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plus The Subways. First official gig for Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler's new band, though they went and did a couple of sneaky warmups before this in Oxford and somewhere else. Not that great really. Villiers Street, London [2004-12-16 2004]

A rare midweek trip to London for this, but we've been meaning to try and see them for so long. Joined by Bernard Butler (them not us). Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX [2007-12-03 2007]

Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler, weren't they in a band together before? One of the NME gigs, support included The Magic Numbers I think but we stayed in the pub and missed them all. 157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN 020 7434 9592 [2005-02-16 2005]

Teenage Cancer Trust gig. The long awaited Suede Reunion, without Bernard Butler though unfortunately. Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AP [2010-03-24 2010]

Free thing through work, a gig for competition winners originally billed as being Paul Weller, actually turned out more interestingly as these guys and also Space London [2002-11-01 2002]

Free gig, recorded for XFM. Beset by tech problems, I think Bernard kicked the barrier down in frustration. Leicester Square, London [1999-10-07 1999]

Hmm twitter auth is messing about Just wrote a big thing about how this repo is making my jump by playing music for me... [Thu 15 December 2016]

New repo for my python lightwaverf robot butler Here just need to write up a few notes, things that you need to get going. It's going to be... [Tue 24 November 2015]

Static IP on a Raspberry Pi I need a static ip address for some of my raspberry pi s so I can route traffic to them from... [Fri 11 September 2015]

Raspberry pi touch official screen display only $60 Sounds great details here . However that $60 becomes 瞿60 before you can get it in the uk, not... [Wed 9 September 2015]

Will Lockitron work with my door? No . lockitron.com [Fri 13 February 2015]

Done my chores Clare's last day of work today, I'm home with Tommy. We walked Harry to school, and stopped for a... [Thu 18 December 2014]

Productive long weekend of coding then Having Monday off was NICE! I walked Harry to school with number two son, then we played with... [Tue 4 November 2014]

Revisiting my RF Butler Just used the rf butler code running on the arduino to control the lights in the house for... [Sat 1 November 2014]

Lightwaverf have finally broken things for me too Lots of people on the forum have been complaining that a firmware update from lightwaverf... [Fri 24 October 2014]

Got the tests passing in the new version of my robot butler Rah been struggling for ages with the new version of my lightwaverf code , because I started to... [Mon 13 October 2014]

Someone's using my lightwaverf robot butler code Nice, just got a support request on the google plus from someone who's trying to use it, makes... [Sat 13 September 2014]

Number two son's big enough to go on the seesaw by himself now From August 2014 This is him at the park in Seabrook today. Had a lovely lunch,... [Sun 7 September 2014]

New "Thread" protocol for wireless home automation Here on venturebeat , Nest (google) and others have got together to come up with a new... [Fri 5 September 2014]

Cordova Am up to my hips in android sdk at the moment, working on a new app using Cordova . I've... [Fri 29 August 2014]

Is it still a memorial if you don't use your memory? We're doing the lights off thing today and lighting a candle at 10pm to commemorate the 100th... [Mon 4 August 2014]

Robot butler update Updated my rf butler code, that is what is intercepting all of the remote control signals and... [Sun 13 July 2014]

Thinking of getting a Spark Core next Have realised that all of the fiddling about I've done to make my robot butler start tweeting... [Sat 12 July 2014]

Night of the arduino As Clare was out with work last night I did a bit of arduino experimenting. Did not make much... [Tue 11 February 2014]

Round up of the best London pubs Saving this one for later , londonist.com 's ten best craft beer pubs in London. So not all... [Thu 30 January 2014]

tplinklogin.net Man alive having difficulties with my TL-WR710N "nano router". I originally set it up as a... [Sat 16 November 2013]

Competition for the Arduino Yun Hmm not sure about this . I like the idea, I like what openhomeautomation.net do. They have... [Fri 1 November 2013]

New robot butler github page Save cluttering up the blog with too much of this, here is a page . I could probably my own... [Thu 8 August 2013]

