Ground and "ground" related stuff, including places, pubs, gigs and blog posts about ground.If you have anything to offer regarding ground that Is not mentioned here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have something to offer concerning my tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation ground experiments, homebrew, ale, or appley goodness. Thank you.

Ground Floor Business Premises, 14 Bouverie Road West, Folkestone, CT20 2SZ

Ground Floor Businees Premises, 11 Grace Hill, Folkestone, CT20 1HA 01303 226754

Lancashire County Cricket Club, Talbot Road, Manchester M16 0PX

41 The Old High Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1RL 01303 246999

Ground Floor Business Premises, 133 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 2BL 01303 210563

Ground Floor Business Premises, 54 Tontine Street, Folkestone, CT20 1JR 01303 220892 / 01303 254052

Cheriton Road Sports Ground, Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5JU 01303 257461

Cheriton Rd, Folkestone, Kent CT19, UK 01303 252200


Still plenty on the ground But not looking like we will get more snow today, not from the local forecast anyway. Means I can... [Wed 28 February 2018]

Manchester benefit concert announced They're turning it around really quickly. It's very pop, but it will be a good thing: Justin... [Tue 30 May 2017]

Raspberry Pi schoolboy error Lightbulb moment, or should that be led moment it just came to me why my adafruit powerboost... [Mon 9 January 2017]

Cool "secret bedroom" in Berlin underground This looks like an art installation to me rather than a genuine place someone has been sleeping... [Mon 29 February 2016]

This is unintuitive It's more efficient (you achieve greater throughput) if no-one walks up the escalator , if... [Mon 18 January 2016]

Clare's work is all over the news today For a good reason! Fan Bay Deep Shelter officially reopens today, BBC has it here . This is... [Mon 20 July 2015]

Bar 24 is now gone It's called Kensie's now, opening again soon. [Mon 13 April 2015]

Someone from Eastenders has opened a bar in Folkestone! Or have they..? [Thu 14 August 2014]

Clare has gone underground Clare is at Fan Bay Deep Shelter today, it's part of the National Trust . I'm only reporting... [Thu 6 February 2014]

Apps Playground's 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids: 2013 Friend Stu has a book out , an e-book I think Apps Playground's 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids:... [Mon 6 January 2014]

A note on events, much later I genuinely wrote carnage on the underground meaning "oh, I was given some bad information and... [Sun 7 July 2013]

Apps Playground Talking Ginger So why has Apps Playground Talking Ginger slipped down the rankings? is... [Thu 11 October 2012]

Home Ground Cafe The Old High Street Review! great coffee,good food, love the location, but you need a very long time to wait for... [Mon 2 May 2011]

There's often open mic at Home Ground or La Vue or possibly Lone Star Comedy at Lanterns, try one of those. Good luck! [Mon 2 May 2011]

20 May 2011 Hi there, I'm visiting Folkestone for a weekend and would like to know if there are any open... [Sat 30 April 2011]

oh yeah Home Ground is good too [Thu 19 August 2010]

RE: Boycott Costa! You could also try Home ground on The Old High Street, they do very nice illy coffee there, think... [Thu 19 August 2010]

I'm not going in Folkestone Costa coffee again All I wanted was a spare paper cup... [Fri 13 August 2010]

Weekend roundup AS I mentioned , The boy and I did go to the beach, it was packed. We did not venture on to the... [Mon 28 June 2010]

Hot links of the day lego rubiks robot (via @hpoom) and Folkestone urban skiing [Fri 19 February 2010]

Skiing down Folkestone's Old High Street This is the video that's creating a local fuss... [Fri 19 February 2010]

Still got snow on the ground here in Folkestone No more falling, wonder if it will. Pictures! [Sat 2 January 2010]

RE: Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday Hi great site The open mic is now homeground as you know and as follows Step up to the mic... [Sat 14 November 2009]

Wartime tunne in the hills above Folkestone sold for 144,000 Tunnels, are you a mole? Why not buy our flat? [Tue 22 September 2009]

RT @Bob_the_nurse If anyone lives in or near Folkestone go to Home Ground coffee shop. It's new on the highstreet. My friend Michelle has opened it. So something new opening in Folkestone, that's positive then! Do we need more places for coffee... [Sat 25 July 2009]

