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Badger and apple sauce Saw a badger, and Harry is talking A LOT now. [Thu 27 January 2011]

Wait a moment... I have to DRIVE somewhere later, that's not right! [Fri 16 April 2010]

High Speed rail link is live today So all timetables have changed, look out! [Mon 14 December 2009]

"Experience Folkestone's nightlife", as travellers are being urged, may be questionable as a big draw card CHEEK from the Independent... [Sat 5 December 2009]

Parkway to be built at Westenhanger It says here , sounds good for Westenhanger doesn't it? [Sun 8 November 2009]

My first go on the high speed rail link tomorrow? Looks like I have no choice actually. [Wed 30 September 2009]

Folkestone to London High Speed Rail Link trial has started Anyone tried it yet? [Tue 8 September 2009]

Folkestone gets the high speed rail service next month 7th September says the BBC! [Thu 13 August 2009]

Can only find first class high speed rail travel from Folkestone to London so far Expensive! [Fri 3 July 2009]

RT @renyard mpressed with the new high speed train. Taken 45 mins off my commute! So it's all up and running now? Folkestone next! [Thu 2 July 2009]

Someone just tried to add this "dover to st pancras" Guessing folkestonegerald is difficult to use... [Wed 10 June 2009]

High speed rail link timetables out Draft timetable anyway see... [Fri 8 May 2009]

New High Speed Rail (draft) timetable released today Thanks @robsilsbury for the tip, still says under an hour from Folkestone to London! [Fri 8 May 2009]

High Speed Rail Link services from Chartham to London There will be... none. Chartham is not far from Canterbury , and the existing peak services... [Sun 11 January 2009]

Knock on effects of the high speed rail link 853blog talks about knock on effects of the high speed rail link, how when our trains start... [Sun 11 January 2009]

Bullet train does London to Ashford in 32 minutes rail news has the details , that's nice, but when you think about it that's not really all that... [Wed 11 June 2008]

Folkestone Central and Folkestone West to get high speed trains (but not Sandling) This info from this week's KM Extra free sheet , but has been made public by Southeastern... [Fri 14 March 2008]

If the high speed rail link is even finished by then, that sounds about right [Sat 1 March 2008]

RE: For a bit, for Canterbury Ah, 2030ish then, lol! ;) [Sat 1 March 2008]

For a bit, for Canterbury Will come back again when Folkestone is all regenerated I think. Who are you? [Sat 1 March 2008]

RE: Quiet few days House hunting? Are you leaving our beloved Folkstone Pauly? [Sat 1 March 2008]

A response, hurrah! [Fri 29 February 2008]

RE: Quiet few days Great sandwich!:) [Fri 29 February 2008]

Quiet few days Had a lovely weekend, disastrous in terms of house hunting, but great in every other ways. We... [Mon 25 February 2008]

That must be it but WEIRD that the estate agent didn't know anything about it... [Wed 23 January 2008]

RE: Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury The secret room most likely doesn't comply with building regulations, so cannot be advertised as... [Wed 23 January 2008]

That one's a bit small so we've not been to see it We did go see a three bed place right across the road from there that was nice, but also a bit... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: West is best right now too well i think generally speaking, the victoria trains tend to go from East - that's the line that... [Mon 21 January 2008]

West is best right now too The wife ideally wants to go to Victoria, but just about anywhere in London is good, and that's... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: It looks like West is best for London, long term well i think it depends on whereabouts in london you want to end up? personally I would think... [Mon 21 January 2008]

It looks like West is best for London, long term But it's hard to be sure, that's why we don't want to be too far from either. You've not been... [Sun 20 January 2008]

RE: Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury which train station would you need to get into london - east or west? how big a house do you want? [Sun 20 January 2008]

Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury Saw five houses today in Canterbury , have a map with details of the things we saw. Clare's out... [Sat 19 January 2008]

Folkestone bullet train trial A micro-writeup and picture here in the Evening SubStandard on the high speed rail link . Yeah... [Wed 3 October 2007]

Try and get a local paper There's very little info online actually, lcrhq.co.uk might have info on the high speed rail... [Fri 3 August 2007]

