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Think I solved my pi-hole issue

I now have one Alexa voice controlled light

Amazon Echo Plus

IKEA do smart lights

Status candle

"New" event modifiers in my lightwaverf google calendar home automation

Google broke my home automation

Got infrared lights in the house now

Potential new automated blinds option

Looks interesting, an open "nest" style controller

A technological step backwards - or is it?

Aha resolved the tzinfo thing

Damn you tzinfo

Getting an aquarium heater for my home brew

When I don't know what I want for my birthday

I have quite likely bricked my phone

Google calendar parsing looks slower in python

New repo for my python lightwaverf robot butler

Home brew is still good

Ruby and Rugby

Raspberry pi touch official screen display only $60

Hacked Amazon dash buttons

Home automation on the raspberry pi in nodejs

Will Lockitron work with my door?

Laundrino (DIY smart connected washing machine)

Ambient light connected to the TV (accidentally)

Lightwaverf + google calendar powered christmas lights

Lightwaverf have finally broken things for me too

Waiting for a call back on our heating

Got the tests passing in the new version of my robot butler

Very handy thread on the alternatives to LightWaveRF

Someone's using my lightwaverf robot butler code

Wowser is anyone still using X10

New "Thread" protocol for wireless home automation

I just voice controlled the lounge lights

Works With Nest

Emberlight smart lighting

Raspberry Pi compute module

Nest thermostat is available in the UK today

In this article, you are going to build a weather measurement station that will automatically send data to my butt

If you buy stuff from Vesternet I get money off!

Night of the arduino

Joy of Tech's take on Google buying Nest

Good public speaking advice

Home automation just got mainstream

Step away from the computer now

I told Clare I needed some time for wrapping...

Bitponics looks expensive

This is amazing

I never did mention my DIY automated blinds here

DIY cybernetics

Competition for the Arduino Yun

All new lightwaverf products on the way (including heating)

New home automation project on github

Google spreadsheet logging of home automation

Home automation with XBMC (again)

Got my new components today

Just ordered some components

IKEA hack idea

Lightwaverf socket dimmer kit down in price at Screwfix

Wireless relay control with arduino

Lightwaverf magnetic switches

Successful holiday!

New robot butler github page

Robot butler automated garden watering video

Randomised timers in the lightwaverf home automation gem

Home automation phone app is 100% done!

Did more work on the phone app

That storm came then

Good weekend (hot weekend)

Ruby / Sinatra app only available to localhost

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem (0.5)

My lightwaverf / ifttt garden sprinkler idea kicked in today!

Raspberry pi control of lightwaverf (with no extra hardware)..?

Asterisk door opening

Lots of interesting new stuff

Someone's written a siri proxy plugin using my code


Something made our bedroom TV come on at 3am this morning

lightwaverf ruby gem home automation calendar now improved

I fixed my raspberry pi again

Doh, my home automation timer just failed

Google calendar central heating timer

Home automation system for the BBC Micro anyone?

How did I fail to blog this already?

Command line home automation in ruby

Remote controlled sockets for a fiver from Maplin

Good weekend, with some sleep!

Is this day seven?

Bought more lightwaverf today

Remote sockets in the UK

Most automated dorm room

Just saved myself a bundle of money

Now here's a nice table

Robot house update

Home of the future

Home automation is maybe back on track


powerline / mains ethernet / homeplug thing not working

Should I buy these?

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