Underground house video Not dance music, actual underground houses in the Metropole [Sun 10 May 2009]

If you google for Kaddy Lee-Preston You are instantly served up a picture of me , lovely... That's my all time most popular... [Sun 9 November 2008]

RE: Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday I think so, email Tony who runs it on or... [Mon 14 April 2008]

RE: Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday Do you still run the open Mic night? if you do thdn how do i get to play? daniel [Mon 14 April 2008]

Small world! I emailed you at work with details, good luck working something out. [Thu 7 February 2008]

RE: Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday Hi there, I'm Ollie, the lead singer in the Folkestone based Band Realm79. We're currently... [Wed 6 February 2008]

Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday And every two weeks after that, message from Tony King Hi Everyone!! I am now running the... [Wed 6 February 2008]

his foot did come up off the ground but he must have been as near as damnit to touching the line, which is enough for it not to be a... [Mon 22 October 2007]

Bah ! That was clearly a try, his knee was still in when the ball went over the line. The video ref had... [Mon 22 October 2007]

What rugby? You forgot to bless the boot didn't you... A good game anyway, and we did well to get to the... [Sun 21 October 2007]

Comments were very thin on the ground, I did feel abandoned [Mon 8 October 2007]

RE: hurrah Ha, comments a bit thin last week? I had a really busy week, partly hangover induced. What do... [Mon 8 October 2007]

hurrah If there was a prize to be had for being the first one to reply to me this week, you would have... [Fri 5 October 2007]

RE: Amy Winehouse (aged 14) in The Fast Show That was on BBC3 last night as part of a program about annoying pop stars. [Fri 5 October 2007]

Amy Winehouse (aged 14) in The Fast Show In a "Competitive Dad" sketch... [Fri 5 October 2007]

RE: You sound proper hardened! Nothing went wrong, far from it. I've really enjoyed working here and the people are great... [Fri 7 September 2007]

You sound proper hardened! Did something go wrong at the new job or are you just following the money? [Thu 6 September 2007]

RE: All sounds a bit "non standard" to me Bah, Open Source just means fixing someone else's bugs :) Going back isn't quite so cool in this... [Thu 6 September 2007]

All sounds a bit "non standard" to me Yeah, the more javascript you get to do the better, but I'm not into flash , like I'm not into... [Wed 5 September 2007]

RE: You've not been there long have you? I'm being dull and heading back to the IT consultancy I used to work for. We're going to start... [Wed 5 September 2007]

You've not been there long have you? Where are you off to next? [Tue 4 September 2007]

RE: Train news Working in a bank we have quite a nice pension, although it isn't one of those magical final... [Tue 4 September 2007]

Train news Another strike, and a record breaking Eurostar trip [Tue 4 September 2007]

Cool bag This bag is a strictly limited edtion from a local shop in Folkestone , it's made from... [Mon 6 August 2007]

RE: You've probably already seen it, but Boo, hiss, the authorities are already lambasting him for that act but are unable to prosecute... [Wed 28 March 2007]

You've probably already seen it, but A guy skiing down the escalator at Angel tube station ... Why was there no Youtube when we... [Wed 28 March 2007]

Videos of Folketone: More underground creepiness More creepy underground tunnelling in silence, this time footage of the Victorian reservoir at... [Tue 12 September 2006]

Kaddy Lee-Preston The Kent Show, Kent Showground [Tue 18 July 2006]

Hot weekend Nice weekend, hot weekend, I even got sunburnt, lawks! We went to The Kent Show , and it was... [Mon 17 July 2006]

nurr yes keep meaning to look at that it's not just IE it does it on all browsers, flashign pop ups over images that are links :-( [Tue 14 March 2006]

RE: I did link to that page, check the message again whhhoopps. yes you did - i'm using IE which doesn't get on with your pages very well - especially... [Tue 14 March 2006]

I did link to that page, check the message again Think it's on all my messages about the station. Yeah I read about that in that book I mentioned... [Tue 14 March 2006]