High Speed Rail Link Just wondering whether you could let me know the best sources for getting to know more about: a)... [Fri 3 August 2007]

Oh no, that's good for Dover but with Dover being so much cheaper everyone who might have bought in Folkestone will buy there... [Fri 14 July 2006]

RE: The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link I saw on Meridian News today that the HSR is now going all the way to Dover Priory - good news... [Fri 14 July 2006]

It's hard to tell Might not be a change of trains, might be like it is now coming from Charing Cross to Folkestone... [Sun 25 June 2006]

RE: Including a change of trains Which means that the HSR isn't coming to Folkestone then, only as far as Ashford? Confusing innit! [Sun 25 June 2006]

Including a change of trains And a short wait to meet up with another service I reckon... a lot of these numbers are guesses... [Sun 25 June 2006]

RE: The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link Umm... 36mins from London to Ashford - then 26.5 from Ashford to Folkestone? It's only 15mins by... [Sun 25 June 2006]

The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link From 24 Dash : From 2009, the trains will run between London 's King's Cross station and... [Sat 24 June 2006]

Someone posted a reply, and then it got deleted I have attached the lost replies to the original now, so a) they're back but b) the whole thread... [Wed 10 May 2006]

RE: Hmm, no it wasn't, where are they all? yeah, it said there was 7 responses - but i counna see tham! [Wed 10 May 2006]

Hmm, no it wasn't, where are they all? I will track this down - perhaps one was removed for being irrelevant spam, so the replies to... [Wed 10 May 2006]

Yours was the first comment for this post! [Wed 10 May 2006]

RE: Restored to full health, and wealth, beside the sea for some reason i can't see the comments...! [Tue 9 May 2006]

Last thing we heard was from a leaflet given out at the station, a mockup of a timetable that listed Folkestone... [Fri 28 April 2006]

RE: There's a high speed rail link on the way Pauly, I'm looking to relocate to Folkestone as I want to get out of London and commute to... [Thu 27 April 2006]

What was I going to say? Was busy when I came in this morning so I have forgotten the things I had lined up for today's... [Wed 22 February 2006]

don't know it, apart from the station where do you live then? [Tue 7 February 2006]

RE: Folkestone without the views and the faded grandeur i think Ashford should be changed to Trashford . This is not a comment on the poor residents... [Tue 7 February 2006]

dagnamit! I'm off on another smiley hunt then. Cheers though, back after the wedding! [Wed 10 August 2005]

Ashford Not a place that grabs me but hey, good for them! Plus I expect a few would-be buyers will look... [Wed 10 August 2005]

Folkestone without the views and the faded grandeur Didn't see Folkestone on the TV last night, that's mostly a good thing I think. Kirstie Allsop... [Wed 10 August 2005]

re train journey times rosspmmiller.blogspot.com/ In the morning it is a little quicker - I change at Faversham and... [Sat 14 May 2005]

Hey welcome aboard How do the times compare then? Going into Victoria sounds like it ought to be faster somehow. I'm... [Fri 13 May 2005]

Train Times rosspmmiller.blogspot.com/ Re Dover - we at least have the option of trains to... [Fri 13 May 2005]

F...... Folkestone it is then! [Fri 13 May 2005]

Yeah 'stoney isn't perfect Really don't like Folky though, it's like "old folk" and "folk round here don't like change" and... [Fri 13 May 2005]

Stoney! err.. dunno if I like it, evokes a picture of Dungeness/Greatstone? I'm sure I picked up 'Folky'... [Thu 12 May 2005]

Wish I'd got in sooner I found out the flat I bought was half the price the last time it sold, two years before I bought... [Wed 11 May 2005]

I love Folky It was me guv! Too much brandy for a rewrite? Just to say I'm glad I've relocated to Folky - when... [Tue 10 May 2005]

something made your message vanish Mick [Tue 10 May 2005]

We made the right call! [Mon 9 May 2005]

Restored to full health, and wealth, beside the sea The Telegraph does a feature on Folkestone property ... Good work! They say: For several... [Mon 9 May 2005]

Folkestone train times Folkestone trains are a bit messed up for the whole summer ( 2005 ), possibly the next six... [Tue 3 May 2005]

