 video footage [Tue 7 April 2009]

RE: These are three to six months Baby's are not allowed to go outside till they are a least 16 years old, it's the law!!! Pops [Sat 4 April 2009]

These are three to six months We have a bundle of babygrows and that, these are for when he's ready to go outside. [Fri 3 April 2009]

RE: Stuff I like today do realise how small new born babys are! [Thu 2 April 2009]

Stuff I like today Mostly http://twitter.com/PiMPY3WASH cheers @jodiedoubleday, see the http://clarkeology.com/blog... [Mon 30 March 2009]

twfeed.js - twitter feed javascript badge / widget you can use for free a badge / widget type thing for #twitter, what I wrote [Sun 1 March 2009]

everything is json these days I can remember the day I first heard of it and didn't see the benefit of it at all but now I use... [Thu 12 June 2008]

RE: PHP 4 to 5 migration PHP4 to 5 isn't so painful, and you get some nice new toys as part of the deal. Currently loving... [Wed 11 June 2008]

PHP 4 to 5 migration Bit of an all encompassing thing this, I use PHP for work and for home, I've pretty much... [Sat 31 May 2008]

THE Brian Wilson? Sounds like it was a pretty exciting night, did everyone know at the time what a treat it was? [Sat 1 March 2008]

RE: Jimi Hendrix 1966 Yes Dave Everything you say is true, I was there that night with Roy Pratt (another Drummer) I... [Sat 1 March 2008]

Yeah, want to go halves? This is the only house we went to see inside: thought it might be a bit rude to take pictures... [Tue 15 January 2008]

RE: Google Maps hacks Can't see any houses!are you going to buy a pub now [Tue 15 January 2008]

Google Maps hacks I'm sure you've checked out Saturday's walk around Canterbury by now, I've merged in the photos... [Mon 14 January 2008]

oy oy, it is interesting! [Tue 27 November 2007]

RE: New JSON feed of my blog Dude, you should get out more. [Mon 26 November 2007]

Captain Jack I got a ticketmaster email today to tell me John Barrowman is playing Portsmouth Guildhall ...... [Fri 23 November 2007]

New JSON feed of my blog Some javascript messing about [Thu 22 November 2007]

No idea I was at that gig, that was 2001, long time ago! Whatever happened to any of those bands? I only... [Wed 21 February 2007]

RE: In The City Unsigned Bendy Toy was fucking amazing. What happened to him? [Wed 21 February 2007]

Fleetwood Mac & Tofts? I found a good Fleetwood Mac site with Leas Cliff Hall listed in 1968 , but nothing in 1967... [Fri 24 March 2006]

Heard any rumours about Jimi Hendrix playing anywhere else in the area? The wife says there was a rumour that he'd done a gig at The Black Horse in Densole ... [Thu 23 March 2006]

Wheels of confusion... black-sabbath.com and ozzyhead.com both say the gig was at Tofts, but they could both be... [Tue 21 March 2006]

It's great to have this confirmed by someone who knows! I'll update the site with this info... do you have any more specific dates? [Mon 20 March 2006]

Fantastic news, cheers! I got my info from this Cream gigography , they say it was Tofts. I've found the wrong about... [Mon 20 March 2006]

Hillside Social Club Tofts and The Hillside Social were Completly different clubs. The Hillside Social was on another... [Sun 19 March 2006]

Jimi Hendrix 1966 I saw Jimi Hendrix in 1966 and What a night it was. I was a 14 year old aspiring drummer and... [Sun 19 March 2006]

Cream 1967 Cream never played Tofts they indeed played Micks Flamenco club situated in Tontine Street. The... [Sun 19 March 2006]

Uncle Bob's Christmas Wedding Reception, 10th Birthday Party, Centenary & Farewell! Featuring CELEBRITY GUEST DJ SARAH CAWOOD, very special live guests SCHWAB, the return of DJ... [Fri 14 November 2003]

Favelets AKA bookmarklets . Saw these mentioned on pidster.com yesterday, and then blow me, saw one in... [Tue 20 May 2003]

In The City Unsigned Five bands, plus DJs, get to the Barfly on Tuesday night... [Mon 8 October 2001]

Noodles IN safeways [Thu 15 February 2001]

M@ the H@ @ The W@er R@s Matt The Hat DJs at Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception Saturday night... [Fri 4 August 2000]

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