Robot butler automated garden watering video A quick video, more of a shaky unfocussed show off rather than a useful demo, but see me clicking... [Sun 4 August 2013]

Bought my butt pump Just got me a water butt pump . Nipped out to B&Q after tea, to save time at the weekend...... [Thu 1 August 2013]

Hot hot hot Heatwave is back today. Nice walk to Lympne and back at lunch, sweating slightly now, nice.... [Thu 1 August 2013]

Home automation phone app is 100% done! Well the first draft anyway... I now have my own robot butler app on my phone, and it is... [Wed 24 July 2013]

That storm came then Impressive thunderstorm last night. Came quite late, so was oppresively hot to sleep, then too... [Tue 23 July 2013]

Good weekend (hot weekend) Weekend mostly taken up by two children's birthday parties, a barbecue for Elliott 's fourth... [Mon 22 July 2013]

Ruby / Sinatra app only available to localhost issue solved As suspected it was none of the usual suspects , it was Junos Pulse (what we use for accessing... [Thu 18 July 2013]

Wired up my new lcd display This is an actual lcd display , 2x16 chars, not a TV. Looks good eh? From April 2013... [Thu 18 April 2013]

I refunded my ebay buyer Bah, I am 40 quid out of pocket after my ebay buyer claimed the sky+ box did not arrive. I have... [Thu 4 April 2013]

Arduino sms sender (and chickenpox) Harry officially has chickenpox , he's covered in spots. He's quite happy about it though,... [Wed 20 March 2013]

Back in work today Did a little Arduino work last night, finally got round to using using the 瞿1 magnetic contact... [Wed 13 March 2013]

You can update the ruby gem at any time, you won't have to pair again or anything. You can update the ruby gem at any time, you won't have to pair again or anything. [Tue 1 January 2013]

Lightwaverf Has the gem been updated. Should I do a gem install lightwaverf again. Do I have do anything... [Tue 1 January 2013]

Solved it, I had some code that was ruby 1.9 only, fixed and pushed and everyone is happy... can you still not... Solved it, I had some code that was ruby 1.9 only, fixed and pushed and everyone is happy...... [Tue 1 January 2013]

Nice to have a guinea pig It could be I've not published the ruby gem right, I'll test some things and get back to you.... [Sun 30 December 2012]

Lots more automating today I'm certainly interested, but struggling. Hoping you can help point me in the right direction. [Sat 29 December 2012]

Lots more automating today Made some good robot butler progress, my lightwaverf api now handles dimming, querying the... [Sat 29 December 2012]

Robot butler! Got the lights in the dining room controlled by my phone now, this is the future! Now to write... [Tue 25 December 2012]

We have come up with a genuinely useful use for the lightwaverf remote sockets! It's Clare's idea too, so it's very exciting for me that she's getting involved in my new hobby.... [Sun 9 December 2012]

Can you help with my six wire stepper motor? I have a spreadsheet , but I'm guessing now it must be wrong. I have been following this guide... [Tue 13 November 2012]

What's 3/4 of a Smiths reunion anyway? That's the rumour, for Glastonbury , but what does it mean? I am guessing it means not Johnny... [Fri 5 October 2012]

The boy started new nursery today We have moved him from Hythe Bay as for some reason he was terrified of going there every week.... [Fri 15 June 2012]

Further robot house progress I have rewritten the web server on my arduino ethernet shield, to actually support different... [Wed 23 May 2012]

doh my blog does not like json code as a subject line then (ROBOT BUTLER!) { a: { 0: 472, 1: 404, 2: 387, 3: 357, 4: 361, 5: 356 }, d: {... [Wed 2 May 2012]

Hack Day Hack Day at Holiday Extras , as part of a funky project idea I'm improving our code we use for... [Fri 27 April 2012]

I bought some more arduino I just ordered a motor shield and an ethernet shield . The robot butler is one step closer.... [Thu 1 March 2012]

Git AS I'm back in the land of Git at work again (mostly we use SVN but I'm on the cool project... [Tue 28 February 2012]