"When the rest of the track is finished in 2007 it will be possible to commute from St Pancras to Folkestone in 35 minutes" That sounds a bit quicker than I'd heard before, but so says propertyinvesting.net ... it also... [Tue 19 April 2005]

BUT, it needs to get off to a start There's a vicious circle in effect, not many people commute in from Folkestone currently as... [Thu 14 April 2005]

RE: They can go high speed aahhh i see. well i think it should stop at ashford only. sevenoaks and tonbridge already have... [Thu 14 April 2005]

They can go high speed but they have to keep stopping at stations.. there was a letter in the Folkestone Herald (not... [Thu 14 April 2005]

why not? nothing like a good old fashioned expensive legal tussle with your newish neighbours!!! of course... [Thu 14 April 2005]

There's a high speed rail link on the way Not due for completion until 2009 though, should knock 40 minutes off the journey time... I'm... [Thu 14 April 2005]

well it was good to see folkestone - if only they had better trains im sure more people would do your... [Thu 14 April 2005]

Folkestone on the telly! Good to see Folkestone on TV, on Relocation, Relocation last night... more in the Folkestone... [Thu 14 April 2005]

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High speed rail link confirmed (again) I thought this high speed link to Folkestone was already confirmed? A chum in the world of... [Mon 17 January 2005]

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Great review, best I've read in ages (probably since his last scathing review).

Now I like a bit of raw bashing as much as the next man,...
Great review, best I've read in ages (probably since his last scathing review). Now I like a bit... [Thu 28 October 2004]

The day I found my flat Doing some work on a holiday booking system for work, and through this have discovered that the... [Thu 28 October 2004]

High-speed rail links confirmed At last ! The 140mph trains are expected to be introduced in 2009 WHAT??? TWO THOUSAND AND... [Wed 27 October 2004]

iPod Photo Didn't see this coming , though engadget.com did, I heard them mention it on their podcast .... [Wed 27 October 2004]

Not a cat in hells chance of the high speed rail link being on time says The Independent ... also "It is thought that the only way of guaranteeing full trains would... [Wed 13 October 2004]

Splish Splash! Boozetastic weekender in Folkestone , starting off with a shock drink in London ! I rarely go... [Mon 11 October 2004]

High Speed Rail Link The Evening Standard has noticed Folkestone! Plea over fast rail link 10 October 2004... [Mon 11 October 2004]

Fawkenham Sounds like very North Kent to me, but I don't know. Heard from a journo that it was confirmed to... [Fri 8 October 2004]

Re Rail Confusion and the curse of me The BBC article mentions a high speed link between Folkestone and Fawkenham. Where IS Fawkenham?... [Fri 8 October 2004]

RE: Rail confusion and the curse of me Yes, there is a new railway line cutting through kent. It's the high speed channel tunnel rail... [Thu 11 March 2004]

No more 106 In an attempt to make this less boring, I'll not be mentioning the 106 bus for at least a week.... [Mon 9 February 2004]

RE: Rail confusion and the curse of me it's the tunnel between Higham and Strood on the North Kent line out to Gillingham that's... [Tue 20 January 2004]

Rail confusion and the curse of me Doing a bit more research into this rail lark, following a report from Ma and Pa today that a... [Mon 19 January 2004]

Earls Avenue Have seen BILLIONS of places down in Folkestone so far this week, the star of which has been a... [Wed 14 January 2004]

New albums Excitingly got some new albums too, including one from chum MJ Hibbett and the new Super Furry... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Folkestone weekender At last, a blog entry that is not just a handy way for me to keep track of what I've been up to... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Fig Cafe The cafe that was the highlight of my weekend is called Fig , and is in the Metropole Hotel... [Sun 6 July 2003]

The Quarter I picked up a magazine called The Quarter , which is a kind of fanzine for the creative... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly js, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal , so if you are Looking for for pubs or other venues you will only find high speed rail link pubs / venues I attended or will go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you want a more broader search Please try high speed rail link on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and even international venues...

As it turns out there are no pubbing / places regarding high speed rail link anyway. Enjoy the posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please do let me know!

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