Posts for holiday

Ed Sheerin has done a good thing

Shopping disaster averted

Cinema today

It kind of is pay day today

I clicked the button to cash in my share save plan

Got into my online share save thing at last

Hmm just realised last night I slept well

Got a share save statement

A letter from HMRC, about a mistake in my tax

Super weekend

Nice day bumbling around town

Nice day for a bike ride

Shopped in Knight and Lea

Diet starts today!

Pay day tomorrow

Fourth biggest pay out of all time

Cheap holidays next year!

And we're off to Center Parcs

Not Blue Monday but PRODUCTIVE Monday

Another speed up

Some old holiday pictures

Action packed weekend part 1

Google plus seems to have made me an animated gif

Successful holiday!

Centerparcs roundup (part one)

Children say the funniest things

Saving this one for 'Ron

Turkey 2012 - we stayed at Hotel Turquoise

Turkey 2012 - we flew with Thomas Cook

Turkey 2012

Day off

What's your biggest holiday fear?

So, holiday review or exciting news first?

Up above the streets and houses

Romanzo Criminale

Lovely bank holiday weekend

Where did my holiday go (part two)?

Where did my holiday go?

Wow nothing on the blog for a week now

Another cracking day today

Our big holiday in Winchester

Our trip to Dublin (part two)

BACK, then, from Dublin

Nice weekend, if a bit chilly

I'm in work today

Post christmas / pre work blues

Our Keswick holiday video

Trying to upload my holiday video

Lake District 2009

BACK from the Lake District

Another successful sleep through the night

Can't believe I'm back in work tomorrow

Holiday has been going fast

RE: How do I geocode my photos automatically for free? - 12396

Anywhere I roam (part 1.5)

Rome if you want to

Molto buono ma um po troppo caro

Damn all the symbols are in different places on this keyboard!

Remember: Eurotunnel is not as good as you think it is going to be

Have a look at Amsterdam

Refunds on BA and Virgin flights to the USA

All holiday photos now here

We saw this

And we're half way through the week already!

If a picture paints a thousand words...

Fabulous weekend in Brussels

York (being the fourth part of my holiday)

Most comments on a youtube video EVER!

A view over the pool

Reporting from the Lake District (being the fourth part of my two week holiday write up)

Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up)

Scrap the licence fee

Edinburgh (being the second part of our holiday)

The wedding (being the first part of my two week holiday write up)

Hello old friend


Holiday reading

Thieving bastards

Bahia De Alcudia


Viva Las Vegas

PopEx Coo!

Paul Clarke


Family tree


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