That's a good set list I get the feeling it should be a longer set at the Albert Hall though anyway. [Mon 22 March 2010]

RE: NME review of the Suede 100 Club gig What ! No Drowners, Lazy, By the sea. My dark star.........Right, I'm not going. Anyone want my... [Mon 22 March 2010]

NME review of the Suede 100 Club gig Where is your review @emmaelwood ? [Sun 21 March 2010]

Suede Albert Hall gig sold out in 20 minutes apparently The rumour Bernard will be there really might have accelerated things... [Fri 5 February 2010]

Suede reuiniting for one night only ONE NIGHT ONLY??? [Fri 15 January 2010]

Kevin Bridges now headlining Lone Star Comedy 19th December nearly sold out though [Fri 4 December 2009]

Josephine Butler campaigns in Folkestone Please can you tell me if there are records of Josephine Butler's visit to Folkestone in her... [Wed 29 October 2008]

Magic Numbers every bit as good as I predicted We went out, on a week day [Fri 7 December 2007]

RE: Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims Dear Sir After reading your letter in this months `Just Jazz`I ventured onto your site, but... [Wed 20 December 2006]

RE: Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims Hi Rob Just a line to let you know I do have a website of future gigs and local musicians of... [Sat 19 August 2006]

Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims Its a great night have been to the last four of them, as its a bring your own its a cheap night... [Tue 28 March 2006]

Bernard Butler The Phoenix Theatre Bar [Thu 17 February 2005]

M.A.S.S @ Metro Club Feb1 9th Proceeds to Tsunami relief. See you there? [Sat 12 February 2005]

I can't pass the invites on unfortunately I could maybe pass the Tears tickets on, but that would be out of order... They know me at the... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Tear vs Bloc Party Simple solution. You go to Tears. I'll go to Bloc Party and let you know how good it was. This... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Dilemma Bloc Party or The Tears ? The Tears or Bloc Party ? I can go to either, on the 16th of Feb,... [Mon 7 February 2005]

haha, can't believe clare got id'd!!

Nice here and now mention there...
haha, can't believe clare got id'd!! Nice here and now mention there... [Fri 17 December 2004]

Tears before bedtime (I think nme.com already used "Tears in Heaven") So, I went to see The Tears last night, at... [Fri 17 December 2004]

The Tears tickets Tickets for Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler 's new band The Tears [Sat 13 November 2004]

Bernard Butler This morning, pushing his kid....in a pushchair on Crouch End Broadway, wearing a fitted brown... [Wed 20 October 2004]

The Tears Just added The Tears to popex , that's the name Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler are... [Wed 20 October 2004]

Bernard Butler Crouch End [Mon 19 July 2004]

Bernard Butler Crouch End [Mon 28 June 2004]

Bernard Butler Crouch End [Wed 28 April 2004]

No no no no no no... ooh close! This headline: Libertines Joined By Very Special Guest At Love Music Hate Racism Gig just... [Thu 18 March 2004]

Tripwire thetripwire.com says Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler are working together again, how... [Sat 31 January 2004]

Mike Leigh Charing Cross Road [Mon 15 December 2003]

Bernard Butler Neighbourhood - The Rough Trade Birthday Party [Thu 16 October 2003]

Zoe Ball Neighbourhood - The Rough Trade Birthday Party [Thu 16 October 2003]

Bernard Butler Barfly Camden [Sun 6 April 2003]

Bernard Butler The City [Mon 24 February 2003]

Bernard Butler Wembley [Mon 10 February 2003]

Bernard Butler Argos - Camden High Street [Tue 19 November 2002]

WEIRD gig Friday night McAlmont and Butler plus Space @ The Marquee... [Mon 4 November 2002]

Bernard Butler Albert Hall [Thu 19 September 2002]

McAlmont and Butler Tour Get in quick, they sold out very quickly last time... [Tue 20 August 2002]

Suede Competition Winners... You lucky people... [Fri 19 January 2001]

Bernard Butler The Social, W1 [Thu 21 September 2000]

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