RE: Down in the tube station at lunchtime you should probably link to here as it has... [Tue 14 March 2006]

Down in the tube station at lunchtime Our trip to Down Street went very well thanks for asking, feel very lucky to have had a bit of... [Mon 13 March 2006]

Down Street Underground Station My pictures are here , not sorted or edited yet, had too busy and drunken weekend. Chums... [Mon 13 March 2006]

Going underground Half day today, it's the day of the great lunch outing, going with some buddies on a tour of... [Fri 10 March 2006]

RE: On my own today Going Underground (jam) Sound of the Underground (that girl band) Tunnels of the underground (men... [Fri 10 March 2006]

MJ Hibbett THE MJ Hibbett, singer, songwriter and everything [Fri 10 March 2006]

On my own today Work's been a bit hectic, my IT colleague is out sick, so I'm fielding all enquiries (though... [Wed 8 March 2006]

Fallen Grounds play The Harp on Saturday Just having a play with MySpace and I found a gig at The Harp Club for Saturday, Fallens... [Thu 20 October 2005]

That's the one. Not bang opp. the station, a little bit west.

Will check out Edward Rutherfords london... I liked Ackroyd's one but he ...
That's the one. Not bang opp. the station, a little bit west. Will check out Edward Rutherfords... [Thu 11 August 2005]

I looked again today I can see about ten courses of old brickwork, and then it's silt below that, so not sure what it... [Wed 10 August 2005]

It could be the top of a sewer But I could see the layers of brick in cross section, and there was more "solid" beneath them. I... [Wed 10 August 2005]

They'd started filling the hole in today But that sounds about the place, it's right outside Pret a Manger, is that the one? It's near... [Tue 9 August 2005]

cannon street I cycle past there on my way home... is it the works going on opposite? There's some crazy street... [Tue 9 August 2005]

2 points about that 1. Related point - Bricks eh? are you sure it's not the vault of a victorian sewer? That would... [Tue 9 August 2005]

Cheers! [Tue 9 August 2005]

i just wanted to wish you a top day and best wishes etc for the weDDing. [Tue 9 August 2005]

Underground London I am fascinated by holes in the road, not sure why, it's something about being able to see... [Tue 9 August 2005]

Carnage on the underground Well hopefully no actual bloodshed, but there's been chaos on the way in this morning... Got to... [Thu 7 July 2005]

I thought the storm on London yesterday was quite impressive. We were in Covent Garden when it started. Thankfully we didn't get too wet or cold.... I thought the storm on London yesterday was quite impressive. We were in Covent Garden when it... [Fri 8 April 2005]

Waterloo and shitty line more like My new way of getting to the train ( Chancery Lane - Tottenham Court Road - Charing Cross )... [Fri 8 April 2005]

Elstow Lodge Elstow Lodge is a large, attractive, detached house in a very pleasant residential area of... [Mon 20 September 2004]

Looping the loop, and also defying the ground Off to watch Jim do a stunt flight now, at Stapleford Airstrip , near Romford... is that the one... [Sat 7 August 2004]

Claire Sweeney Enterprise House, Upper Ground, London [Sun 1 August 2004]

The ease of navigation of the London Underground That rude tube map is here and there are a few others too... Rest of the lyrics of easily... [Thu 20 May 2004]

RE: Otterly fantastic animalpuntastic! oh yes yes yes yes yes I was weasily impressed [Thu 20 May 2004]

Otterly fantastic but then I am weaselly impressed ... [Wed 19 May 2004]

Trains, tubes, and flats. Turd of a journey in this morning, the Victoria line is out completely, which meant the train... [Wed 10 March 2004]

A quarter of commuters have found love in the tube according to a poll by London Underground. And who's printing this shite? Yes, Metro . What... [Tue 17 February 2004]

Subterranea Brittanica This sounds good , "The study and investigation of man-made and man used underground places". [Wed 12 November 2003]

WRASSLE HIM TO THE GROUND! They're having wrestling at the Download festival... [Wed 7 May 2003]

Conrad Keely London Underground [Wed 13 June 2001]

My Vitriol Grounded in Picadilly Record signing tomorrow... [Mon 7 May 2001]

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