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Tried a new pub

Sunny day in Tenterden

Clare is on to my plan

It really is drive your VW to work day

Hot birthday weekend

PTA Quiz

Had a nice evening in the Inn Doors on Friday

Fountain is closed again

I was supposed to be at Chambers for dinner tonight

Fitted in a trip to the Inn Doors

I have studied this carefully:

Quite a full day

Thursday night beer festival

Think I solved my pi-hole issue

Plumber has been again

Icy cold out but no more snow

Wet February has started well

The last working day of the month

Day 29 of not drinking

Day 22 of dry January

Dry January

Man flu day three

Friday has come round again very quickly

Quiet week

Birthday weekend!

Also Pizza

Fabulous weekend

Got caught in a downpour at lunch


Can I carry over some of yesterday's steps to today?

Gymnastics all signed up for another term...

Super weekend

Jolly to Sofia part two

Busy, and tense

Awesome fathers day

Star studded Sandgate

Star studded Sandgate

Lovely meal at Dr Legumes

Nice Sunday too

SURPRISINGLY fidget spinners are now banned in school!

Clare's polling station is cold

Awesome tidy gardens

Actually got that work project live in the end

Saturday we went back to Comemos again

Miserable day out there today

Walked to gymnastics today

Roka is open again!

Yeah the clocks go back, but

So lots of weekend activity

Friday night pub fun

I got hailed into the pub

Splendid afternoon on Folkestone Harbour Arm

Inn Doors

Paul Clarke


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